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Everyone has one, according to Rainbow Dash. Everyone has a collection of porn. Rainbow is determined to find Sunset's.

Now with a voiced reading!

Sex tag is for raunchy humor and porn jokes.

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The joke was a bit too obvious, I think. Also, I think it would have been more amusing if instead of Sunset actually doing it with a horse and getting videotaped, it had been a lot of videos/pictures of actual horses going at it with each other.

I won't shoot it down on the 'obvious' label, but again, I think it would've been served a little better with the earlier suggestion. (And the end part seems just a bit much out of nowhere.)

Dear Princess Twilight,

I nearly killed Rainbow Dash the other day. I won't go into the details, but i'll ask you this: is there a spell to clean up the blood off of my walls... for future reference I mean.

P.S. If you see Derpy in a hair salon getting highlights, it was a dare and definitely not a chance to replace her with Rainbow, who is clearly alive.

P.P.S. Rarity is very flexible, you know that?

6892775 For me, subtle sexual humor is always tough. I like a nice, good "that's what she said" and I call it a day. Still, I intend to get better. Thanks fir reading and commenting

6892840 Duly noted, and thanks for your time. I'll try harder next time

To be honest I like the story.
But now I question what I like reading for the rest of my life nnnnnnnmooooo........:raritydespair:
P.S. Make a sequel.
Shut up other me we don't want people to get any ideas
I don't care hahahahah

6892845 Yup. That's more or less how it went down

6893319 Glad you enjoyed. You should be aware,though, any sequel of this story will be eextremely clop-ish in nature.

6893328 Yup. That's how I feel, too

6893321 I don't see any problem with that.

6894355 Well, the reason I phrased it like that is cause A) some people may not want that and B) I suck at writing clop, especially with two chicks. I try to improve, but it's still gonna be a rough start.

If you want to know why I liked it, It's a gland thing.

6894395 Believe it or not, some like it rough

This has scarred in ways that words fail to describe.... Well done.

Please make a sequel or prequel that focus on Fluttershy's yaoi collection.

6895421 Hehehe, that's a funny idea. I might just do that, sir

There really is no end to the potential stories like say what if one of the Dazzlings gets curious of what one of them is into after years as humans?

Or what if Rarity, years later, comes across something shocking on Sweetie's laptop or in her room.

Maybe someone finds Human Twi's 'research videos?

So much potential I tell you!

6895499 Christ on a bike, you're right! This might become a thing!

when she said she was going to break it in, i thought she was going to make dash choke on it or something, and then use it. or something along those lines

6895566 Jesus Christ, that's a bit much, don't ya think?

Although, if I was Sunny, I'd have done something a bit more drastic to make Rainbow sorry she snooped through my stuff.

6895589 tbh, that was partly the wording's fault. i understand what happened afterwards, but the threat implied that to me. my only other thought was that sunset would strangle RD with it, or maybe use it as a club.

6895768 I did intend to have Sunny say something to the effect of "hold her down, Rares", but that got a little too rapey for this particular story.


Don't mean that in a rude way or anything, but I honestly don't know how to respond to that....Then again I don't have a face so wouldn't have much of reaction anyway but still you get my point.


That actually would have made ALOT more sense....Well either that or anthropomorphic horse related stuff.

actually, her reasons were good and logical. everyone in that room i mean. I enjoy it! XD

Wonder if Sunset and Adagio have a secret relationship?

But... Whatever happened to those pizzas?

6896479 I don't support that ship. I didn't vote for it.

6896514 The pizzas also fricked

6896109 Not to argue with you (the customer's always right) but why do you think that makes more sense? To me, it's same difference

"The customer is always right"? You've never worked customer service, have you?

6896981 Nah, and I don't actually believe that :rainbowlaugh:

I was just trying to be polite, and to not be a hypocrite. If there's one thing I hate, it's people who start arguments cause someone critiques them

6896660 Excellent. As for the story, it's pretty wild from start to finish. Didn't expect Rarity to want to frick a horse and pop her cherry in a single day. Or night. Still, I enjoyed this read. Good stuff.

6896988 Thank you for your time, and I'm glad you enjoyed!

Bit of advice, then. If at all possible, be the one that doesn't have to interact with the customer. Fuckin' suuucks. Failing that, try to avoid parents, truckers, and rich people. Parents are either the easiest or worst people to deal with, depending on how good they are at parenting. Truckers will either barely acknowledge anyone else (except perhaps other truckers) or constantly bitch about whatever annoyed them over the last 18+ hours they spent driving. Rich people tend to have standards for service well beyond what your wage merits and often forget that the money they spend means nothing to most employees, since one guy can't hurt the business enough to hurt paychecks (sort of like that "my taxes pay your salary" that cops have to hear).

The moral is try to be the one in the kitchen or the warehouse. Customers are the worst part of every job I've had where I had to deal with them.

6897011 Good to know. I appreciate the advice.

Memes have ruined me. When Sunset said, "Let's do this." my brain conjured the image of Sunset charging at Rarity, dildo held like a spear, yelling, "LEEROOOOOY JEEEENKINS!"

Ha! Sunny shops at Bad Dragon! Very amusing story. Rarity is one hell of a snoop, too.

6897014 You say "ruined", I say "blessed"

6897023 Glad you got a chuckle out of it.

i don't know why but the title made me think of the Spiderman everybody get's one joke from Fam Guy.

Great Story though... hate to say but i would be like Rainbow Dash here... go snooping for that folder... and then never speak about it unless needed.

6897183 I'm glad you enjoyed, and thanks for taking the time to read!


I think mainly because Sunset strikes me as someone who, wouldn't be so quick to jump into something like the whole bestiality thing, given that she has a completely different body and thus it would have different impact.

Plus since she is human now, I don't know, just seems like going straight to that would seem odd.

Lithl #46 · Feb 2nd, 2016 · · 1 ·

I agree. Or furry porn. There's also the issue that in most places in the real world, bestiality is illegal and the moral issues surrounding the inability of an animal to give consent.

I totally get Sunset's preferences, but I think it could have been done better.

This was stupid. But it was enjoyably stupid, so have a like :pinkiehappy:

6897304 I had always wondered what it would be like if Sunny just never wanted to bang a human. I think the most natural thing would be for her to stay to her race.

But that's just me

6897339 I'll take it, thanks


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