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Cloudy Skies daughter of Pinkie Pie has always been very clumsy. She and her parents just thought that she would grow out of it. But now as a teenager, she stills face terrible clumsiness. When she has to get glasses, she feels lower than she has ever felt. But with a little help from her friends, she discovers a lot with her new look.
My entry for the Kilala FanFic Contest. Description:


Fun Fact: "As Cloudy got older, she was still very clumsy. Turned out her eyesight was just bad. So she got glasses."

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During spring break, Sweetie Belle gets the opportunity to go to Manehattan with Rarity while she works with fashion guru Hoity Toity. At the same time, Silver Spoon is with her uncle who just happens to Hoity Toity! Forced to be with each other for the whole week, the fillies realize that they have a lot in common.

Note: *This is NOT a SilverBelle shipping story. While I respect other bronies shippings, I rather keep the two as friends and only friends.*

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Flash Sentry is about to introduce his parents to his marefriend Twilight Sparkle and her dragon Spike. On the way, he recaps to how he got to where he is today.Even before he was a royal guard, Flash had to fight in all sorts of battles From schoolyard bullies, protecting his best friend Agua ,to battling heartbreak after heartbreak , Flash has had a life that was anything but ordinary.

Rated Teen (a little bit gutsy in the first chapter)

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Hearth's Warming Eve , Twilight's favorite time of year has come. She can't wait to open gifts with her friends, spend time with her family, and possibly get a kiss from a certain royal guard by the name of Flash. But when her royal responsibilities get in the way of the celebrations, preventing her from enjoying her favorite holiday traditions, Twilight wishes that she never came to Ponyville thus never becoming a princess. "Be careful what you wish for young Princess, you might just get it."

Base on "It's a Wonderful Life"

All characters (except for Winter Dreams) belong to Hasbro

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