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This story is a sequel to The Calming Christmas Flame

Short micro-shot between The Calming Christmas Flame and its upcoming sequel. Happy Valentine's Day!

Twilight Sparkle is engaged to Sunset Shimmer. Thankfully, they get the Sparkle house to themselves, ensuring Sunset's antics don't lead to embarrassing "walk-in" scenarios. Even so, Twilight happens to "walk-in" on Sunset and her pajamas.

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Why was Twilight so scared?
Sorry if I misunderstood something, I speek french... :rainbowderp:

She wasn't really. It's just typical playfulness. :pinkiehappy:

such a tease, Blackwater (even after checking the tags) ...... :duck: :raritydespair:

was cute, but short

I give you 8.5 because you didn't had Discord in it, and didn't mention his name

Yaay, sequel, but we need sex now x3 xD please? *O*

Well, that escalated quickly :twilightblush:

I had no idea this existed

I shall read it ASAP.

well that was short

#Give Flash a Chance.

Well, that was firmly adorable.

I still have not stopped smiling since reading A Calming Christmas Flame. I think my face may be stuck like this. I don't know what to do. Reading the sequels is only making it worse! Why must this be so great?!
I'm sueing you if there's any lasting damage from this.

As adorable and sincere as the first. :twilightsmile: Though I can't wait to get into the true sequel... Which I think I may start right now! :pinkiesmile:

A quick note, it's funny how Sunset is unyielding in her appetite for intimacy, while Twilight's thoughts on the subject seem to table flip every minute or two. I know Twi's not actually changing her mind constantly...which means she's playing a pretty devilish and long-winded game of chess, certainly a means to an end of her own careful plotting. I wish I could see what's brewing inside that egg-shaped head... Sunset had better be careful when thinking about just how much control she really has in her lover's bed. :raritywink:

PS. One day, there had better be a story about the honeymoon...full detail. xD

6622783 "Please notify your doctor about an erection smile lasting longer than five weeks."

Well... The effects are still showing. Might be time to pick up that phone. 0_o

Loved every single moment. There are just so many that I don't know which one to pick as a highlight. :raritystarry: :heart:

I loved this. Kinda wish you had continued it a bit though

Sleepy Sunset is a cute Sunset:heart:

Cadance. What a character. Sunset never complained because the self-proclaimed “princess of love” encouraged her relationship with Twilight. That was a plus that Sunset was grateful for.

And be proud of too. 😊

There was always the smell of old books in Twilight's room. Even her bedsheets were rife with it. There was another scent, though. It was a light tropical fruit aroma that Twilight had been strong armed by Sunset into installing via a wall outlet scent maker. The redhead could only take so much library smell, after all.

I don't blame her. :ajsmug:

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