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When Rainbow Dash was a young filly her parents were killed in a freak storm that caught Equestria off guard. She was sent to the Cloudsdale Orphanage where she would spend the rest of her foalhood.

When she's a teenager however a new arrival comes to the orphanage in the form of a Pegasus baby. When the matron asks Rainbow Dash to help take care of the filly, her life changes forever.

Cover image made by Animalia Life.

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*clicks Favourite Button*

Oops, clumsy me :raritywink:

8457288 Shame on you for that, tsk tsk.

Glad you liked it so far.

"Rainbow, can I talk to you in my office for a moment?" The kind voice of the Matron asked just as Rainbow Dash was about to reach the front door.

for a moment?” the kind voice

hmm yeah. +1

"Okay Rainbow, now go play with your little friend, I'll let you know when something is arranged.

You forgot a speech mark somewhere.

8457323 Fixed along with the previous one.

8457317 Nah, Scootaloo is actually Rainbow's mom from the future... I kid, nah, I want to avoid a headache.

Then again, maybe she had nothing to be worried about, even if she wasn't going to have an easy time doing it, maybe it was the right thing to do. She knew what it was like to not have your parents, and she wouldn't with that on anypony else. She had been i the orphanage longer tha any of the other ponies that lived there, so she could help out at least.

She had been I the orphanage longer than any of the other ponies

8457343 Darn "n" key has been acting up lately, sorry, fixed.

A bit rough with the writing, spelling, and grammar, but this is definitely going to be a good story.

This was a nice cute story I really enjoyed it.

8457364 Glad you enjoyed it, its not over yet, this fic is going to focus on Rainbow and Scootaloo growing up in the orphanage.

I always forget to look at the tags if it's completed or not oopsy doopsy.

8457378 Don't worry, it happens, I've made that mistake a few times myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the fic when it comes out.

8457388 Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo are my two favorite characters, I love writing stories about them and their sister bond (or Rainbow adopting her), and I came up with this a few hours ago.

Their my favourite too I will PM you if it's ok because your story is getting filled up with my comments.

8457422 Yeah, that's not gonna happen, I'm trying to avoid a major headache.

thats it im hooked

i really want to see how this turns out!

Why do I have the feeling I'm going to be dying from cuteness overload by the end of this Ruin?

8458196 I know, hey I love plot twists but that would just get weird... and would sound like it should be on Pony Jerry Springer.

In one hoof, I love Scootadopt stories, and even more Scootadopt stories with Rainbow as the Sister/Mother figure. :heart:
But in the other, this part put me off a little:

"Okay!" The filly said as she headed out, after a few minutes Sunny Smiles looked up to see a figure looking at her.
"Did she agree?" The figure said in a kind and elegant voice.
"Yes, but I don't understand why you asked for this filly in particular," Sunny said as she looked at the mare who was in front of her. "Aren't there any families in Canterlot that can take care of her?"
"I have my reasons, I promise everything will be okay," the mare said reassuringly. "Rainbow Dash is the right pony for the job, I know it seems strange, but trust me on this one."
Sunny Smiles hesitated for a moment, she didn't understand everything that was going on but she figured if this pony said this, then maybe she was right.

Mastermind Celestia clearly setting the stage from behind the curtains, manipulating filly Rainbow Dash and using an recently orphaned foal for that no less. :fluttercry:

I'll hold back my judgment for now and see a what happens next before coming to a conclusion. :eeyup:

This is a pretty good story.

8460474 I will not confirm or deny the identity of the pony involved and what her motivations are.

8460674 Maybe, hypothetically if it was Celestia, she was doing it to help them both out, Scootaloo getting the support she needs from a big sister figure and helping Rainbow come out of the shell she's built around herself since her parents died.

I hope they both get adopted, but it would be nice to see how this relationship turns out.

Some interesting ideas here, I'm curious to see where this goes.

"Thank you Matron, I promise you that this will all be okay in the end," the figure said before vanishing in a burst of light.

Well, shit.

I cant wait to see the next chappie!!! :heart:

when is the next chapter?

So. damn. CUTE

:fluttercry: i just wanna hug them and tell them everything will be alright

God, I just want to give Rainbow and Scoots a hug...


Yeah, I'm sure they could use one.

Question, why don't the Shy's adopt both Rainbow and Scootaloo?
Seriously, RD spends so much time with Fluttershy?

8602623 You are the second person to ask this actually, I mean other than the fact that the plot is kinda focused on them in the orphanage, the Shys do also have their hooves a bit full with Zephyr... but if you can make a case for it, we'll see.

Aw...It appears that this story is dead. Just like one of the characters in this song!

And just like Lee's death, the death of this story is extremely depressing!

9999509 I want to get back on it honestly, but I honestly don't know when.

I wish I could give rainbow and scootaloo hugs ngh

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