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Flash Sentry is about to introduce his parents to his marefriend Twilight Sparkle and her dragon Spike. On the way, he recaps to how he got to where he is today.Even before he was a royal guard, Flash had to fight in all sorts of battles From schoolyard bullies, protecting his best friend Agua ,to battling heartbreak after heartbreak , Flash has had a life that was anything but ordinary.

Rated Teen (a little bit gutsy in the first chapter)

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looks good so far. Just make the chapters a little longer please.

That was funny. Great job. Go baby flash.

Sugarcube corner? poniville? jajjajjja :trixieshiftleft: that was funny :twilightsheepish:

5603310 Thank you glad you liked it. Yes in my LuRoseverse , Flash was born in Ponyville but in the next chapter, he moves to Chicacolt (Chicago).

Woo hoo! a FlashLight story! :pinkiehappy:

This is a great fanfic, it's hard to find some lighthearted Flashlight without all the drama.

The only problems I've got are these.
As Flash got to his seat by the window and the train started to move, with the station fading away, he started to ponder. "How did I get here?" he thought " I don't deserve her. (looking over to Twilight who was reading her book) Feels like yesterday, we were packing up and I was afraid on moving to that big city Chicacolt from Ponyville. Fourteen years later, here I am a royal guard and about to show my royal marefriend to Mom,Dad, Flare, and Agua.How did this happen?"

Ok, so... 1. change on to of (...I was afraid of...)
2. add some spaces and delete some

"Oh I'm sure you'll love them." Flash said nervously
Just suggesting it to be: "Oh, I'm sure you'll love them," Flash said nervously.

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