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Hearth's Warming Eve , Twilight's favorite time of year has come. She can't wait to open gifts with her friends, spend time with her family, and possibly get a kiss from a certain royal guard by the name of Flash. But when her royal responsibilities get in the way of the celebrations, preventing her from enjoying her favorite holiday traditions, Twilight wishes that she never came to Ponyville thus never becoming a princess. "Be careful what you wish for young Princess, you might just get it."

Base on "It's a Wonderful Life"

All characters (except for Winter Dreams) belong to Hasbro

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A very sweet beginning. I look forward to more. Don't let the critics get to you, Flashlight is ALWAYS down voted.
Merry Christmas.

I :heart: it

keep up the excellent work :derpytongue2:

That story was beautiful. Happy Holidays.

Needs to get edited.

The pacing is rather quick. I do like the concept though.

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