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Imagine being stuck in the mind of a pony that you can't stand and is the exact opposite of you.
Now imagine having your life torn away from you, and you've just gotten it back; only to face just as many hardships as before.
And then imagine you were just told you technically shouldn't even exist.
That's my life.

This story is a sequel to Caged Inside, but is written in a way that it's not necessary to read it first.

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This is actually really interesting. When I finished the last story, I just assumed you were going to have Twilight figure out a way to get both them two separate bodies to live in, but this is WAY more interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you have to offer.:pinkiehappy:

5955865 Thanks! I'm glad you think so. Yeah, there's no way I want to fit into the 'predictable, cliche' box of stories.

5955865 I thought the exact same thing when I learned about the sequel. What Twilight is suggesting would basically destroy Pinkie and Pinkamena and create an entirely new pony. She has her heart sent in the right place, but she really needs to think about not only the ethics of doing such a thing, but thinking if Pinkie and Pinkamena would even want that. Furthermore, would Twilight and the others want that? They would have to get used to a brand new pony. Finally, would the Element of Laughter still apply to Pinkie if she and Pinkamena did fuse back together? So many questions. :applejackconfused:

5955933 Those are legitimate questions that may be explored in the story :)

5955957 And with that you have made me even more excited for the continuation of this story that I previously was. I can't wait to see what you have planned. :twilightsmile:

5955966 XD well I'm glad I managed to!
I've been sitting at my thinking spot and trying to figure out what to do for the sequel ever since I was halfway done Caged Inside and started considering doing a sequel, so I've thought pretty deeply about it.

Yay! Sequel! This is gonna be good.

I'm actually hoping for the "two bodies" route.

Fuck the cliché of it, it's one happy ending for them.

5956532 Well, a 100% happy ending isn't always gonna happen. And there are always other ways of making happy endings X3
But you'll have to wait and see what happens :)


Who said it had to be a sunshine-and-rainbows Happy End?

But yeah I will admit that the fusion concept turns me off...

5956551 it wasn't supposed to involve fetishism XD
in all seriousness though the whole story isn't about that. It's only a part of it. But I get not liking a concept.


it wasn't supposed to involve fetishism XD

:facehoof: And that's what I get for using expressions...

But yeah, I'm interested in the coexistence idea, when it comes to Multiplicity.

5956630 yeah that's what's going on in the story right now and it's still going to be important.
And sorry, I just couldn't help but make that joke ^^;

Oh, it's here! Gonna read this tomorrow, late as all hell right now. But I'm sure it'll be great!

5956551 same here the fusion idea just feels...wrong

5956712 Um, okay XD looking forwards to your comment

5956729 Sorry. I can't really change that...


It's just how we feel, there's nothing to change.

5956749 Well I hope the story ends up going in a direction you guys will like eventually (unless you stop reading out of disinterest. I wouldn't blame you, don't worry.)


I'm sticking with this, but I can't speak for anypony else.

5956753 ill stay for now just to see how this goes

If the two fuse, would they not die and be replaced by a completely different pony? That point is raised in the story A Jewel of a Problem but in that case one of the ponies was not actually a split personality, just had those foreign split personalities in her head.

Yeah. Fusion means killing two personalities to create one.
I really hope that doesn't happen. I hate to see Pinkie or Pinkamena be killed.

5957571 Never read that story before.

5957814 Does it necessarily mean that?
But yeah, that would be sad if it did happen :(

Let's give each one of them one hall of the body to control , it works that way too right ?
I mean , they would technicaly both be in control at the same time , without giving themselves up , right ?
Plus the resulting mane style would be so fashionable !
(Seriously , I don't like the fusion idea much , too much distastefull implications for them both , I kind of like the classic "two body" option more ... You can even have Pinkie give birth to Pinkamena if you want... actually no , that's gross.)


In on this site, basically a human with a split personality wakes up one day and Diamond Tiara and things complicate from there.



5958370 Oh, thanks for the link. Doesn't seem like my kinda story though (I don't really care for the human tag).

That's funny , that's what everyone say each time I propose an interesting idea ! :pinkiecrazy:
(Just kidding , sorry if the previous comment made you uneasy/confused in any way , that just my idea of a joke given my twisted sense of humor and my extensive forray into the twisted world known as the internet..)

5958395 I'm not gonna deny having been around that part of the internet myself. I'm just not sure how to respond to that XD


Even if the human and his split personality are basically parasites stealing Diamond Tiara body? And Diamond Tiara is still there?

5958432 Okay that's interesting and I might check it out. I just don't really like humans being put into pony stories is all.

Who said that fusion means fusing souls?
Pinkamina could control the front half seeing as she has the clearer head, and Pinkie has the back half where she can still bounce!

Wait, that's still being split, isn't it?
Never mind then!!

5958576 Well, food for thought at least X3

I'm glad their shared existence isn't perfect. That was a relief.
A thought- if they are complete opposites, could recombining them result in null?
One plus negative one is zero, after all.
Or will it be something in between?
Fire and ice make steam (in the right proportions), and maybe water.
At the very least Twilight's not trying to completely remove one from the other or just get rid of Mena.
Come to think of it, it would be interesting to see a Null. Have Twilight see what her attempts to meddle with the mind(s) of another have wrought.

5960169 I'm glad you liked it! And I love that kind of speculation X3
im not sure what you mean by null' though.

5960391 By null, I think he means pretty much a vegetable.

Thats an interesting philosophical point to make: If the two of them fuse personalities, are they really still 'themselves'?

5961092 thats justa more metaphorical term for the word null. Im just confused as to how it's being applied.

5961189 I love thinking about things like that~

5961604 What I meant by null was ambivalence embodied, indifference manifest, disinterest in physical form! Somepony who does not care either way what happens, has no opinion, no personality, no sense of self, no soul. No will or desire, no nothing. So, that'd be an interesting thing for Twilight to realize she has created from her friend.

5962009 Oh. More food for thought X3
I love this kind of food for thought ^^

So. Twilight wants to combine the two personalities? Did Twilight really think this through? If Pinkie and Pinkamena were to be combined, more than likely, neither one of them would exist. They would more than likely become a totally different pink pony.

I hoPe this won't turn into a cupcakes like situation but with Twilight instead of Dash

5962792 Of course not! I hate it when people portray Pinkamena or Pinkie as murderous or crazy or psychopathic or whatever!

5962726 Well, it's a complicated concept, isn't it? I mean they'd both still be themselves but they wouldn't be themselves.
I'm going to stop my train of thought right there before I confuse myself.

Holy Cats, FIRST TO VIEW IT!!!

And Pinkie says: :pinkiehappy:

And Pinkamena says: :pinkiesad2:

5965522 XD congratulations!

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