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RariTwi Squad

A bunch of writers getting together to write stories about book and dress horses.

Who are we?

Welcome to the RARITWI SQUAD, otherwise known as a group of authors who want to write stories about the purple girlfriends.

Every week a prompt is given out for writers to complete. The catch? It has to feature Rarity and Twilight. They can be friends, they can be lovers, they can hate each other. We don't care what as long as they're the stars.

The second catch? There's a minimum word count of 100 words. Yep, 100 words. The aim of this project is to get people to write and though 1000 words can seem easy for some, for others it may not be the case. As such, we accept a small drabble to a 10k word fic.

Thank you for visiting us, and happy writings!

- RariTwi Squad mod

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Sounds like fun
I might write one some day

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