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A moment of your time. · 10:36pm Oct 4th, 2022

Alright, so, to begin I'm not trying to guilt or in any way manipulate any of you into this. The Daily Wire has a contest going to either win a barely driven McLaren or $250,000. I tell you this because I am trying to win the latter prize to pay off all of my family's bills and to slightly raise my family's standard of living. I cannot offer anything but gratitude and the product or service you purchase. Once again, I am not trying to pressure anyone via guilt or manipulation, especially during

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Aw...if you really feel this way:

The fic has been cancelled, more than likely for an indefinite amount of time. Obviously, because I suck as an author. Now it serves as a warning for new authors to follow as to how not to write a fic.

about your fic: The Other Sunset Shimmer; just do what I did, and remove it from the site! After that, put it place that you can't help but see it everyday, (such as on your computer desktop; in your Google Drive; and any other, very noticeable places that you could put it; and then wince and say; "goddamn I had some good times with that fic. I wonder what...oh yeah! THAT'S what happened to it! It disintegrated/[whatever word you would use to describe a fic that got out of control]!" After a while of doing that, I'm sure that you'll be ready to get back to work on it.) It's done wonders for my self-restraint on not working on my story over the past few weeks, I can tell you that right now.

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Thanks a lot for following me. :twilightsmile:

2061663 Okay than. Here it is right here!

Likes: Hanging/Being with my family, Making friends, School (Sometimes), learning and understanding things, being looked after, Video Games (of my favorites), Joy and Happiness, enjoying life, being mentioned in something (Basically if it's something I'm interested in), getting something interesting, learning something new (if I can), Having some fun

Dislikes: Sadness, some things I'm not interested in, having my feelings hurt, Being accused of something I don't know of or didn't do, people who gets mad with me, School (Sometimes), being teased and bullied (but is good at ignoring it and letting it go), people mocking and/or mimicking me (if they are bad or don't like me, same thing with being teased and bullied), being weak, seeing others being hurt, being told to do something by their selfs (Depending on who it is), those who tries to get me in trouble, not understanding things, feeling left behind/forgotten (depending on what it is), feeling rejected & not having fun (depending on what it is, or just for randomness)

(Other Dislikes: Being blocked by someone for reasons or no reason with them wanting to know what I like and dislike, what I like to do and what I'm about)

2061656 Technically I can go back through the numerous comments you've made, but, sure go ahead.

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