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After her role in the Helping Hooves Music Festival, Rara "Coloratura" heads backstage to take a moment. In just one day, so many things happened to her. All of them life changing. She fired her manager, she changed her image and musical style, and she reconnected with her oldest friend. All of it being incredibly overwhelming.

The last time she felt so overwhelmed was...

A thank you to my pre-readers Tatsurou and Merc the Jerk.

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Wow, no one commented on this story?

Well I for one, loved this story.

I thought for sure there'd be more comments by now.

This story's pretty damn amazing.

6667232 Likes I can live without. But I live to see reactions. Thank you very much.

6667236 I know the feeling.

I know that feeling.

Still, zero dislikes is pretty good.

Normally I don't comment on stories, but I really enjoyed this bit of slice of life. Keep up the great work.

Aw, such wonderful feels from this story. You did an amazing job on it. :twilightsmile:

A nice touching story. Now to see if I can fit it in to my headcanon for your Pip-verse

I commented on this story,
It is a good story.

This story.
I like it.
Have a fav.

I really liked this story. It was pretty awesome.

This story is fantastic and I am lucky to have come across it. It's cute, adorable, and it wraps up nicely. (Though, the ending was a little cheesy, but no matter) Thank you for writing this.

This explains why AJ cried so easily during her performance, because her song was worked on by the both of them and was the culmination of their everlasting friendship. That makes the scene so much more beautiful.

This story has been added to my headcanon and has also earned its way into my Favorites bookshelf. Congrats.

Signing out, VShuffler42

This site needs more Rara stories. I'm glad to have found this one. The reveal of the last letter was absolutely heartwarming. :twilightsmile:

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