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Cloudy Skies daughter of Pinkie Pie has always been very clumsy. She and her parents just thought that she would grow out of it. But now as a teenager, she stills face terrible clumsiness. When she has to get glasses, she feels lower than she has ever felt. But with a little help from her friends, she discovers a lot with her new look.
My entry for the Kilala FanFic Contest. Description:


Fun Fact: "As Cloudy got older, she was still very clumsy. Turned out her eyesight was just bad. So she got glasses."

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I caught the mini reference to The PowerPuff Girls. And I saw that this fic is based on the Arthur's Eyes episode of Arthur.

5822522 Well Power Puff is actually the name kilala gave the SilverxSnips foal :http://kilala97.deviantart.com/art/Popular-470735733

And yes I heavily based this story on Arthur's Eyes.Let's be glad I left the part about Arthur going into the girl's bathroom. LOL. I just hope it won't get it me into trouble. But because you got the base, you get an extra special (fluttershy) YAY!

Score one for everyone who wears glasses!

Great story.

I saw Spice Diamond Tiara's daughter with the other popular kids which included Icy

this story is riddled with errors, I still enjoyed what didn't bother me to much, but this was one of the most glaring, and for me painful to see. Just a reminder when you're pointing something like this out you need commas to separate the pieces, like this. "I saw Spice, Diamond Tiara's daughter, with the other popular kids which included Icy"

It's always a good idea to do some self-checking practices, one of the easiest is just coming back to what you have written or posted an hour or so later and reading through to see if it really does make as much sense as when you were writing it. Also don't rely on spllchecker, sometimes spellcheck is actually the problem.

Other than some grammatical errors, good story. One question: why the hell is it considered ' cool" to make fun of someone for wearing glasses. I never understood why people do that

5824334 alas it is one of the great mysteries of life. Did u see the season opening?

This story earns AT LEAST 3 PARTY CANNONS KABLOOOOOMMM :pinkiehappy:

5824966 At least? Why not 10?

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:fluttershysad:I know how it feels
When i got my glasses i felt like the hole shcool teesed me:applecry:
But my friends told me that i was awesom no matter what:pinkiesad2:

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