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My name is EmmyRosie5 and I love ponies!

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An idea for all you fanfic writers · 11:11pm Dec 17th, 2018

You know in Rainbow Rocks when Sunset shoved Rainbow Dash so she wouldn't pony up when her and the Rainbooms are preforming awesome as I wanna be?

Well, what if Sunset missed Rainbow Dash or Rainbow jumped out off the way of Sunset's pushing?

I wanna know if Rainbow did pony up, what would the dazzlings do?

I wanna see your fanfics based on this blog I made and post it in the comments down below!

Happy writing!

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Thank you that means a lot.

You’re welcome! May your stories live on to be the creepiest!

Thank you for the fav. ^^

Lol. Normally they send a Message with the reason you got banned. Just want to help you to avoid it happening a Second Time. I'd suggest Changing the title so its not confused with the game

No. I just got banned.

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