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Gallus has left Griffinstone, only taking his younger sister, Viola with him. But he does remember his best friend, Flame. He writes to him continuously, he misses him and wishes that he could see him again. He may be given that chance soon enough, but his health may risk that if he isn't careful.

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I've only seen up to that embarrassing d&d episode, so I have to ask:who the hell is this?

That's Gallus. Side character in S8 who's in more than a few episodes. Along with the other 5.

TLDR: Twilight made a school for reasons and bullshit and has six new students from a bunch of different races- pony, yak, griffon, hippogriff, and changeling, I think. This numbskull is one of them.

Gen five overtures anyone?

That sounds like a good explanation for the fan migration. Was there any hamfisted (get it?) episodes preaching about "diversity and understanding"?

This story should be interesting.

When the next chapter going to be here 🤔?

I actually think the school is an interesting new dynamic they've added, and the exchange students are some of my favorite characters in the show. It's interesting that you assume there's some "preaching about diversity", when the fandom has been begging for more exposition on the other races for quire some time now...

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