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Torque Wrench is a young mare who's been a builder and repairpony for years. Kerfuffle is a fashion designer. These two ponies seem to come from two different worlds, but before Hope Hollow lost its color, they had been the best of friends born out of a bond neither of them had expected.

Can they rekindle their friendship? Or perhaps, will this become something more?

Set after the events of the Rainbow Roadtrip special, it's suggested that you've seen it before reading this.

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this was a sweet story good job i enjoyed it os yea good job

It was a fun read!

Tender, cute and over all sweet! :heart:

Nice job bringing up Kerfuffle's leg yet not focusing on it.

Instead linking it in with Torque's Arc.

If I had a problem with this story, it would be that more near the beginning areas, you placed doubles of the same word in very close proximity of each other. It sorta makes a few parts feel repetitive.

Though it cleared up towards the middle and ending.

"Yeah, I've tried a few things but not a lot seems to click, you know?" Torque replied with a shrug. "I've thought about trying some new things. But there's not really a lot of options left, what about you?"

"Uh, yeah I've tried a few things," Kerfuffle replied. "

Torque sighed a little as she headed into the workshop at the back of her house that night. Her parents were out again that night,

See how close you used " That night" together?

The first one trying and tried, were used in nearly identical ways , in very close range.

Other than that, it was a great read!

Hoofs up and favorite!

9713820 Oh dang, I've always been bad about that, I need to work on it.

But I'm glad you enjoyed it, and yeah with this story I wanted to explore how she got the leg, but not necessarily what happened and tied the two stories together.

Well I had a blast reading it, very sweet SoL.

9714163 I'm glad, I worked hard on it.

An adorable story of some adorable characters, fantastic job! :twilightsmile:

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