• Published 30th Mar 2015
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An Unlikely Friendship - LuRose98

During Spring Break, an unexpected bond is formed

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New Friends

On Monday, Rarity and Sweetie returned to Hoity's studio where they let themselves in since Hoity was expected them.

"Good morning darlings." Hoity greeted the unicorns

"Morning Hoity. Have the swatches for the decor arrived yet?" Rarity asked

"Not yet. They said it'll come on Thursday. You're not leaving until Saturday right?"

"Of course. Come on Saturday, leave Saturday."

Silver then walked then and noticed Sweetie then motioned her to come to the lounging area.

"Oh hey Sweetie. Good morning. How was your day?"

"Oh fine. Rarity took me to the Museum of Modern Art which was mostly boring going through all those rooms. What about you? Did you go to that brunch with Fleur De Lis?"

"Yes but that was so boring. Uncle Hoity and Ms. Fleur kept recalling stories and made jokes I didn't get. Diamond would've loved it though but mean I prefer to go traveling."

Sweetie giggled "I would've loved to have done that too. There's an entire world just waiting to be discovered."

"I know right? We have to go traveling sometime when we're older."

"Where do you want to travel? Chicacolt, Mareami?"


Sweetie gasped "Get out. That's where I want to go."

"Well that's where we're going." Silver said as the two bumped hooves.

Later, after a game of Scrabble, Sweetie asked Silver:

"So Silver I have to ask. You seem like such a nice filly. Why are you so mean to me, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo?"

"It's a long story. You see I'm very socially awkward. I couldn't make a friend on my own to save my own life. The foals thought that since I came from a wealthy family and I never came up to them I was either shy or arrogant. Things got worse when I got my glasses when I was 3. I felt small, isolated, and unattractive. And Diamond's dad is friends with my parents so the forced us to play together. Diamond decided to take me under her wing and teach me how to survive in school. I just follow her example." Silver said "But Diamond's reason for her behavior is much more complicated."

"Really? I always thought she was mean just because she was a spoiled daddy's girl."

"Well that's part of it. But there's more to it."

"Please tell me! I must know."

"I don't know, If Diamond finds out that I've told you, she'll get really mad."

"Well she's not here just you and me. What happens in this room stays in this room."

Silver signed and took a deep breath "Ok here goes. Do you know that Diamond's mother is actually Suri Polomare?"

"Really? That back stabbing, double crossing designer who betrayed Rarity at Fashion Week? No."

"Yep. She meet Filthy Rich when they bumped into each other and she dropped her stuff in Manehattan on her way to the train station. They meet for coffee the next week, one thing lead to another and one year later, they were married. But when Diamond was born, Filthy thought that Suri would be a stay at home mom and have more babies. Let's just say Suri was not happy about the change of plans. She didn't talk to She left when Diamond was only 3 months old.Filthy was so heartbroken and regretful that he buried himself in his work while Diamond was raised by maids, butlers, and servants. "

"Wow I never thought of it like that. How does Diamond know about this if Suri left when she was a baby?"

"Simple, one of servants explained to her when she was five. Just gave her the ugly truth right there and then. Then she told me when we were younger. Of course the two still write, but she hopes one day that Suri will come back and they can be a family again. Which is one of the reason why she hates Amber Joy."

"Whose Amber Joy?"

"You know, that gold earth mare with the blond mane, blue eyes, and The quill wring in a book cutie mark?"

"You mean that mare who sometimes picks up Diamond and says that she's her 'new nanny'?"

"Yeah that's the one. Well she's actually Diamond"s dad's marefriend.

"Wow. How long have they been dating?"

"Well they meet during the time of the Royal Wedding. And their first date was the Ponyville Festival , so for a little while I guess."

"But why does Diamond hate her?"

"Well for one thing if Filthy marries Amber, it means that Diamond's wish for him and Suri to get back together will never come true. And another, Amber often makes Diamond do stuff like chores, go to sleep at 9:00, have an allowance, and the three of them are on a camping trip to Rainbow Falls as we speak."

"That doesn't seem too bad."

"Honey if you knew Diamond like I did, you would know in her mind it's worse than a pop quiz on a Monday."

Sweetie shuddered at the thought

After telling the story, Silver signed looking relived that she took that off her chest. "Well now that I have told you this you MUST promise me you won't tell nopony else especially not Apple Bloom and Scootaloo."

"I'll do better than that. I'll Pinkie Promise."

"What's a Pinkie Promise?" Silver asked

"It goes something like: Cross my heart out and hope to fly. Stick a cupcake in my eye." Sweetie chanted while doing the physical movements "And breaking a Pinkie Promise is the one thing that will ruin a friendship."

Suddenly Pinkie popped up and shouted: "Forever!" then waved to Sweetie and popped back out leaving Silver confused and speechless.

"That's just Pinkie. She doesn't believe in logic." Sweetie explained leaving Silver confused and speechless

After regaining her sense of logic Silver asked: "Wait? We're friends?"

"Of course."

"Wow. I never had a true friend before."

""Well that's all changed now." Sweetie putting her hoof around Silver

"Hey I got the latest Sapphire Shores CD. Want to listen?" Silver suggested

"I'd love to. Y'know I've actually met her?"

"You have? But how?" Silver asked as the two made their way over to the CD

"Oh that's a long story."

Author's Note:

And here are the explanations. I like to think of Suri as Diamond's mother because they both have the same coat color, they're both ambitious on getting what we want, and simply because I can. And I just had to do that little Pinkie cameo. Yay continuity (I've been watching a hella lot of SilverQuill).