• Published 30th Mar 2015
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An Unlikely Friendship - LuRose98

During Spring Break, an unexpected bond is formed

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The Trip

The final school bell rang with an accompanied gleeful cheer from the foals at Ponyville's schoolhouse. All the fillies and colts were excited for the upcoming Spring Break. A week of no school, no homework, and no teachers.

"All right my little ponies. Have a good Spring Break. I'll see all of you next Monday." Their teacher Cheerilee called out

The group of students galloped with excitement out to the door as the afternoon sun welcome them in it's warm glow. Three of those foals, Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle AKA The Cutie Mark Crusaders were in the mist of the group as they trotted happily along with their peers.

"I can't believe you're going to be in Manehattan for a whole week" said an excited AppleBloom

"Yeah I would just be happy with a day there, but a week? We're really going to miss you Sweetie." Scootaloo expressed

"Well it's not like I'm moving there" Sweetie said "Rarity and I are just going there for the week while she plans for some important fashion event next month. She and some stallion named Hoity Toity will plan for an hour or so then Rarity and I will go sightseeing. But boy I can't wait. I wish you girls can come."

"Sorry Sweetie, but the Apple Family Reunion is going to be in Appleloosa this year, so we have to go." Apple Bloom said

"And my parents want me to spend the vacation making up the work I didn't complete because I was out practicing on my scooter. If I don't get some more As in my next report card, my flying lessons with Rainbow are out." Scootaloo said

"Well I don't leave for Manehattan til tomorrow. Who wants to get a milkshake? My Treat." The unicorn asked

I do! I do!" The Pegasus and earth pony shouted excitedly

"Alright. Last one to Sugarcube Corner, is a rotten egg." Sweetie said as the three fillies ran happily to Sugar cube Corner.

Meanwhile two more fillies, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon who rule the school with iron hooves were the last to come out as they dreaded the vacation ahead.

"Aww I just so wish I can come to Manhattan with you. " Diamond Tiara complained "But my dad's marefriend says we should spend more time together as a family. Stupid Amber Joy."

"Ugh I know right. Manehattan will be such a bore without you." Silver Spoon replied

"What sort of torturing mechanism does she have up her sleeve this time?"

"Probably the most horrible trip in my life."

"Oh no you don't mean"

Diamond gulped "Yes CAMPING!"

Both fillies shuddered

"An entire week hiking to Rainbow Falls with no servants, no indoor plumbing, and absolutely no cellphone reception. I swear that Mare is trying to ruin my life. I mean what did I do to deserve this treatment?!"

"Maybe if you didn't make fun of all those without cutie marks, maybe karma wouldn't be so mean." Silver thought but up front she said: "I have no idea."

Diamond looked with her head down.

"Well we're both not leaving til first thing tomorrow, why don't we head back to your house and watch that tall glass of water Leonardo De Canterpreo in Trottanic?"

"Now you're talking sister. But I get to hold the remote." Diamond said now happy

"You're the boss." Silver resigned

The next morning, both Belle sisters were at the train station about to board on the business class section of the train. They had to get very early and got very sleep.

"Oh I do wish Hoity didn't have to be Manehattan. The three hour time difference is so horrible." Rarity complained

"That's ok Rarity." Sweetie yawned "I'm ok with getting up early. Especially with traveling. Don't worry I'll be quiet while you sleep."

"Thanks Sweetie." Rarity hugged her sister

A little further away, Silver was saying goodbye to her parents Golden and Platinum Spoon. The two despite being very busy, always made sure to have time for their daughter.

"Ok Silvy. Now do you have all your luggage." the purple eyed, yellow coated, gold maned earth mare asked

"Yes mom." Silver replied

"And uncle Hoity will be wearing a brown coat at the train station to come pick you up." The ,blue eyed,gray coated, white maned stallion informed his daughter

"Yes dad. You and mom have told 20 times." Silver replied

"Oh I can't believe our daughter's taking her fist trip without us. Just seems like yesterday, I was bringing you home from the hospital." Golden sobbed

"I'll be fine guys don't worry. I'm mature enough to handle stuff"

"Well you may be a mature young filly, but you're not too old to give your old man a kiss."

"Of course." Silver replied giving Platinum a kiss on the cheek

Suddenly the conductor came up and shouted: "All Aboard. The train to Manehattan leaves in five minutes. All Aboard!"

"You better go. We'll see you in a week. We love you." Golden said as her daughter went on the train

"Love you too." Silver called and waved from her seat as the train rode off until the station faded into the background.

Silver resigned to her seat. The truth was, she was frightened about her situation but she had to be brave. This was her opportunity to be independent. No parents, no Diamond telling her what to do, and plenty of time with her favorite uncle. Nothing was going to ruin her trip.

"What would like to drink hun?" A waitress came up and asked

"Strawberries crepes with Earl Grey tea please." Silver Spoon replied thinking of the most mature meal she can think of.

A little while later, Rarity and Sweetie Belle had arrived in Manehattan, checked into their hotel, and were on their way to Hoity's studio.

"Now remember Sweetie, Hoity and I will only be planning for an hour or two hours a day. Then the rest of the day is just for you and me." Rarity said "You got things to keep you busy during that time?"

"Sure Rarity." Sweetie replied "Books, crayons, dolls, DVDs. All the things needed for entertaining a young filly."

"Good. Oh look we're already here." Rarity as the two stand outside of a white loft building that was three stories high. The unicorn mare pushed the button on the side. "Hoity darling, we're here."

A voice came from the intercom. "Come right up."

The two unicorns went inside the loft then went up the elevator until they reached the top and went into a room where they were meat by Hoity Toity himself.

"Hoity, so glad to see you." Rarity said coming to the stallion

"Rarity my favorite designer. It's been so long since I've seen you in Manehattan Fashion Week.How have you been?" Hoity said as the two gave each other a kiss on both cheeks

"Oh just the same old life. Saving Equestria from danger while making fabulous fashions. Just making a living. " Rarity replied

"And you must be Rarity's sister Sweetie Belle." Hoity said noticing Sweetie by Rarity's leg "Pleasure to meet you. My you look a lot like your sister. Luckily I have a niece with me so you'll be in good company."

Hoity then brought out a gray filly with powder white mane, purple eyes and a silver spoon cutie mark. Both fillies set eyes on each other and were shocked and said,

"Oh come on!"

Author's Note:

First chapter. I know it's risky doing a story so close to Season 5, but I have Spring Break this week and I just have put this off for so long, I thought now would be good time. I'll explain more on why Diamond and Silver act like they do later in the story.