• Published 30th Mar 2015
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An Unlikely Friendship - LuRose98

During Spring Break, an unexpected bond is formed

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Dress You Up With My Love

As the next few days came by, Sweetie and Silver had a barrel of fun sharing secrets, creating stories, and telling their stories of sightseeing. On Thursday, Sweetie came into the lounging area to see Silver standing next to a big chest.

"Silver whats the chest for?" Sweetie asked

"This my friend is my dress up box." Silver said showing off the chest dramatically "But it's no ordinary dress up box, it's full of fashion throughout the ages."

"Throughout the ages?"

"Yep. Well only from the first issue of Equa. Just one of the perks of having Hoity for an uncle. Well don't just stand there, let's dive on in."

Sweetie grinned and ran to the chest.

A few minutes later, the fillies both came out of the chest. Sweetie was wearing a purple sequined dress. Silver was wearing a teased powder white mane and sunglasses.

"Oh Hoity darling so good to see you." Sweetie imitated Rarity "My my your mane is so tall."

"Yes yes Rarity." Silver said in a deepened voice similar to Hoity "My mane is as big as my ego. And I refuse to be seen without my sunglasses because I'm superior to these commoners." Both girls giggled

"Let's do that again." Sweetie exclaimed

And the two went back into the chest.

Another few minutes later, Sweetie came out wearing a light pink gown,white hat with flowers on it ,holding an white umbrella with pink trim. Silver wore a long sleeved purple dress, and a blue hat.

"Oh darling I love that new hat you're wearing." Sweetie did her best Canterlot accent

"Why thank you darling. I just got it on my trip to Maris." Silver did her best Upper East Side accent "Where did you get your ensemble?"

"this old thing? Oh just something I got when I did a quick trip to Buckingham. You must go it's simply divine."

Both girls laughed again.

"Ok ok , just one more time ."

Five minutes later, Sweetie came up wearing a white dress and a blond curly wig. Silver had a were wolf costume.

"Rawrr. I'm the Ferrous Feral Furry. Fear my wrath!" Silver imitated a were wolf

"Eek!" Sweetie screamed in mock fear "Get back doggie."

Silver ran after Sweetie until the two collapsed on the floor laughing. The two then spent the rest of the day trying on costumes and laughing.

Author's Note:

Wanted a chapter with no seriousness just two fillies being secret friends, playing dress up and impersonating adults.