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This story is a sequel to Together

Daybreaker has reverted back into Celestia, and now she must make amends for what she did as Daybreaker. But little does anypony know that she has a secret and she only trusts Twilight and Luna with it.

I hope you all enjoy reading this. Thank you.

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Awwww man! I want more!

there will be. I realized that there should be more chapters. The next one has Celestia trying to prevent a war because of what happened when she was Daybreaker

"Celly, your back!" Twilight screamed in excitement.

"What? What's wrong with my back?" Celestia asked, twisting her neck to look at the body part in question.

On a more serious note ...

Twilight put hoof on Daybreaker's cheek. "Is it still you though Celly?"

Daybreaker nodded. "Yes, it's still me." She explained. "Do you not like the sight of me?" She asked fearfully.

Twilight looked into Daybreaker's eyes and saw nothing but love. Twilight laid her head back on Daybreaker's coat. "If this is how you look now Celly, I don't care. I love you and I will keep loving you no matter what you look like." Twilight lifted her head up to Daybreaker and kissed her passionately.

How does all this "you're back" stuff fit with all the "I know it's still you" stuff from before? Were they lying?

On another note, Twilight let Celestia off way too easy. It's okay to say "no matter what you did I won't stop loving you" but it's not okay to pretty much shrug it off when they say "I don't regret killing everyone who badmouthed you in front of me and I'd do it again in a minute". "Oh, you love me that much? Awww that's so sweet," is not the correct response. But fine, maybe Twilight's bonkers too.

Okay, let me be COMPLETELY honest with you right now...... I completely forgot I wrote that :twilightsheepish:. I have a terrible memory, so I forget things pretty fast.

after coming back to life youd be nuts too

Why are so many good stories cancelled? And please check out mine. I would like some feedback on what I write.

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