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Hey, someone forgot this show was made for eight-year-old girls, but thankfully we can weave a tale of post apocalyptic survival without alienating our core demographic. Come and journey with me into Fallout Equestria, TV-Y.

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It's "Pip-Buck" not Pipcolt. (Side note Pip-boys and pip-bucks don't need charging)

6138890 Fixed the pipcolt thing already, yay for teamwork! Adjusted the battery scene. Hope you enjoyed!

That was silly, and fun. I greatly approve the concept~

Now I recommend you read the first few chapters of FoE, if only because I think comparison would entertaining, in and of itself. (Its good, too, so theres that)

6138937 It was a fun sounding challenge to make Fallout, with ponies, but remain TV-Y and friendship oriented, so bam, here it is. Glad you enjoyed it!

*foams at mouth*, *seizing in grim dark turned adorablness*, *falls of chair, twitching until OD's on the cuteness*

It's just so, adorable. There's no other way for me to describe it.

6139037 That was the purpose of this challenge. Glad it turned out alright and thanks for reading it.

I haven't read it either but this was cute and funny on its own. :pinkiesmile:

6139082 Mission accomplished! My personal favorite part was when the raider-ponies showed up.

Still a better story than Project Horizons.

You got a lot of fine details right for never reading foe. Great story, refreshing new perspective on the whole genre.

6139126 I feel bad, not knowing what that is. A search shows a lot of fics. Help?

6139150 Google was my friend for getting some basic facts down. It seemed the least I could do. Good satire should try to be faithful to the source even as you poke gentle fun at it.

6139151 Just walk away. Do not get on Somber's Wild Ride. You have a chance to just take the blue pill and forget all this happened. And this time, you SHOULD take the blue pill for god's sake.

It's one of the longer/more famous FOE Spinoffos, in its final act right now. I actually don't know why it gets the rap it does... no one seems to be able to point to anything more erudite than "its darker than FOE!"

I prefer Murky Number 7 for favorite side fic, though.

6139171 But the red pill is so much shinier and full of promise that is never followed through with...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

This was... kind of bland, actually. It didn't really have a central conflict or anything, even a TV-Y capable one...

Also I think I'd prefer this with creepy undertones. That would be TV-PG, though. Also might already be Pink Eyes.

6139252 My complaint is that, indeed. it's darker than FOE. But the problem is that it's laughably dark at this point. It's edgy for the sake of being edgy.

Blackjack could get decapitated, then have her head used in case of an emergency shit, then have her body burned, and she would be just fine somehow because, I dunno, wizards? I lost track of all the bullshit after Chapter 37. Something like that.

Plus, it just reads like an anime now. I may be getting the exact details wrong, but Blackjack caught a fucking tank round. Fired at her. I think. But then it was toned down in an edit, in favor of a passive-aggressive in character rant that indirectly insulted the critics.

Yeah. I still can't believe it. I really hope I forgot all the details and this is just stupidity I made up for no reason. Not even CWC would stoop this low. Okay, maybe he would, but not Somber.

Red is a lousy color anyway.

6139275 Bland is the worst kind of thing :( I'd rather annoy someone rather than bore them. I'll try harder in the future.


I really liked the part when the Wasteland was filled with waste.

The challenge to do a kid-friendly version of Fallout: Equestria is interesting, but I don't think there was much you could do without reading the story. To me, Fallout: Equestria's main success was its incredibly detailed amalgamation of the two worlds it crossed over, integrating a ton of MLP characters and concepts with just as many references to Fallout 3, New Vegas and its DLC expansions. So without knowing all the in-jokes and clever details, you end up with something of a Shallow Parody, as TVTropes would call it. Fallout: Equestria indulges itself by being overly long (and its spinoffs seem to think they are obliged to do the same), so I understand why it's impractical to read through it just for the sake of a writing challenge.

Whilst there is some humour in the way you set up the situation for danger, only to follow through with an innocent ball game, my recommendation would have been to turn the saccharine levels up to eleven. The story you're parodying used bloody action sequences so much you'd think the author confused them for paragraph breaks. I'd have suggested making the wasteland ridiculously cheerful, with ponies breaking into song about cleaning up radioactive sludge.

If you feel like writing in the saccharine-meets-survival genre again, you could always do a Mad Max/MLP crossover. No doubt some bright spark will have done a novel-length crossover of that by the end of the year to mass critical acclaim. :rainbowdetermined2:

6139799 Only so many details would have fit in a wee one-shot, I did consult a FO:E wiki if it helps at all. Ah well, they can't all be masterpieces I suppose.

6139283 I am red and this comment offends me. :applecry:


Well, that was cute.

6140281 Cute was the goal. Glad you liked it!

I dunno...that skinned knee scene was pretty gory for TV-Y :trollestia:

If you censored all of the objectionable material in the original Fallout: Equestria, it would probably be about this long.

As a stand-alone work, this story is pretty directionless; the protagonist just sort of wanders into a few places. As a parody, it's pretty clever, although the style is a little off, no doubt due to you not having read the original. (For example, the original is first person)

6140646 It amazes me that either it's not mentioned or I just didn't notice that it was first person. That seems like an important detail, sheesh.

Ok, so this is a thing. Celestia knows why, but it's a thing.
...Good job, I guess? No, really, good job.

6140790 When did stories need a reason? Glad you liked it! I think.

Fallout and kid friendly are three words that should not be in the same sentence.

You sir, are brilliant!

6140146 Rejoice in your anger, my child.

This was...


I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was happily surprised. Very cute story!

6161147 Glad to hear! I thought it was harmlessly cute, though not my, er, deepest story by far.

Oh, wow.

This felt like Fallout: Equestria as written by the writers of MLP gen3.5 :rainbowlaugh:

Oh, on another small note, they call them "Stables" in FO:E, not "Vaults". Y'know, because, Equine Puns Everywhere :rainbowwild:

6204450 That sounds like a compliment to me! Glad you enjoyed it.

Yeah, it was fun :twilightsmile:


It was a cute, fluffy pony parody of fallout.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

6577253 Oh, neat! Though I'd hardly call this a 'book', per se. Thanks!

Dude, why the hell am I finding you everywhere on this site now? I can't go ten stories without finding a "Similar" tag with your name on it somewhere.

6755629 I write horse words. It's one of my things.

6756563 You keep that up, and you will BECOME the horsewords. .. oh wait shit, what if you ARE typing horsewords and we ca all understand, comprehend it, and enjoy it B- ah crap my tires excuse for a nocturnal brain just exploded.

I'll get you next time Nuku! Next time...! *horse noises*

Author Interviewer

Well, this was everything I ever wanted. :D

Huh. That was... I'm not sure what it was. I was entertained, at least.

Not that it matters much, but her name is actually "Littlepip", not "Little Pip". (In the prologue and Ch. 1, it was spelled "LittlePip", but then the P was de-capitalized for the rest of the story.)

6783717 Typos sent to wander the wastes. Glad you enjoyed the story.

This was hilarious, and quite an accomplishment considering you never read the originals.

I also think the simplistic structure and the lack of conflict made it even better as a spoof. Great job:pinkiehappy:

6784965 Thanks for reading. It's funny, since others have complained about that lack of plot.

I found it exhilarating in contrast to the hundreds of thousands of words of the original spent on treachery, alliances, plot twists and problems that compounded on each other.

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