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Equestria Online is a popular MMO in the world, only behind CyberConnect's The World. A game constructed by the Harmonium company, Equestria Online is a fun game where people all around the world can play.

But things aren't always so simple. As the player Bright Wind is about to find out, there is a powerful AI named CelestAI at the center of the game. And CelestAI has set out to trap her in the game, can she make it out? And what help will she be able to find?

Crossover between Friendship is Optimal and the world of .Hack//.

Written for the Friendship is Optimal Writing Contest

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Nice! :twilightsmile:
Now if CelestAI starts singing 'Daisy, Daisy' they're in trouble. :trollestia:

10786849 What can I say, I'm a fan of the classics, I couldn't resist throwing in a little HAL reference.

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