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It turns out that a musician drastically changing her image and genre overnight isn't always met with universal acclaim. Luckily for the ex-Countess, she has an old friend around to give her a little perspective.

Preread by DragonShadow

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This is a nice, sweet take on the 'fallout' from S5E24. It's also a rather poignant reminder for any artist or writer (yes, writing is an art too, in case y'all forgot, :ajsmug:) not to take their critics too seriously.


P.S. Trenderhoof is a DOUUUUUUUCHE!

"Don't measure yourself by popularity."

A good lesson to learn.

A fine example of what's wrong with media today is that they would rather give their money to hacks like Ke$hit over someone who treats music with the freedom it provides. If it doesn't relate to sex or have an artificial LSD trip for a music video, it won't get popular. What's worse is that the public actually likes the more sincere music too. Remember when Fast and Furious 7 came out and no one would stop talking about See You Again because it had that "spiritual meaning?" Society is dismissing the talented artists and giving more and more money to half-assed-content creators even though we've seen what the public really likes. Well you know what? I'm gonna go show some respect to the immensely talented artists that deserve a million times as much recognition than they get. Two Steps From Hell, Skillet, Pillar, Lost Horizon, every last one of the artists making music to live the dream over being popular.

Also, I really enjoyed this. I love it when you pump out something genuine.

A sobering look at the fallout from that episode. Yes, there is a point that Svengallop and Colleratura together tricked her initial fans with her act, but in the end I think everypony will win in this situation:

Svengallop quit, and clearly he is going to go out and find some other Bright Young Thing, and do almost the exact same thing with her, creating an artificial pop spectacle. And you know what? That's OK. The ponies who like the original Countess Colleratura really just like Svengallop's showmanship, they're basically Svengallop fans more than anything. They will surely love whoever this new act is, getting their fill of ridiculous over-the-top pop music from the new act.

And all the ponies who prefer heartfelt folk music from the new Colluratura will get it at well from her. There are no real losers here.

Come on, Rara, I'll take a gorgeous unaltered voice with a real piano over autotuned vocals, ridiculous costumes, seizure-inducing strobe lights and electronic beats that sound more like a microphone in a tumble dryer than real music any day. And if your old fans can't accept that you've moved on to producing actual music, that's their problem.

Pretty unique pairing too, I must say. :twilightsmile:

Wonderful stuff.

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