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Celestia has a secret child that she's kept from everypony around her because she wanted to make sure that the Ponies that would try to use the child for their own ends. As such, she put a pony she believed would be able to keep the child safe in charge of her protection and sent them to a small town so they'd be away from Canterlot.

However after 8 years, things in Equestria are changing, and Ponies that Celestia would have rather not found out discover the truth. Now this secret heir must be protected from the darker side of Equestria's society.

Cover image made by Equestria Prevails.

Featured on 3/13/2017.

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Interesting, this is certainly a new Idea (for me at least). I gonma track this.

7453919 Well, I'm glad you like it so far, was really kind of a random idea I came up with today.

Hmm this story has my attention I will be tracking this.

And the child/foal is none other than: DERPY!!

Because mutant alicorn children are all born with brain damage.

Tru stoary! :derpytongue2:

7455097 Really, Derpy? I mean don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against Derpy, but you're way off.

From looking around, I'm going to guess Sunbeam is either Berry Pinch, Dinky or Scootaloo.

7455518 One of these was right. *gives you a cookie*

7455102 Ohhhhh... then it must beeee... Pipsqueak! And he has a lightning scar from when Lord Nightmaremort tried to kill him with the Marevada Buckdavra curse!


7456382 :facehoof: You didn't even get the gender right, its a filly.

7456408 A filly, eh...

Why, it can only be... Peppermint Twist! And Celestia hid her in Ponyville out of shame at having a ginger kid with no soul!


(It may be subtle, but accuracy isn't what Alondro's aiming for here...) :trollestia:

7456696 Uh-huh, well, if you have a serious guess let me know.

I think that sunbeam is Scootaloo

Bird with stretched out wings...
If they were stretched out, they might be fire, because fire can grow...
A phoenix?
Celestia has a pet phoenix named Philamena...
Luna is her sister, which would mean she takes part ownership of the bird...
Could... Luna be the one who sent the letter? It would make sense, she is a princess so she could definitely cover shit up. She could've easily made a secret organization of Nightmare Moon supporters behind Celestia's back and because she's a princess she could easily cover it up. She could've been faking the whole reformation thing.
That's just my blown out of proportion conspiracy theory.

7460644 Honestly I just got lazy and used the symbol of the Crimson Empire from my fanfic Fallout Equestria: Wasteland Jewel, as seen in this image:


Honestly no, Luna's not behind it, I like Luna too much to make her the villain, but that is actually an interesting idea, maybe not Luna herself...

Well, I know its not been that long since this started, but I wonder how many of you saw that coming, and how many are now hitting yourselves.

TBH, I'm pretty sure that 90% of us knew who it was. I think your first mistake (if it wasn't supposed to be easy to find out) was the fact that you chose the CMC and the fact that you alluded to who it was in the first chapter

7462579 Yeah, that might've been a mistake... the CMC thing, I alluded to it on purpose to drop little hints to see if anyone picked up on it.

Umm.... Wow I mean Yeah I saw it coming but you really rushed right into it.

7463041 Well I wanted to get the reveal done, the actual plot starts next.

7462950 Yeah, Dizzy/Orange gave her a different name in Ponyville to keep her safe, just in case.

7463585 this is just my two cents speaking here but I think it would've been a better idea to actually have the actual plot running while making the reveal further down the line til you were at least 3/4 of the way done with the story instead of "Oh hey! She's really a princess and now you will all die for her!" type of thing this early in the story.

You can allude all you want in a story, but it makes it meaningless if you give out too much information at the start. That'd be something like "I'm missing my long lost child that I've never seen in my entire life. By the way they just happen to have blue hair with a white stripe and is also red" type of thing.

Note how I said 90%. I was actually being generous with that estimate.

7464455 Sorry, it sounded better in my head, you're probably right.

This group better not besmirch the name of Phoenix! Also glad to see this updated.

7661167 Honestly I hadn't named them before and its just what came to me.

I know I just find it a bit ironic.

8 years in the guard and Dash is still a Private? You'd think she'd get at least time in service promotion. Or if it was a matter of secrecy, an honorary promotion after becoming the Element of Loyalty. I've heard of guys getting promoted early to fill a higher or more prestigious post.

Anyway, that's the only little problem so far for me. It looks like a gteat start to a story.

7662330 Well to be fair she's not officially in the guard and a promotion would have to be on record... but don't worry, I plan to change that at some point.

I like this, I will track this, next chapter please this

7699534 Glad you like it so far, I'll work on it more at some point :scootangel:.

I see, a bad moon rising.
I see, trouble on the way.
I see, earthquakes and lightning.
I see, a bad time today.


I see Alicornization coming...

7781023 whether I'm correct, or incorrect, I can't wait to see the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

7781064 I'll say this, I am considering it but haven't decided yet... if it does happen it won't be until towards the end.

Happy to see this finally get an update. Hope we won't have to wait long for the next one cause this story has suddenly taken an interesting turn.

8018887 Yeah, sorry for the long wait, I've been distracted and had this chapter in the works for awhile, just kinda got sidetracked.

Can't wait to see what happens when the two Scootaloos inevitably meet each other. Same for the RD's.

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