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All hail, Twilight Sparkle.


After Sour Sweet mentions, ''Kissing'', and how many times she has done it, Twilight felt curious on how it feels. To do that, she needs a date, and Lemon Zest will help her out on that.

Now Sunset has to help her new friend practice for kissing, as Twilight gets ready for her date. And even though both girls thought it would be gross and awkward, they soon found out it was a lot more enjoyable than they think.

Art by the talented PastelButtons on devinatART.

And Editing done by VitalSpark!

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Pretty good. Pretty cute, too.

There needs to be more Sunlight stories out there.

I like the concept and the picture well enough but it still feels too short. I'm a big fan of this ship but this is a time where it needed more breathing room.

6621387 Yeah. I do agree. Maybe I'll add more when I could think of something.

Love it, like all of your other SunLight stories! :twilightsmile:

I officially agree with this ship!

God, this is cute :3 I can't have enough of this ship, dang they're so good together! :heart: Good work! :rainbowkiss:

Scitwi its so cute, I can totally see her experimenting a lot of things with Sunset ;)

Practice kissing is awesome. Cassandra does it with Rarity and Rainbow Dash in exchange for helping them with their inadequacies. But, what base did Sunset get to with Flash Sentry? It seems like she didn't even make it to the batter's box.

Rainbooms walk in and.........

This was adorable. Nice work.

Comment posted by Stardom Freedom deleted Nov 18th, 2015

6624570 It's the Sunlight version. :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

6626594 man I love Sunlight:twilightsheepish: best shipping Whish I could make one i'm new to writing though :facehoof:

Oh shit…that was beautiful :rainbowkiss:

Just a question... why was my comment deleted? I was just pointing something out; I wasn't trying to be mean. Your fic is really good actually... I was just pointing out that I thought it was based on another fic.

6655171 I know. I know. I'm just afraid that people will start attacking me about it.

Oh... you do have a valid point.

What ARE you doing, Sunset?! You stopped! :pinkiegasp:


Comment posted by SirensRBae deleted Jan 3rd, 2016

Very cute little fic; glad to have come across it. The premise may have been a little bit forced, but it didn't make the story bad by any means. I want to know more about that second kiss. :raritywink:

Thanks for writing!! :twilightsmile:

6729976 Not going to make any claims on that latter part, but I doubt this whole thing is plagiarism. There are a lot of fics out there with similar natures and concepts, and the idea for this may have even come from reading some other story, but there's no plagiarism involved unless some exact part is directly copied or stolen.

6621380 I agree there should be more sunlight stories but it should be with Sunset and Sci Twi not pony Twilight because I just don't ship those two.

6742523 Could not agree more. It pains me there isn't more Sunlight! :fluttercry: It's actually my fave Twi shipping with Twidash and then Twixie following after. If we have to have a cannon ship why can't Sunset steal our Wifu instead of the prick who shall not be named. :flutterrage:

6778311 Ya know what next to Brad Voldemort actually seems like a decent guy. At least he isn't a twilight crying waifu stealer.:flutterrage:

6778331 Ya I mean think about it Voldimort is at least up front about being a D bag he is one and accepts it but now they want to ship OUR TWILIGHT SPARKLE WITH A HORRIBLE GARY STUE WHO SHE HAS NO CHEMISTRY WITH AT ALL INSTEAD OF SUNSET SHIMMER! Anyone in there right mind who has seen EG would agree there is 100,000,000,000,000,000 times more chemistry between them than her and brad. Come to think of it Twilimort would be a better ship than brad at least they have the one thing magic in common...Wow that's a ship even I did not see coming.

6621393 please do... I loved this, the flow, while it has a few choppy moments, felt natural, even if the kiss escalated kinda quickly
the whole thing felt short and sweet, and I'd love to see it grows to become part of a bigger story :raritystarry:

oreos #33 · Feb 9th, 2016 · · 4 ·

:applejackconfused:I feel dizzy and nauseatic after this. Not good. the whole experimenting part even, it doesn't add up. I did not like it one bit. Sorry.

6919892 It's fine. I understand. :twilightsmile:

I had to pinch myself because I didn't know if I was really reading it, but that pinch proved that I was reading it! Love SunLight!

About time i read this haha really cute i have to say :pinkiesmile:

very cute :heart:

Cute but the beginning and end really felt like there was no interlinking connection for me. Granted I enjoy it but it could use some work.

"Oh, well, the date got ruined once his bitchy ex-girlfriend came by." Sour Sweet rolled her eyes and sighed. "But I don't care to be honest. I can easily score another guy again."


Twilight gulped. "I have a bad feeling about this."

And it's really obvious who lemon zest hooked her with. Sunset Shimmer.

"That sounds kinda gross, but if you say so," Sunset shrugged.

Sounds gross imo.

Sunset's upper body pressed against Twilight's, her hands forcing their way underneath her. Sunset had her hands on each end of Twilight's purple bra, preparing to free Twilight from the constraint of it.

Ok, now she's going a bit too far now.

Sunset and Twilight smirked at each other.

A huge sign of love. :twilightsmile:

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