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A prequel to A Harmonic Sonata. Reading that story first is recommended, but not strictly necessary.

Luna's new student, Sonata Dusk, has a lot to learn about the world. While it may be hard, the young former siren shows great promise, and Luna is determined to bring out her full potential.

Meanwhile, across Equestria, five ponies who will one day become best friends with Sonata grow and learn as well.

Edited by Retirw-Tsitra.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 45 )

Keep the current.

I like this cover; it shows that it's about all the Sonataverse Mane 6.

Well, my attention has been captured.


Oh dear. Did Rainbow and Flutters die?

I love the idea of Amethyst being the younger daughter from the future. Why'd she travel back in time? Was that ever explained?

So, what was Coco's present?

...Am...am I feeling SORRY for Starlight Glimmer?

Huh...this is interesting. Well done, I can't wait to read the rest of this prequel!

6672710 Fluttershy is fully in the prequel, and mentions being inspired by Rainbow Dash. Not in the sense of looking up to someone who died for them way but more, "I see what she's like and want to be more like her" way.

As for Starlight, so do I.

I have an idea for the cover art.

A fraction of six, cutie marks at the middle then the ponies (and siren) outwards.


6672897 Phew, that's a relief.

I really like this alt version. Who would have guessed that that celestia taking the nightmare with her instead of vanishing luna would have this much impact. Also i liked the Starlight Glimmer thing

I'm not sure which story to read first; this or Harmonic?

Something tells me that Starlight Glimmer and Diamond Tiara have the same kind of parents...

You know, if THIS was the backstory for Starlight Glimmer, it would've made a whole lot more sense. She wouldn't have been trying to make every pony equal because of some kind of small moment in life, but because her mother would look down on other ponies that weren't in their social status, that way she could actually make friends with others and not worry about social status.

But hey, that's just my theory.

The only mistake I see is in the first paragraph first line.

Other then that, good chapter.

I'm seeing a couple small errors, but neither is particularly big.

I spotted a couple easy fixes:

Fortunately, before she could fall, she was caught by an unfamiliar pair of gloves.


Her eyes filled with gears as she saw her friend lying unconscious on the bed.


Awww...such a sweet chapter. Well done.

6750467 I blame these on my tablet and its tendency to autocorrect things that have no need for correcting. Thanks!

6749653 Got it! Thanks!

Nice start to this story.

Unfortunately, Fluttershy’s train of thought was then derailed when the two ponies crashed into a building.

Insert George of the Jungle reference her.

6721013 I agree.

“Starlight Glimmer!”
The filly’s eyes suddenly widened in terror. As she turned in the direction of the voice, she saw an angry mare glaring at her.
“Oh! Hello mother!” she said nervously. “Don’t mind me! I’m just-”
“Socializing with a pony whose status is so far below yours that you should not even be bothering to have an argument with her.”

Apparently Starlight's mother is the lost sister of Spoiled Rich.

Nice to see Sonata and Luna having such a close relationship.

I agree with Luna. Ponies eating gemstones would hurt their mouths. I see the only possibility of ponies actually enjoying the taste of gemstones if the mares are pregnant with dragon/pony hybrid babies.

Spikey! Don't eat that! You'll break your teeth!”

Forgot a quotation mark.

All in all, this was a fun little chapter. I like the Sonata stuff more but...I like the Night Glider stuff too.

Questions about Sonata's mother. Possibility of humor as Sonata tries to eat a gemstone at some point. The set-up of Gilda for future stories, although with the possibility of her being more like she was in the fifth season than the first. This chapter has a lot of possibility already.

Although there was one typo:

Night Glider’s mouth hung open. How could the griggins be such jerks?

What about the Pie family? They live in a rock farm, and by extension are able to eat gemstones.

Will the other two Sirens be appearing in this series? If so, then when and where?

So much cuteness here!

Sonata poked an eye open

Um what?


Ponies eating gemstones would hurt their mouths.

6856731 Beside the Pie family.

Luna adopted Snowdrop? Awesome.

So Snowdrop is this version of Cadance...interesting. I know that was established in the previous story but I was wondering if you were going to show her in this story....I'm hoping this story doesn't end after you go through all the elements! I mean, it sure looks that way, and I love this story! Please keep going!!!

THAT explains why Amy's kinda younger than Dinky. It's a wonder how The Doctor stays sane.

“I think we’re going to have a little family trip, my dear Amy.”

And then something along the line of this happened, :derpytongue2:

Nice to see Luna adopted Snowdrop but how did she become an alicorn?

Snowdrop is a princess and Luna's daughter. I am officially in love with you!

Night Glider, fighting the patriarchy one ignorant colt at a time. :pinkiecrazy:

Starlight is a one-of-a-kind kook. :rainbowlaugh:

Little Mac :rainbowlaugh: neatorama.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/littlemac-500x333.jpg

And that's what I take away from this heartwarming chapter. :rainbowlaugh:

6880147 So who is Snowdrop going to marry in this timeline? :duck:

6901698 Based on the first story, it should be Shining Armor. Sonata tells Spike that's Dusk's brother is dating her.

6901709 Oh yeah, I forgot about him.:rainbowlaugh:

Is this story dead? I hope not...

well someone has to replace cadence as foalsitter and 3rd princess alicorn

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