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Everypony has always wondered who Scootaloo's family is including Rainbow Dash, so when she asks to meet them she is taken to meet her guardians at her home. What will happen and who is Scootaloo's family?

Done as a hypothetical situation after the recent reveal in the books.

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nice one shot loved it

Love the interplay and banter of Lofty and Holiday, and how Rainbow Dash looks at the two and her own relationship to Scootaloo, that family is not only blood.

I should be noted that the saying, 'blood is thicker than water' is not the whole quote, the whole quote is "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." Mean our bonds to those we choose to bond to are stronger than the bonds of our birth

8486401... what she said, will fewer s's

My only gripe is the last line of the Author's Note, I think it could have been worded be more tactful.

HURRAY!! Now all we need is for them to be introduced in the series proper, and a new era of inclusivity in the show can truly begin! :scootangel:

8486434 Glad you liked it... and yeah, I'm not really known as being that tactful sometimes...

well as long as you acknowledge the lack of tact

8486447 I'll take the last bit out.

As for what you said before, I like what you were going for, that's very similar to what I was thinking while doing this and a lot of other fanfics. A recurring theme in my stories is this idea of family without being related by blood... though I admittedly tend to favor the Mandalorian phrase from Star Wars, "Family is more than blood," but same idea.

Not likely to happen, unless silent or the dialogue is ambiguous unless another of the big names (Disney, Mattel, etc,) does it first. But here's the thing, none of them really want to be the first, because people will fixate on that they are the first same-sex couple in this context and not the characters. In this case, if Hasbro does commit to this, people will not focus on Scootaloo's progression anymore or on her aunts as characters but Scootaloo as a niece to a same-sex couple being raised by them and for the two, well ... look at Lyra-Bon and the sheer number of people that only focus on them as lesbians in our fanfics...

8486469 Uh, actually Fox, Hasbro would not be the first to do this, its actually behind in the game.

Nickelodeon has had two:
Korra and Asami in the Legend of Korra.
A married gay couple in The Loud House.
And I just learned one of the main character's siblings is in love with a girl.

Disney likewise has also had two:
A lesbian couple that appeared in Good Luck Charlie.
The Sheriff and his Deputy in Gravity Falls.

Cartoon Network has... well Cartoon Network has Steven Universe, where they don't even bother hiding the fact that they have lesbian characters at this point.

Like I said, Hasbro is actually behind in the game. I don't think the argument that they're afraid of being the first is valid anymore.

“You don’t have to be blood to be family." - George Feeny

Our family never shared the same last name
But our family was a family the same
And we'd say blood is thicker than water
But love is thicker than blood
- Garth Brooks

Well... for Korrasami was confirmed after the series ended, for the Load House, are they speaking recurring roles? Or silent?

For "Good Luck, Charlie", that's not as well known of a show, and for Gravity Fall, are they talking and re-accruing as a couple?

As for Steven Universe: In context the Gems are in fact sexless, only taking on the form akin to a female human, but they are without sex

Now you are technically right, but there is more in play.

We also have to remember that all the others are known for their animated movies/shows, while Hasbro is known for toys and it's the parents that by and large buy actually the toys, so while trying to be inclusive towards the LGBT community, they still can't sacrifice the main source of their income. Now there were times Hasbro gave when they should have stood their ground (the whole Derpy debacle), but we have to remember Hasbro is in the business to sell toys, board games, etc. I am not going to say it won't happen.

I really enjoyed this and fits perfectly with Scoots! The banter between Holiday and Loftey was sweet and showed that they had a history and a life together, which I think made them a believable couple. Thank you for putting them in that normal point of view. The story very good overall . I liked the real message you were showing here as well.
Love comes in all kinds of packages. You just have to accept the gift.;)

8486542 For the Loud House yes they are speaking recurring characters, and for Gravity Falls... kinda, they had some very obvious cues throughout the series but they weren't official until the end.

Korrasami now has the comics which keeps it official and does not do anything to take away from it.

As for Steven Universe, they are still in essence female and are attracted to each other, and there's that one human woman Pearl fell in love with and I really need to get caught up with Steven Universe so no spoilers!

Now I mean these are fair points, but regardless there is enough precedent that they could do it.

8486551 I'm glad you liked it, and yeah I did my best to make them believable.

Ooh, featured!

8486576 Really, I'm just glad we have something of an answer on who Scootaloo's family is, the possibility (pretty strong but I'll admit its only a possibility) that they're in a relationship together is just a bonus to me.

Kind of fast paced, but I liked it. It's amazing how quickly the fandom's gobbling up this new detail about Scootaloo's family.

8486642 Well for me its because I've been dying to know about Scootaloo's family for... how long have I been in this fandom... since January or February 2016... that long pretty much. Added to the fact that I'm a lesbian myself and this presents the possibility that Scootaloo's aunts are lesbians, something I've wanted just as long, I'm thrilled!

Though as far as I know we're the only two to write about them so far... I could be wrong.

8486668 You never know really, it might... I mean I probably got some of the details wrong but I could imagine Holiday and Lofty appearing.

8486675 While that would be nice, I'm honestly glad they gave her two aunts that clearly really care about her, its actually a good alternative to her parents appearing.

I'll add this to my RL, but I probably won't actually read it until after they appear in the show, even if it takes a while.

8486683 I totally understand, I mean this is really just my interpretation of them and I could be totally off, but its up to you.

Scootaloo best filly

Very good story! I especially love the sisterly bonding between Rainbow & Scootaloo! :twilightsmile:

It's not often a one shot makes it into my faves. This one did.

Very cute! I like how you portrayed the aunts. Really hoping we'll get to see them in the show, too!

8486972 I'm honored, glad you liked it.

8487000 Glad you liked it, I have no idea how accurate this'll be to them in the show but I think I did a good job.

8487026 Really I'm excited either way.

Cover image belongs to its creator.

That would be PixelKitties.

Probably the whole divorce part.

Don't forget Hasbro is spineless and caves to the lowliest of threats when their bottom line is threatened. Derpy is one fine example of them folding very quickly. Coco Pommel is another. Sad too as we'll probably never see Coco again. Let's also not forget Nurse Redheart. So many years she was the same until someone complained of similarities and BAM Hasbro again caved in! Stuck their tail between their legs like the yellow bellied cowards they are and changed her mark. They are COWARDS and will do anything that effects their bottom line. Plain and simple. I SERIOUSLY doubt a same sex couple will EVER be shown in any real light EVER! Especially as Scootaloos Aunts. No way! A gay couple fostering and parenting a child? What are you serious? This is Hasbro we are talking about here.

It is pretty sad when you're the child.

That's a false etymology, actually.

Jeez, I didn't even know about the whole "Miss Pommel" thing, Rarity actually calls her that in The Saddle Row Review, but it just sounds like something Rarity would say.

At least the Derpy thing worked out - Muffins isn't a bad alternative, but her voice getting rerecorded that one time kinda sucked.

And that's also the last time we saw Pommel and she barely got any lines. I only feel she was still in there because they had already animated the episode so they just changed her name after they got the complaint.

Main reason we won't see a same sex couple in MLP is Russia.

I adore it. i just wish I could've read it sooner.

What happened to coco and redheart? I though redheart was just in episode this season, a flurry of emotilns right?

8487454 Oh I read about this, they had to change Redheart's cutie mark.

They didn't have to. It's just that Hasbro caved in when someone complained there was a similarity. Again Hasbro doesn't really care about their characters. It's about bottom line. I am surprised no one has complained about any of the mane 6 yet. I wouldn't doubt they would edit it as well.

8487462 You're being a bit of a pessimist, the fact they did this in the books might actually be a good sign, lets see if they do something with it.

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