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This story is a sequel to Pistols at Dawn

Its been 10 years since the gang finished school. Everyone is doing well for themselves especially Sunset and Twilight who are now living together and happily married. Twilight decides to ask Sunset a simple question that turns out to not be as simple as either of them planned.
Sunset x Sci-Twi

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Sci-Twi x Sunset... Instant fav!!

Favorite forever bro.

7441876 For real? Damn I feel honered right now thanks dude! :pinkiegasp:

While not as good as Twilight Shimmer, this was really cute. And I remember this from Uncharted 4. Watched Jackscepticeye play it.

7460410 Hey I'm perfectly fine with this not being as good as that story since that story is incredible but I'm glad you enjoyed it! I didn't watch anyone play it since I own the game :rainbowlaugh:

why would sunset be ignorant about video games she has been in the human world for years by now she even referenced uncharted in the first story

also the discript made me think twilight was going to ask about having children

7714650 Because I imagine Sunset being a bit of a sore loser or someone who has to prove she better at something than someone else especially when Twilight is involved and I shall not say anything about that part :raritywink:

7716859 i cant see sunset as a sore looser and that dont really answer my question she should know how video games work at this point

7716878 Well in this story Sunset is a sore loser and doesn't know how to play a Playstation 1 since the controller doesn't actually have a analog stick and only consists of the d-pad plus I doubt she really cares for gaming therfore never really learnt how to play. If you don't like how I've chosen to portray Sunset in this story then I'm sorry but I can't help you.

7719173 i was just commenting on something i was not trying to attack you

7719227 I'm aware of that as I'm simply replying :twilightsmile:

7721559 i did enjoy your story

7722069 Thank you I do appreciate the support as well as the constructive criticism as it helps me learn as a writer :twilightsmile:

Sunset called back,glancing at the photo one last time before grabbing her black Five Finger Death Punch hoodie

FUCK YEAH!!!:flutterrage:

Sic Parvis Magna
ā€œGreatness from small beginningsā€


7776163 Hell fucking yeah brochaco! FFDP for the win!!

7776168 this is actually heavily based off the 4 Uncharted game! :3

7778305 Uncharted 4 is the only one of the Uncharted franchise I have not played yet!

7778302 Favorite FFDP song! GO!

7778373 Man it's so brilliant!!




7778485 IKR?! I wish I could sing like him without sounding like I'm trying to squeeze one out!:rainbowlaugh: I only end up with a sore throat everytime I try.

7778497 Same! I wish I could but I'm also fine with not being able to :rainbowlaugh:

7778507 I wish I could sing so I could go Professional. Heavy metal is not dead. It's just sleeping

7778556 This is why I like to go to as many concerts as I can for heavy metal bands so I can contribute to their hard work!

7779494 I've only ever been to One concert. It was Himder, Saving Abel, Papa Roach, and Nickelback.

7779854 Yoooo I love Nickleback

7780197 in not as big a fan as I was back then, but they're pretty good. I'm more of a heavy metal guy. Like FFDP, Metallica, Slipknot, those kinds of bands

"Okay now run away from the bolder," Twilight spoke up,putting her arms on her knees as she watched.
"Why is the bolder chasing me?"
"Just..run away from it,"
"I did nothing to this bolder

Haha that reminds me when I had gotten my first playstation (playstation 1), the first game I got was Crash Bandicoot and I kept questioning wht certain things kept happening to the ' big fox'.

Great story just like the previous one but still since sci twi is in this it should have sci twi labeled instead of twilight to not mix it up

I just love that playful teasing. It swells my heart in a good way :pinkiesad2:

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