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I became a brony after a friend of mine dared me to watch an episode of my little pony friendship is magic I started with only one and the another pretty soon I was hooked.


This story takes place before the finale of season 3, so any continuity errors should be chocked up as being part of an alternate universe.

Edited By: Tiger_ Jinx

This story idea was originally from Sisterly Bonds Run Deep written by: Night--Mist but since he never finished it, I felt it was time to re-write the story with some alteration's on my part.

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I'm only going to say this once, please pay attention to your grammar. But for now I will be tracking this story, maybe it will evolve into something worthwhile to read. (P.S. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, I'm just trying to say that you can do better.)

no the reason i asked you guys to leave me comments is because i'm not the best when it comes to grammar. any and all grammar corrections are more than welcome and will help me with future chapter's. so feel free to tell me every mistake i made and so i can have a story i can be proud of.

Comment posted by Flaming_Nova deleted Feb 28th, 2018

Looking good so far. I am curious to see where you take the rest of the story.

thanks it really mean's alot that and i hope my story lives up to the legace your's left behind. Because if it was story that sparked my drive to create MLP FimFiction stroies so in a way i owe any fame and recignition i receave too you.

sorry for the spelling mistact's i've been up for the past two days writing and rewriting this story to do it justice.

Get some rest, then tackle more chapters and corrections once you recover.

sure you got it but sense i'm about to head to bed could you do me a huge favor and message everything that needs corrections. because i was hopeing before i post next chapter too fix all the problems as to make this the best it can be.

I rather agree with Error Sans... and also, it's "utmost", not "up most". Maybe find an editor?

Hmmm... If Celestia is about to tell Rainbow & Twilight what I think they are, then you my friend have my full attention.

ya, as of yesterday i've been currently in the process of finding one.

thanks it means a lot to me that even though you can probably guess the plot you are still going to read my story anyway.

You're welcome Nova and yeah, even though I think I know what the reveal might be, I'm still gonna be reading this. :twilightsmile:

I'm calling it right now, they probably are long lost sisters.... I feel like I read this somewhere before, but I can't place my finger on it...

you probably read it in Sisterly Bonds Run Deep, We're Sister's!!! & We're Trying!!! all three have similar story lines to mine after all i got the idea for my story from reading all three of those.

Just type we're trying!!! In 25th story search bar to fun it and you''ll be able to find the prequel in the story description.

oh and sorry for the 25th part it was a type-o sense i was on my phone it happend without me realizition.

In the first sentence of the discription you put of instead of or

really sorry i didn't see it and i read though it thre times. I also had my roommate read one more time and all seemed good.

“good know we won’t be late, happy know Rainbow?!” twilight scrutinized her cyan friend

Now instead of know

thanks for that when I was writing i thought that was correct but word docs said other whys.

there we go all fixed up, so what do you think of the story so far?

my god, dude :facehoof:
Why are there so many typos in your story?! (No offense, though)
Your story is great; I like the idea but your typos are not. You should really ask someone to proofread your story.
Still, I like your spirit, you keep updating the story and fix your mistakes over time.
If there's one thing I support you for; it will be because of your determination to continue this long-forgotten story.

Sofea 3c🍪

I have to agree with some of th others in the comments before me. You really do need to take a breather, and look over your work before posting it. Find some of your errors, and, this is "if" someone is up for it, have someone be your editor for the story. I don't think I'd be much help though. I have my own grammar I have to correct..... wasn't my strongest subject in highschool.

The story premise is great though.

I know i really should find an editor but I'm living pay check to pay check, after bill's I barely have any money left for the month even with my savings.

Who says you have to pay the editor? This is a fanfiction website. Most will offer their spare time to help another writer out.

Really if that's the case how would I get I touch with someone who would be willing to be my editor.

Put out a blog. Someone may answer the call. That's the best way I know how to do it. When I request an editor for stories, that is.

Thanks I'll do just that and I hope even with the grammar errors that i'm still doing your story justice I wouldn't want ruin it's memory with a hatchet job of a story.

Ya sorry about that to tell you the true i've been writing and editing each chapter bye my self. I you know someone who would be willing to become my editor it would really help me out with fixing the errors before I post the chapter.

why do they leave you wanting more? if so then good that's what i've been going for.

That's okay; you are still learning (we all are).
Hey, I know there may be some group that can help writers improve in their writings. You just need to search for it. Is that helpful enough?
I want to help, I really do. However, I am too busy with schools and project and not to mention my own story that is yet to be finished. I'll try to put some tips here and there as I am reading, though.
If you don't want to, that's okay. Just let me know.

Thanks I'll do that and see if i can find the group to are taking about.

Really then send a private message so we may continue this conversation without bothering anyone else.

This is going to be so AWESOME:rainbowkiss:
I cant wait to see your take on this story! Too many good stories go unfinished these days.

thanks but I can't take all the credit. I was only about to come up with a decent story thanks to reading Sisterly Bonds Run Deep writen by: Night--Mist it was his story which sparked my inner Brony content creator, it pained me when it was never finished so I though it best to try and bring the story back to life with some alterations on my end.

One question how longis this story going to be? Also how hard are rainbow and twilight going to take the news? Because some stories with this concept Rainbow and Twilight do get mad but not nearly as long as they should.:twilightoops: :rainbowhuh:

to teel you the true... your just going too half to wait and see! :derpytongue2:

alright everyone I'm pleased to annouce, with some small alterations from my new editor Tiger_Jinx A Mother's Love is Eternal Chapter's 1-3 have been fixed of their grammatical errors. we really hope you enjoy what all our hard work has prodused.

I just need to let you all know of this, whenever I write anypony or somepony it isn't a typeing or spelling error that is how I will be writing this story from begining to end.

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