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An Unlikely Friendship - LuRose98

During Spring Break, an unexpected bond is formed

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Material Girls

On Friday, the last full day for Sweetie and Silver's trip, Hoity and Rarity came up to the girls.

"Oh girls, Hoity and I need to go to Fifth Avenue to get our outfits in advance for The Gala. Would you care to join us?"

Both Sweetie and Silver's faces lighted up with delight and they nodded violently.

"Good. We're leaving in five minutes so I suggest you get your stuff now." Then Rarity and Hoity left

"Shopping on Fifth Avenue?" Silver asked "Oh that's a dream come true."

"I don't have anything good to wear, but I don't care cause we're going shopping." Sweetie squealed in delight

"Wow. Looks like a little bit of your sister has rubbed off on you." Silver commented


When the group got to Fifth Avenue, Silver and Sweetie had to resist their excitement from the glimmer of the shops. Shops that glimmered with dresses, shoes, and hats in the sunlight. Mares and Stallions ,even a few fillies and colts on the sidewalk dressed to the nines in the latest fashions, looking ever so fabulous.

"This place is even more amazing in real life." Silver said

"Wait you've never been here before?" Sweetie asked

"Well I've seen the pictures Uncle Hoity sent me and my parents when he first moved here. Sometime after Manehattan Fashion Week. I think."

"That's right. Hoity why did you move to Manehattan if you were so content in Canterlot?" Rarity asked

"Well Rarity, I was set to leave the day after Fashion Week. But I along with Fancy Pants and Fleur missed our train back to Canterlot and there weren't any trains going back until the next morning. So naturally the three of us decided to make the best out of a bad situation." Hoity explained as the group continued through the street. "Sapphire Shores and Neigh-Z generously let us stay in their penthouse suite since Neigh- Z had a concert in Madison Hoof Garden. The five of us went on this fabulous adventure all over Manehattan. We went to Centrot Park, walked a little bit in the Lower East Side, got lost in ClydinaTown, and went on a ferry to watch the sunset. By the time we got back to Canterlot, we realized what we were missing. Don't get me wrong, I love Canterlot, but I think being Manehattan is so much more than the fashion capital of Equestria. Besides most of my clients are in Manehattan. We can see each other face to face more often more. Although I have to admit, the summer here is absolutely dreadful."

"Hmm seems like this place is a really great place to be." Rarity said

Sweetie looked shocked

"Oh don't worry Sweetie." Rarity chuckled "Manehattan maybe the fashion capital of Equestria, but I would never leave Ponyville even for all the bits in the world."

Sweetie signed with relief

"Oh look we're here." Rarity pointed out

The shop was called 'Unique Boutique' (cheesy I know) was owned by Nonnie a pink unicorn whose mother, BellaDonna was a singer whodid acting during the beginning of her career. Thanks to her mother, Nonnie's business had a success that could only match Rarity's. Because of that, there was a little bit of tension between the designers but the agreed not to have their businesses get in the way of their friendship. After all if Pinkie and Cheese can be friends and share the title of 'Super Duper Party Ponies', Rarity and Nonnie can both be respected designers.

"Rarity I can't wait for The Gala." Nonnie said "I've RSVPed as soon as I got the invitation."

"Well I'm glad you can come." Rarity said then she noticed Sweetie and Silver sitting impatiently on the wall "Girls please stop fidgeting. I'm sorry for their actions Nonnie."

"Eh no apologies needed." Nonnie brushed off "I've foalsat my siblings in the shop before. Go on girls, be free to to around the shop."

That was music to Sweetie and Silver ears. They immediately ran for the dresses, bags, and shoes on display.

"Hey look at this." Sweetie used her magic to pick up a light pink cocktail dress

"Ooh I like that. But check this out." Silver had a blue long dress with a blue bow on the back

"I have to get a hat." Sweetie found a white hat with roses on the brim. Silver found a sun hat with a blue ribbon on the top.

"We need shoes for these." Sweetie eyed four golden slippers while Silver found slippers too but they were of course silver.

"But of course we need jewelry to top off." Sweetie found a gold necklace with a heart chain. Silver found a silver chain necklace.

When the girls came from the dressing rooms, The trio gasped at their outfits.Silver relieved to have mane styling products since she never left without them just in case Diamond was having a mane emergency. Sweetie's mane was in waves going down her back. Silver's mane was up using a diamond barrette to hold it up.

"Why Sweetie I didn't know you had an eye for style." Rarity gasped

"Looks like you'll get your Mini Me after all Rarity." Hoity joked Rarity giggled

"Oh yes I've started a children's collection for my clients' children." Nonnie said "It was suppose to be launched next month, but I guess they found it. I better find a better place to hide it til then. Well I got your measurements and designs for your outfits. They should be done in about 3 weeks. And girls, you can keep your dresses, just please let me take a few photos for the promotion."

"Oh you're so kind to do this Nonnie." Rarity said "Girls, Please say 'thank you' to Ms. Nonnie."

Both girls said 'thank you' to Nonnie.

So the group headed back happy with their purchases. Sweetie and Silver were the most happy, trotting happily back to the studio.

Author's Note:

More Continuity and Madonna references! Also, check my latest story: 'Four Eyes' which I entered into Kilala's contest. 'Four Eyes' has Cloudy Skies Pinkie Pie's daughter dealing with the fact she now has to wear glasses.

And if any brony ask: 'Hey where's Babs?' The answer's simple: She went to the Apple Family Reunion with her parents and sister Blossom. Good enough

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Cute.....is all I can think of.

5821288 Hey what do you think I should do for the ending?

This is NOT a SilverBelle shipping story. While I respect other bronies shippings, I rather keep the two as friends and only friends.

How do you even ship two female foals?

5870053 They've done Scootabelle, and Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. It's possible. :fluttershysad:

Been looking through stories and found this one that I haven't seen in a year... When well it be updated?

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