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A few months before, the Battle of Neighvarro ended with the destruction of an Enclave flagship. These events lead to the rise of the Progressive movement in the Enclave, and to sweeping changes in thought to ponies across Equestria.

Caught up in these waves of political change is Winter Breeze, a schoolteacher turned politician who was selected as the candidate for the new Progressive Party. But she must face her own challenges to make sure she survives and can make the Enclave better.

This is her story.

Set in an alternate universe of my fic Fallout Equestria: Survivor's Guilt.

My 2018 Christmas special, I know it doesn't seem like it but it is.

Written with the help of the always amazing LittlestofPips, who helped come up with many of the ideas here as well as writing a character in part 2.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 14 )

Huh, interesting first half. Does give quite a lot of needed insight into Winter's early days as President. Fills in quite a few needed gaps, and all. Should have guessed by your comments about length what universe this would be set in really. Still, looking forwards to the second half, which I somehow have this feeling will be set after Survivor's Guilt.

9364969 Actually this is all an alternate universe of Survivor's Guilt where a few things played out completely differently, for want of a nail you might say. The rest of the fic will continue in this time period really, and we'll get to how the nail changed everything in future installments.

9364980 Yeah, this is a potential start to a new alternate universe of my Fallout: Equestria stories, it should be interesting.

Huh intresting I would love to see what happens to Silver Gunner.

This stories name is dangerously close to the "A Different View of Reality" universes name by killme2paza as well as sharing a similar name to my " Different View Universe", I do not hate the name but it is rather shocking to see this name after a long time.

9365039 It was actually named for an MLP video on YouTube of the same title, not sure if there's a connection or not.


Don't worry about it, I think it's a good name but is there another name you could call it?

Not entirely sure if I'm a fan of the idea or not. I'll let you know.

So, things are changing already. Constants and variables. Makes one wonder what else is to come, and what the lives of the character from me and Mega's stories would be like in this universe? Still not entirely sold on this idea, but... Still, good job. And Merry Christmas Ruin.

9366906 We can discuss your stories if you want at some point, this doesn't technically affect your fic as it stands and I have no idea when I'll actually revisit this universe. There are a lot of things that could've been butterflied away.

We must do better, or all we will do is repeat the mistakes of the past. I thank you for your time, I hope that together we will be able to make this future bright, for every being.”

This part made me think of Kratos from the newest God of War. Mainly the ending about being better and not letting the past define you. I'm sure that wasn't what inspired this part but both moments stuck with me.

Neat start and idea. Got some spoilers for Project Horizons but oh well that's on me for not getting around to reading it.

9555606 It's actually not as much of a spoiler as you'd think, it's a modified canon of Project Horizons done with Somber's permission so it doesn't 100% follow the events of the original fic.

Ah ok
I suppose I should still get to reading it. To many distractions

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