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Wildemount, an ancient land torn apart by war and lorded over by two great powers, the Dwendallian Empire and the Kryn Dynasty. With many people caught up in the machinations of the two nations, there are plenty of stories to be told around this storied land. But as the War of Ash and Light looms on the horizon, things are not going to be easy for them.

From around Wildemount, a group of unlikely heroes come together in the town of Talonstadht near the ruins of the destroyed nation of Draconia. Their stories may yet change the face of Wildemount however, if they can work together at least.

Now its their turn to roll.

This story re-imagines the Mane Six and others as characters in the Dungeons and Dragons setting of Wildemount. Also a bit of a crossover with the popular webseries Critical Role, but knowledge of that is not necessary.

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Equestria Online is a popular MMO in the world, only behind CyberConnect's The World. A game constructed by the Harmonium company, Equestria Online is a fun game where people all around the world can play.

But things aren't always so simple. As the player Bright Wind is about to find out, there is a powerful AI named CelestAI at the center of the game. And CelestAI has set out to trap her in the game, can she make it out? And what help will she be able to find?

Crossover between Friendship is Optimal and the world of .Hack//.

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

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Vesper Glow is an 8 year old filly who recently moved to Baltimare with her mother from the Crystal Empire. However, the war with the Zebras is starting to heat up as Equestria is running head long into the Megaspell exchange.

Can Vesper and her mother escape the apocalypse into a Stable or will the new world swallow them up?

Co-written with The Littlest of Pips.

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What happens when you create a story?

Years ago, Luna Umbra was a young artist and writer who created a story and universe all of her own. However, as life continued she was unable to continue her work on the story and settled into a normal, rather boring life with her adopted sister and wound up working at an advertising firm.

But one day, everything goes wrong when creatures she created appear in Canterlot with the intention of going after her. A mysterious woman who resembles the hero of the story appears and gives her the ability to fight back.

Now, Luna must stop her own creations from hurting her and the city. But what is really going on here? And why are they appearing now?

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Torque Wrench is a young mare who's been a builder and repairpony for years. Kerfuffle is a fashion designer. These two ponies seem to come from two different worlds, but before Hope Hollow lost its color, they had been the best of friends born out of a bond neither of them had expected.

Can they rekindle their friendship? Or perhaps, will this become something more?

Set after the events of the Rainbow Roadtrip special, it's suggested that you've seen it before reading this.

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A few months before, the Battle of Neighvarro ended with the destruction of an Enclave flagship. These events lead to the rise of the Progressive movement in the Enclave, and to sweeping changes in thought to ponies across Equestria.

Caught up in these waves of political change is Winter Breeze, a schoolteacher turned politician who was selected as the candidate for the new Progressive Party. But she must face her own challenges to make sure she survives and can make the Enclave better.

This is her story.

Set in an alternate universe of my fic Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt.

My 2018 Christmas special, I know it doesn't seem like it but it is.

Written with the help of the always amazing LittlestofPips, who helped come up with many of the ideas here as well as writing a character in part 2.

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Equestria as we know it has changed.

Over a hundred years ago, the Mane Six fought against a new threat to Equestria called the Disharmonious. They were defeated, but not without a great cost, the Elements of Harmony were shattered and their fragments spread out across Equestria. Life returned to normal, and in the years since the heroes of Equestria have passed away.

But now, with the threat looming on the horizon again, the need has come for new heroes. They must seek out the fragments of the Elements of Harmony and use them to fight this enemy and their forces.


Obviously, another crossover with Kamen Rider.

On long term hiatus while I figure out what I want to do with this story.

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Scootaloo is an orphan living in Canterlot after having been adopted by Rainbow Dash and her family. She's been plagued by nightmares of the night her parents were killed and of a monster that may have been responsible for it.

When the monsters start to re-appear she gets recruited by a mysterious government organization to fight them. Now she has to work to save the city and everyone in it from the Order, and she may not have to do it alone.


Obviously this is a crossover with the long running franchise Kamen Rider. We'll get into what that means much later.

Image made by RamenDriver.

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Sunset and Twilight have been together for awhile now, and are in the final preparations for their wedding. However Twilight raises a question that makes Sunset pause, what about Sunset's family from Equestria? So they set out to find out what happened to Sunset's last surviving family member, her little sister.

My entry for Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Journeys contest.

Cover made by BlueEmerald333.

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One day after finishing trying to help another pony get their cutie marks, a train appears out of thin air and falls outside the Crusaders Treehouse. When they enter, they meet a mare with a story that sounds too fantastic to be true, talking about traveling between universes in pursuit of an evil known as the Shadow Line.

But when the Shadow Line's footsoldiers attack Ponyville, the Crusaders step up to try and take down the footsoldiers which draws the attention of the same mare from before. She offers them a chance to defend their home from this invader, one that may yet become something more.

All aboard, its morphing time!

This fic is based on and adapted from Ressha Sentai ToQger, but is more based on Power Rangers than anything else.

Cover image made by Phoenixstamatis

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