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"[FoME] manages the impossible combination of being an actual legitimate nerd while staying unabashedly pleasant." —Aragón


Rarity and Twilight were hardly the only ponies who noticed Applejack's increasingly inefficient methods. They were just the first ones who got her to listen. Getting them into the position to do so took more than a little finesse on the parts of some unsung heroes.

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Apple Bloom Saves!

...But Rainbow Dash rebounds and SCORES!

Ooh, nice little weave-in.

Cool and cute, Bloomy is getting sneaky. Then again a Earth Pony who is talented in mark magic is going to be subtle. Nice little tie in, and a clever one too.

Ooh, nice job on this. Sneaky Crusaders and Big Mac!

Nëvër äpölögïzë för ümläüts.

Älsö, Bïg Mäc ïs thë rëäl ünsüng hërö. Ï äpprövë.

Intriguing idea. Are you not a fan of dash actually being into girly stuff then?

That was cute, and cunning. Nothing beats a conspiracy of sisters. Not even Applejack's stubbornness.

Thanks for the fic, FoME. This was adorablarious.

Pssshhh, please. Rainbow's usual is probably that massage Spike got back in season 5. :rainbowlaugh:

And then poor Rainbow Dash found out she LIKED IT.

No apple is just an apple to an Apple.


So, what exactly DID happen to make AJ snap out of it?

In time, she became known as the Gentle Hoof of Destiny, her manipulations so skilled it was never clear whether she'd done anything at all. It is said Celestia awarded her a medal, though when, where, and what it looked like, none can say for certain.

Big Mac is the kind of pony entire sagas haven't been sung about. :eeyup:

Oh, I'm perfectly fine with Dash embracing her femininity. That stuff at the end of the episode? Entirely candid and sincere, even in the setting of this story. I'm just wondering when she got over her discomfort with other ponies touching her hooves.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, I won't spoil it for you.

7260975 Now I wonder what epitaphs the other two gained.

I love your ümläüts. Who doesn't love a gratuitous ümläüt or two? Silly ponies, that's who.

Fun little fic, that retroactively makes me like this episode a bit more. Sneaky Apple Bloom is a delight.

7260975 Dude, we need to start archiving your comments. Basically every time you open your mouth, there's a brilliant idea that you'll probably never capitalize on, and everyone who might usually only gets to places after your comments have been covered by everyone else.

It's a conspiracy, a conspiracy, I tells ya!

I thought RD was into the hooficures & whatnot though? Although I suppose you can't believe everything you read in the Foal Free Press...

MJP #20 · May 30th, 2016 · · 18 ·

Finally someone who hates Themis episode as mych as I do, the "lesson" was offensive and contradicted the episode, AJ learns fucking nothing, and Rarity is a manipulative prick

Basically everything everyone hates about AJ

Hmm. I'm going to have to think about this, especially given 7261320's reaction.

Yeah, the old editor-in-chief would print just about anything.

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I didn't hate the episode. I found it disappointing, yes, but not loathsome. I also find your summary of it extremely inaccurate. Honestly, Rarity's a lot more manipulative in this story than she was there.

7261556 Just ignore MJP, I think he's just being a troll. I may be wrong and if I am I apologize, but that's what it comes across to me as him being.

7261565 Considering he's gone to the lengths of writing a scathing and tremendously inaccurate review of the Saddle Row Review on his own blog (which only about eight people will ever see), I'm more of the opinion that he honestly believes his own delusional ramblings.

7261574 Yeesh... Just yeesh. I'm half considering going to see it just to see how inaccurate it is.

Dash settled herself on a coach with a perfect view of the spa's entrance.


This was a wonderful story and I love the idea of the CMC arranging everything. Great job!


7261556 What's sad about this episode? AJ found these outrageous fixes to problems, still does them when they are no longer needed- but her only family said nothing to her. Was it because they turned their head to it, or because they knew she would blow them off- like she did when Big Mac got injured?

Aloe and Lotus had said that Ponyville was a strange town, especially a certain half dozen mares.

:pinkiegasp: You don't say! I wonder who they could be. :raritywink:


I'm just wondering when she got over her discomfort with other ponies touching her hooves.

The same thing she was doing as soon as she noticed her friends were nearby and she tried to maintain an image: An act.

7261556 Honestly, while I find this episode to be the weakest of the season, I had a lot of fun watching it.
There are several words I'd use to describe it but "disappointing" is not one of them.

That might be because I never have expectations when going into each episode, but still...


I'm just wondering when she got over her discomfort with other ponies touching her hooves.

Either she was lying about that from the beginning, or she tried it enough times offscreen to enjoy it.

I make no apologies for the umlauts.

Nor should you.

Setting aside for the moment that the very word "umlaut" is awesome in a "kumquat pickle barrel" kind of way and also ignoring that English is a poorer language for not utilizing them outside of the odd loaner word, your particular usage of them here is stunning in its subtle beauty.

Oh, and I guess the story itself is pretty well written too. :raritywink:

I have the strangest taste for Swedish meatballs right now.

7262705 For some reason Fimfiction is a very maddening website for me.

Typo fixed so Dash is no longer sitting on Spitfire. Thanks.

7261994 7262646
Both are possibilities, and it's not like this is a critical bit of character development that we should've seen for ourselves. It's just one of those minor things that bothers me to a disproportionate degree, the narrative equivalent of a fragment of tortilla chip stuck between my teeth.

Thank yü. :twilightsmile:


Typo fixed so Dash is no longer sitting on Spitfire.

...Now I want to see that used in a comedy fic, that's also not a clopfic.

It's just one of those minor things that bothers me to a disproportionate degree, the narrative equivalent of a fragment of tortilla chip stuck between my teeth.

Eh, fair enough.

Lavender chewed her lip for a moment. Aloe and Lotus had said that Ponyville was a strange town, especially a certain half dozen mares. They had also said it was best to try to go along with the strangeness as best she could. It paid in the end, often mind-bogglingly well. “Very well, Mees Dash.”


Also, I feel like I should really watch this episode because they finally seem to have given Applejack a real flaw instead of making her the damned paragon.

It's a conspiracy I tell you!!!:pinkiecrazy:

Amusing story. :rainbowlaugh:

Minor nitpick, though: I probably would have put a separator like the others after Rainbow's last line, as well.

I came here for the chapter title. I saw the story name, and thought it just had to be...

This is fanfic offers a good answer to the question "Where in Tartarus was AJ's family during this episode, and how did they let her get so OCD?" AJ wouldn't take her little sister's concerns seriously, and Big Mac probably wouldn't say much even though he had to have noticed the problem.

7263588 What do you mean they "finally" gave her a flaw? Her stubbornness was established in her first focus episode. Not that her problem in this episode was just stubbornness, but part of it was that she got set in her ways.

7268028 I always kinda felt like they just kept showing her to be a Hard Worker rather than stubborn in a way that's actually really harmful. It felt like a Sue-ish pseudo-flaw: "oh, that AJ is just such a headstrong hard worker that she can't be made to stop no matter what! How bad that must be for her!"

Whereas now it's more like, "oh, that AJ can get so rigid that she does things the same way even when it doesn't make sense", which is more of a flaw and less of an implicit compliment.

Makes more sense than the Apples conviently being absent to take the harvest to town. And Rainbow Dash just suddenly getting over not liking ponies touching her hooves.

7269294 Well she did give several ponies food poisoning; I'd say that's pretty harmful. And there are other S1 episodes that show her flaws. But I guess I can see how her flaws weren't as obvious as those of most of the other M6.

7269294 Well, they didn't go about in the best way. If they wanted to give that Applejack that flaw, they shouldn't have made her a hypocrite by solving a problem similar to the one she had, and then lecturing about it. Hypocrisy is seldom funny.

It wasn't intentional hypocrisy, just irony played for hummor. The whole point of the episode was how you can be too close to a problem to realize it's even there, and Applejack isn't exactly the best at considering other people's perspectives. (See "Over a Barrel," "Somepony to Watch Over Me," a lot of her early interactions with Rarity, etc.)

This fic inspired me to go over to Youtube and find out exactly why Applejack's method of feeding the pigs was considered so convoluted. When I saw it, my disbelief nearly unhinged my law! How does someone get stuck in such a convoluted and inane routine in the first place?

Time, habit, and stubbornness. And, in at least one story, a slight cutie mark misalignment.

7352725 It's one thing to get stuck in a routine because it works or because it was necessary. There was no need for Applejack to do anything extra after the gate was fixed, that in and of itself solved the problem. Sure, I could buy her maybe forgetting that fact a couple of times at first and needing to be reminded of that, but everything beyond that was just making the chore needlessly complicated and convoluted and the episode expected me to find that funny.

I admit, nothing could salvage this episode in my eyes. But you made a good go of it, and at least fixed the "Rainbow at the Spa" issue. Have a fave.:eeyup:

Two words: THIS. WAS. BRILLIANT! :pinkiehappy:

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