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Despite their supposed massive power, Alicorns have done a rather poor job of saving the day. Twilight discovers that there's an actual reason for that.

Featured on EqD 6/6/16!

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Comment posted by Soundy The Robot deleted Mar 31st, 2016

HA! Take that Celestia!

Drat, I was hoping Blueblood would get her wings.

It does explain why Celestia's 'victories' are always so pyrrhic, and impermanent.

Headcanon accepted.

7074987 Damn, that's brilliant! I'm a little peeved I didn't think of that!

now that's just silly


7075088 No promises, friend

She's a double Alicorn now!!!! That curse is going to be hell to get rid of when she cant even levitate...

Head canon accepted!

Of course, Flurry Heart is the alicorn of breaking the alicorn curse.

Er, if the purpose of the curse was to weaken future alicorns so that they don't get strong enough to overthrow her, why would it apply to her, too? It's not any different if she's at 100 and someone else is at 50 than if she's at 20 and the other one is at 10. :rainbowhuh:

Heck, that just makes it more likely for her to get overthrown by groups of non-alicorns.

7075334 Don't think about it too much, it's just a gag.

But, I suppose if you want an actual answer, I could tell you that the only way Celestia could ensure that every potential alicorn got the Curse was to link it to being an Alicorn. Or I could say that I left it in that nonsense way so that I could write a sequel.

But actually it's more of the whole "don't think too much" think.

This makes so much sense. :pinkiegasp: The curse kicked in after Twilight defeated Tirek, after that, its all downhill (sort of losing to Starlight in battle twice for instance). That "its a feature, not a problem" line is always funny when I read it in fiction whenever someone is covering up something. Just be careful not to anger Celestia too much, Twilight, never know what else she might weave into the next curse, er, feature. :trollestia:

an1979 #16 · Mar 29th, 2016 · · 12 ·

You un-ruined Twilght.
Useful once more! :twilightsmile:

7075004 Patience young Padawan, truly twisted evil can not be mastered at one sitting. Let us meditate on this.

:rainbowlaugh: That custard bit at the end got me

i wanted to see what you would do... and you didnt disappoint. first, you failed at three adventures. then, you get someone else to save the day, and then you give me a second set of wings. even for a princess like me thats cold.

That ending got me. Still, a pretty funny premise with highlights from pretty much everybody, although I can't recall Rarity doing too much in this, but still. It works and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

7076241 I really never understood the Twilicorn hate. Not only do I think it is the only true natural progression of her character, it was super obvious in retrospect that she would become an alicorn.

custard side down

You monster! Nopony no matter how evil deserves such terrible punishment! Not even Nightmare Moon or Adolph Hoofler!


Many people feel that she got a lot more boring after becoming princess. There's also the fact that having to adjust how you view a character (from studious nerd to literally god) can be difficult.

I actually don't hate Twilicorn. I just prefer plain Unicorn Twilight Sparkle. When planning out my fanfic, I REALLY wanted to find some way of justifying Twilight turning down the Ascension or at least delaying it right away. I mean, to me, Twilight just wants to be the next Starswirl. She wants unicorns centuries from now talking about her in the same tone of reverence as she does with Starswirl. Getting an Alicorn boost would nullify that ever happening.

The problem is that the fic I'm planning is "Canon + my OCs and theories about the universe", so going that much off the rails would mean rewriting from the S3 finale onwards to adjust for the fact that Twilight isn't an Alicorn.

Besides, it's almost a trope that as soon as a character gains a level of power that is story-breaking, said character will be sidelined in some way. Case in point, any Justice League cartoon will find some way to make sure that Superman is sidelined when he could be really helpful. Twilight bordered on that just as a Unicorn, as she actually uses her magic in such a way that other Unicorns don't. Look at Boast Busters. When that Ursa Minor was rampaging, Twilight stopped it near-instantly with what she knew.

(I know that it would have ruined the ending, but if Twilight can forcibly donate her wings, I think there is an orange filly that would probably benefit from having normal wings, even for a short while.)

7076317 Frankly, I see it the exact opposite. I used to hate Twilight before the whole princess thing because I found her boring. Now, she has the opportunity to be a teacher, and I think that's insanely more interesting than her being a student. Still, that's just my humble opinion :twilightsmile:



Different strokes for different people, I guess.

Wow thats wonderful :rainbowlaugh:

7076405 Thanks, friend-o

That is certainly a thing that you wrote. I'm not sure I like all the implications, though.

This means that Celestia made an alicorn of Twilight, knowing that it would render her ineffective. Let's say that again. Celestia took one of the most powerful unicorn heros in Equestria, who had already saved the realm on multiple occasions, and deliberately cursed her to be ineffective. That's downright sinister.

7076428 I dunno, I can see Celestia trolling like that. And besides, it's not like Twilight is entirely useless. Just considerably useless.

Also, don't thin about it too much, it's just a gag :twilightsmile:

And now we can see why Twilight can't save the day and why was defeated by a normal unicorn.

7076428 Cut off the next Sombra before she even manifests when she finally has enough of tia and goes all "kill the BIT^%!"


But Twilight being even "considerably useless" has serious national security implications, given her record. Celestia threatened the safety of her entire kingdom. Calling it "trolling" makes it worse, not better: that means she did it for her own amusement.

And yes, I know it's just a gag. Welcome to the internet! You must be new here. Overanalyzing things is kind of what we do. :trollestia:

Well that was depressing; you pretty much just burned and pissed on my headcannon.

It's Hasbro hate mostly.
Twilight just happened to be in the middle of it.

7076335 But she's now teaching a unicorn who's basically as powerful as an alicorn already... who just pulled a Sunset Shimmer instant-redemption and was forgiven by everyone in a split second.

That's bad cartoon writing territory: a crying character who did lots of bad stuff and was unrepentant up to that point is forgiven immediately and all past wrongs are forgotten with zero negative repercussions.

It was that sort of nonsense that got little girls' shows reviled in the first place.

In real life (and most well-written fantasy for that matter) the idiot white knights who buy into sudden sobbing usually end up with a knife in the back the instant they turn around.

People don't change so quickly. Ever. Especially not when they've had some long-running scheme you've foiled. That sort of thing tends to lead to revenge, not redemption.


Oh, that explains.

7076647 I agree with the Starlight situation, but there's really not much to be done about that. As much as we like to pretend, this is a kid's show, after all, and they can't show the youngins how cruel the world is just yet. I'm just looking for the silver lining of a not-great situation. I don't mind Starlight's insta-redemption or her magical prowess, because there's still a lot of ways for her to grow and learn. Namely making new friends, forgiving herself, and dealing with views that she doesn't agree with. Of course, this isn't exactly ground-breaking stuff here, but it interests me enough to not vomit at the sight of it.

7076258 The problem was, that's the sort of event that ENDS a series, because there's no where left for the main character to go. And we see that happening in the series. In addition to Twilicorn, they've reformed Discord basically twice. He's the most powerful single creature on his own merits... and could have held back the winter clouds indefinitely in the new episode.

Did anypony even think to call him for help? NOPE!! Because that would have ended the problem too quickly. It had nothing to do with internal plausibility, and everything to do with plot convenient amnesia of the one person they all knew who could solve the problem in some fashion.

And the alicorns, as this story itself notes, are now required to be worfed at every given scenario.

They've made too many powerful characters, and have clearly no idea how to utilize them. They've written themselves into a corner with no other directions left but to lamely retread the same path over and over.

Twilight's alicornication was of course coming eventually, but she needed to grow into it far more than she had. My contention has always been that it should have come as a result of the battle with Tirek, that a partial transformation upon being infused with the 3 Princesses power would have been used to help her contain it, and that surrendering it to save her friends would have been the true final 'test'. Not something arranged by Celestia, but a challenge arranged by the circumstances themselves, with the reward granted by the still-nebulous 'mind' of the Tree of Harmony (which clearly has some sort of consciousness behind it).

But that's the sort of thing I'd expect of a show with an established time-line plotting all major events to completion, allowing for filler of course. That's clearly not the case. As such, the continuity is quickly losing cohesion.

And now we have a Puff. An alicorn baby that managed dozens, if not more, perfect teleports with no effort or even the faintest comprehension of the technique. She can't even say one damn word. So, not only is alicornication something that just pop out for no good reason, but apparently it also comes with a magical instruction manual encoded!


Nuff said.



and they can't show the youngins how cruel the world is just yet.

Actually, they kinda can show that. They already have. Isn't that what happened with Discord? He didn't so much completely change his ways as just find a new motivation not to be a complete jerk. And when his old motivations came into conflict with his new one, well... he stabbed the trusting fools in the back.

And the result is one of the least cynical things I've ever seen. The ponies succeeded against Tirek, ultimately, because they were willing to show kindness to someone who genuinely didn't deserve it. Magical friendship trees aside, the scene where Twilight insists on sparing Discord is some powerful stuff.

7076684 Bah, I think you might be a bit too hard on the show, especially Flurry. Baby unicorns have already been established to having disproportionately powerful and very unstable, and it makes a lot of sense for Flurry's to be absurd. Discord stopping the clouds? Probably. The issue there, though, is that nopony actually seems to know how to contact him. He's always doing his own thing, and it seems that nobody can track him down. Again, we bronies tend to forget that this show is two things; 1) a kid's show and 2) a show intended to sell toys. The plot was never going to be completely airtight, because there are certain things that they just can't do. I often fantasize about if MLP was an anime... Chrysalis would've been straight-up murdered, Discord may never have escaped stone, and Starlight would have been forgiven but thrown into the dungeon for thirty years.

I really think you (and I say "you" but I really mean the fandom in general) are being too tough on the show. Mind you, the original creator hasn't been here for years. It's amazing that anything from season 2 onward is even watchable. Cut em some slack.

7076741 I never saw it so much as Discord stabbing them in the back because he wanted to. I always saw it as Discord not knowing what else to do. Something that often gets glossed over is the fact that something happened to Discord all those years ago. He used to be a kind and benevolent ruler, but he went crazy. It's not really his fault, I don't think. Discord is less of a sneaky, backstabbing traitor and more of a child who wasn't really disciplined properly.


He used to be a kind and benevolent ruler, but he went crazy.

I actually read fanfiction more than I watch the show, so sometimes it's hard for me to keep these details straight, but I don't remember this part from the show. What episode is this from?

7076661 They didn't forgive Discord right off the bat.

Ah, but maybe because he's not a pony, and ponies are racists!

If a pony almost ends the world, all they need to do is shed a few tears and all's well! A non-pony? CRUCIFIXION!!! At best! :trollestia:

7076757 Ah, but the problem is not that they can't contact him, it's that NO ONE THOUGHT TO EVEN TRY!

When no character is permitted by the plot to even attempt to utilize an obvious easy or insta-fix to a problem, that's a clear sign of plot amnesia.

Also added to this was the absurdity that Celestia and Luna combined couldn't even hold back a plain winter storm when they defeated Sombra himself without even using the EoH. The writers didn't even think to add some exposition to shore up that weakness, some random BS about the Northern Storms being a curse on the land... just ANYTHING to explain why the senior alicorns who move the friggin' Sun and Moon couldn't even slow the storm down.

Bad kiddie show writing is bad kiddie show writing. I am a fan of QUALITY. Fail my standards, expect to reap the whirlwind!

The more Alicorns Get Useless, the more I think there really is some kind of severe drawback to having all three sets of genetic traits express themselves in one pony.

Oh well, it's not like they can't replace Twilight with a new unicorn or someth-

7076801 I think you're forgetting bits about that particular storm, and I think the way you're looking at the issue is flawed. Most of all, though, I think that we've been talking about this far too much here. If you would like to continue this discussion, I'd prefer it be through PM or email.

This is probably the only time I am ever going to say this:

This actually deserves to be in the feature box.

My favorite part is probably all of the anti-princess titles Twilight trots out in that final letter.

7076997 Glad you enjoyed, mate

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