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The Secret Heir - RuinQueenofOblivion

There is a secret that Celestia has kept from everypony, even from her sister and student, one that everypony that knows the truth about have kept quiet about for eight years. However the truth will be discovered soon enough, and all will change.

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Chapter 4: Consequences

Scootaloo's POV.

Honestly, I was at a loss as to what I was going to tell Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom as I climbed on my scooter and headed towards Carousel Boutique. Apple Bloom had stayed there to help Rarity out with her newest project, but I had to get home.

Not that I was really complaining, I wasn't into that whole fashion thing, but I missed at least being able to spend time with my friends.
I just wished that I'd be able to tell them something better than I was about to, I was still kind of processing the whole thing, but I couldn't possibly lie to my best friends.

I paused a moment at the front door to Carousel Boutique and knocked, after a minute Rarity came to the door.

"Hello Scootaloo darling, I thought you had to get home," Rarity said a little confused to see me again. "Is everything okay?"

"Oh, yeah, everything's fine," I lied, I didn't like having to lie to Rarity, but it was necessary, at least for now. "I want to talk with Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom, are they still here?"

"Oh of course, they're just inside," Rarity said and let me enter. "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything is okay, I just want to talk to them about something," I said and then added. "In private."

Rarity nodded as I walked over to where my friends were helping work. Sweetie Belle looked up at me with a smile.

"Hey Scootaloo, what brings you back?" She asked.

"Lets go up to your room, I'd like to talk to the two of you about something, kinda private," I said, they nodded and we headed up to Sweetie's room and closed the door, they looked at me confused.

"What's wrong, Scoots?" Apple Bloom asked as they looked at me a bit strangely. "Yer actin' a bit strange."

"You have to promise me that you won't tell anypony what I'm going to tell you," I said with a nod. "This is super secret, and if you tell anypony I might be in big trouble, so pinkie promise?"

"Cross our hearts and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in our eyes," they said in unison, I just hoped that they'd keep their word.

"I found out today that..." I started to say then trailed off for a moment, how was I going to tell them? Maybe it was best to just say it, I just hoped that they wouldn't hate me for it. "Dizzy Twister isn't really my mom... Princess Celestia is, apparently my real name is Sunbeam."

Sweetie Belle and Apple bloom blinked at that, I looked uncomfortable for a long moment, I honestly wasn't sure what to expect. Were they going to hate me? I hoped not, they were still my best friends in Equestria, what would I do if they didn't want to be my friend anymore just because I was a Princess?

"Scootaloo, yer not kiddin' are yah?" Apple Bloom asked in surprise, Sweetie Belle was still processing it, not that I blamed her.

"No, I'm not," I said with a sigh. "It surprised me too, apparently Rainbow Dash is really a guard pony that was sent to keep me safe, this whole thing is crazy."

"Tell me about it," Sweetie Belle said as she finally snapped out of it. "Honestly, I don't know what to say... you're, a princess then?"

"Yeah, I am, but I'm still me really," I said with a sigh. "I couldn't believe it either, I mean, me a princess? It sounds so..."

"Unbelievable," Apple Bloom finished, I was then surprised when they hugged me. "Scootaloo, Ah don't care if yer Celestia's daughter or not, yer our friend and that doesn't change."

"Yeah, so don't worry about it, we'll get through this," Sweetie Belle said with a nod.

I smiled and hugged back, I really did have the best friends in all of Equestria.


Rainbow Dash's POV.

"So, now that we don't have a choice, exactly what are we going to do with Scootaloo?" Dizzy asked as she looked at Celestia. "She's still too young to have this whole thing go public."

"I agree," I said. "But it seems that we don't have a choice."

"Honestly, there is only one real solution," Celestia admitted. "We will have to consider revealing her identity, and then getting her somewhere that they can't get to her."

"Oh, you mean the human world," Twilight said in realization. "Is that such a good idea? I mean, there's a Scootaloo over there and it could get confusing."

"We will figure something out, we can speak with Sunset and see if she can help us out," Celestia said and shook her head. "I know this is difficult, but its going to be temporary until we can figure something out."

I frowned a little at that, it was a strange idea to send Scootaloo to some entirely different world in order to keep her safe. It honestly did seem like the best option, I just wished that there was a different way.

"Both of you will have to go with her," Celestia said as she looked at me and Dizzy. "I know this is going to be strange, but it is her best chance at avoiding trouble."

"I'll send a message to Sunset," Twilight said with a nod. "This is going to take a lot of explaining though. Do you really think she'll be willing to agree to this? I mean, even I'm having a hard time accepting this whole thing."

Honestly I understood where she was coming from, if I hadn't been tasked with protecting Scootaloo I probably wouldn't believe it either. I wondered if this really was the best plan, though we didn't really have much of a choice at this point.

"I will announce it publicly within the week, we can only hope that the fallout is minimized if she's not here," Celestia said.

"Yeah, we can only hope," I said.

I was going to hate having to explain this to Scootaloo.


Twilight Sparkle's POV.

We didn't talk much longer, Rainbow had to go find Scootaloo and Celestia needed to get back to Canterlot, so I just wound up heading back to my castle. I was still processing this whole thing, it had been a shock to find out of course, and I honestly had never thought about the idea of Celestia being a mother.

I had to wonder if there was any others out there, not just her but Luna too. Honestly now that I thought about it, I didn't know a whole lot about either of their pasts. Celestia had been less than forthcoming about all the details of her history.

"Hey Twilight, how'd things go at Dizzy's house?" Spike asked as I came into the library.

"It went, okay," I said, I honestly hated to have to lie to Spike but I had to make sure that everything was ready. "I need to send a message to Sunset, then how about I get you a nice gem for lunch?"

"Okay!" Spike said and went back to reading his comic book.

I went over and picked up the journal and held a pen telekinetically, honestly I wasn't quite sure what to say yet. This was a strange request from Celestia, and if I was in Sunset's horseshoes, I wasn't really sure what I'd do.

Sunset, I know this is an unusual request, but its important that I make it. There's a pony here who is in danger because of a group within the Canterlot nobility. Princess Celestia wants me to see if you could help keep them safe in the human world.

I know this is a lot to ask, but until we can uncover the truth behind what's going on, you might be our only chance to keep her safe. Because the ponies in question also have counterparts in Canterlot High, we might need to take extra precautions to avoid any confusion.
Send a message back as soon as you can.

I finished writing and leaned back, I just had to hope that Sunset would be able to help. This was a weird situation to say the least, and honestly it made her a little nervous, Sunset was a good pony, err, person anyway, she'd hopefully be willing to at least hear her out.
At least, I hoped she would.

Finally after a few minutes the book started to glow signaling that Sunset had sent a message back. I opened up the book and started reading in hopes that whatever it was, it was at least good news.

That's quite an unusual request, Twilight, but I'll see what I can do. Maybe I can get Rarity to help give them a makeover or something so that they don't stand out as much. Where they'll be staying might be a little trickier, but I'm going to talk to Principal Celestia, I'm sure she'll be able to help out.

Before I talk to them though, what's going on? Who are you going to be sending and why? I'm willing to help, but I'm going to need more information than this.

Twilight paused a moment, well Sunset was going to have to find out eventually, she just had to hope that she'd know to be careful. This was going to be a weird message, and she had to hope that Sunset would take it seriously.

I learned today that our world's Scootaloo is really Princess Celestia's daughter, she's in danger from some nobles that want to use her against Celestia. She'll be going there along with Rainbow Dash who will be helping keep her safe. I know this is a, strange situation, but we need your help, are you still willing to help?

There was a long pause before the book finally glowed again with Sunset's answer.

That, will complicate matters but I'll talk to Celestia and Rarity. I'll get back to you as soon as I can, stay safe out there.

I breathed a sigh of relief, at least she was willing to help, although she had to wonder what Sunset meant by it complicating matters.
I just had to hope that it wasn't going to make hings harder.

Thank you Sunset, I'm glad you could help us out.

I closed the journal and breathed a sigh of relief, that really took a load off of my shoulders that she was going to help.

I just had to wait and see what would happen next.


Celestia's POV.

Had I made the right call?

I had returned to Canterlot and was currently in the throne room going over what had happened. I was making a difficult choice, and just the fact that I had kept it a secret might be enough for this group of nobles.

I sighed a little, it was times like this I wish there was another way to do things. She was my daughter, but I was having to abandon her even temporarily. Rainbow Dash agreed that it was for the best and her judgment was sound in this matter, but it had problems.

Especially given that it meant she'd have to leave her friends behind for now.

"Your majesty, are you okay?" The pony who had been giving her a briefing on the Changeling situation asked. "You seem distracted."

"It is nothing," I said with a shake of my head. "What were you saying?"

I had to sit through more meetings like this, honestly I was starting to wonder if maybe I should go to the human world too, it would certainly help avoid all these boring briefings and paperwork that came with running a country.

After awhile the day court was over so I was meeting up with Luna for dinner. Luna looked at me for a moment as I sighed.

"Are you okay, Celestia?" She asked as I took a bite of food. "I know that it has been hard for you lately."

"I am trying to figure out what to do honestly," I admit with a sigh. "This will be hard for everypony to understand. I have to go public at this point, but it is hard to tell what the consequences are going to be."

"I am still trying to learn more things about modern day Equestria," Luna said. "We both have had children in the past without issue."

"This time its different," I said with a sigh. "Her father is... difficult to deal with because of his position in the Nobility. Our relationship was more one of political convenience to him."

"So you are worried that he will hurt Scootaloo," Luna said as she nodded in understanding. "Does he know about her?"

"I do not know, I thought he didn't, but it is hard to tell now," I admitted. "But now everypony is going to know, I just have to hope that she will be safely hidden away again before it is too late."


Scootaloo's POV.

"Wait, you want me to do what?" I asked in shock as I looked at Rainbow Dash and mom, were they really asking what I thought they were asking?

"I know this isn't easy for you, but it would only be temporary," Rainbow Dash said. "We're going to take you through the mirror, at least until things can be dealt with here."

"It'll be okay Scootaloo, me and Rainbow dash will be going with you," mom said as she tried to reassure me.

"What about my friends? I'd have to leave them behind, even if only temporarily..." I said, I couldn't believe that they were really asking this of me.

"I know Scootaloo... but the alternative is your life might be in danger," Rainbow said as she gently hugged me. "I want to keep you safe, but there's only so much I can do. Please Scootaloo, I promise that you'll be back with your friends as soon as possible."

I looked at her and then at mom, this was going to be a hard decision to make. I knew that they would make sure I was safe and could get home soon, but to go to a completely different world and have to leave my best friends behind?

Maybe they were right and it was the best option... I still had a lot to get used to, and things weren't going to get any easier from here.

"Okay, I'll go I just want to say goodbye to my friends first," I said and mom and Rainbow both nodded. "So what's the plan?"


I sighed as I made sure that my saddlebags were secure as we got ready to go through the portal. Twilight had done some research and found a spell that might be able to help us keep disguised, at least to most people.

Which is how I wound up staring at the unfamiliar sight of a gold Pegasus filly with a messy red mane in the mirror.

"Geez, I look like Apple Bloom if she was a Pegasus," I said with a groan as I facehooved a little.

"Hey, at least you're not pink," Rainbow Dash said with a chuckle, she looked pink with a blue mane.

"Well sorry, I was in a rush, I didn't have time to ask you two what you wanted to look like," Twilight said with a groan. "Look, if anyone on the other side asks, Scootaloo you're Serenity, Rainbow Dash is Firefly, and Dizzy is Winter Breeze, okay?"

"Okay," I said with a nod as we turned and looked at the mirror portal.

"Are you ready?" Mom asked as she put a hoof on my withers.

"Honestly? I don't know..." I admitted.

"Don't worry, we'll be here with you," Rainbow said and we walked forward into the mirror portal.

And into the unknown.

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8023952 That was actually a small inside joke, her disguise is based on an OC of mine who I accidentally made look kind of like a Pegasus version of Apple Bloom in terms of coloring. See here:


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"I am still trying to learn more things about modern day Equestria," Luna said. "We both have had children in the past without issue."

Wait, WHAT??

"Hey, at least you're not pink," Rainbow Dash said with a chuckle, she looked pink with a blue mane.


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