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This story is a sequel to Boast Bypassed

Manehatten is an impressive town, and the center of Equestria's theatre scene. Everyday, dozens of productions both on and off the famous Broadhoof Street. And when the human turned unicorn known as Skitch-Sketch is offered work in the city, she brings her friends Rarity and Pinkie Pie along for the ride. But not everything is as it seems. Now tricked into directing one of the worst plays ever, Skitch-Sketch will have to scramble to try and salvage it.

Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie has met one of her foal hood comedy idols! But with his career in a ditch and depression setting in, it'll take every trick in the Element of Laughter's bag of tricks to help him turn it around. Finally, Rarity has some personal business to discuss with her father. Personal business that drills straight to the heart of her life.

Cover Art By NekoKevin

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As a fan of the Producers I want so badly to read this. However, since I dont know the rest of the series I doubt I'll get too many of the inside jokes


Well, I like to think that I write my stuff so that one can jump in without needing to read every bit of what came before, so I would invite you to give it a chance.

Naturally, no pressure though. :scootangel:

OMMN, I heard about Springtime for Hitler recently because of an essay by a Neil or rather. :rainbowlaugh: I'm definitely going to try and read this.


This fic really came to mind when I realized how easy it is to swap out "Hitler" for "Sombra" during that big musical number of the production.

I couldn't stop giggling after that. :pinkiehappy:

It has arrived!

Reading now!

Before story came out: Waiting for this story...

After story came out: Waiting for the next chapter...

I have waited for this day.

Finished reading. Had to stop to drive home from work. A good start and I LOOOOOVE what you're doing with the backstory.

Ooh, I do love seeing depth given to Blueblood. Looks like he might be about to form a third side to this. :)


The way I see it, is that there is a bit of an idealogical divide between the young money of Equestria's growing industralists, and the old noble families that can trace their lineages back to the founding of Equestria.

The latter have a certain sense obligation to Equestria as a whole. Sure, they may bend the rules when they can get away with it, but proximity to Celestia and the court keeps a certain structure in place.

Neuvou Riche however...well, he's a pony Henry Clay Frick or a Gordon Gecko. He wants money and power and he'll use the letter of the law to screw over those who get in his way.

It'll be interesting to see who will win.

Yes! New chapter!

Fun read too. I want more!

Wait a second...

* Skitch is nominally from our reality.
* Skitch is Jewish.
* Skitch enjoys art in many various forms.
* Springtime for Sombra is an obvious Springtime for Hitler/The Producers reference.
* The Producers was produced by Mel Brooks, known to have once said that the reason he makes fun of Hitler so much is to make the ideas so patently ridiculous that nobody will ever be able to take someone that espouses them seriously ever again.
* Mel Brooks is Jewish, and respected by just about everyone.


Skitch is familiar with the plot of The Producers by reputation if nothing else and will be able to see what's going on due to the need for rehearsals to include her for the illusion/effects so the actors are familiar with them. Since Skitch is friends with Rarity, Skitch may be able to get a deal cut with Film and Flam so that the production can actually turn a profit while still being the 'unintentional' satire success that made the plan from The Producers fail.

Skitch is friends with Pinkie, so Skitch will want this to succeed for reasons beyond her own bet. Benefits for the production may include:
* Reduced fees on catering due to Pinkie chipping in.
* Reduced prices on costumes made by Rarity that will also act as advertising for Carousel Boutique.
* Possible reduction in Skitch's payment to help broaden the margins of the production. Bigger margins means better chance of the show turning a profit.
* The production ending up turning an even greater profit over time due to Film and Flam wanting it to be a legitimate success rather than cashing in on an insurance loophole for flops.

So many possibilities! I want MORE!


I'm writing as fast as I can! I'm giving it all I got captain! :raritycry:

Seriously though, that's not a bad plan at all really. Very well thought out in general. I won't say if that's the way I'm going or not though, you'll just have to wait to see what I do when I release the third chapter! :pinkiehappy:

All my woots!!! Still love the story and character. I wonder if Skitch could combine some earth Broadway stuff into the equestrian version?

Film and Flam actually not conponies this is good though I still think their songs in the show are really weird though from first time seeing them in the show I knew they were cons nice to see someone having them be something else, same with Trixie it's nice to see them differently also something's up with Blueblood possibly being not as bad as in the show!

Shouldn't this have a King Sombra tag? This story does feature him, right?


Not really. They're getting dragged into a bad play about King Sombra. The actual dude is still locked away with the Crystal Empire, to be broken out at some point. And since the actual guy isn't here, it doesn't strike me as a tag to really put on the story.

So a mix of The Producers and Springtime for Hitler as a plot device? You have my undivided attention.



I've been re-watching The Prodcuers to get in the right mindset for this one. It's been quite fun to write.

5167475 For some reason I can actually imagine Nouveau in a Nazi SS uniform. You could have Skitch create that illusion to mock him in the premiere.

Theater Rule 1: Never sign a contract for an unknown show until you've seen a script. If they aren't willing, offer to sign an NDA. If they still refuse, walk away now.


Yeah, Riche totally played Skitch into signing up for this whole fiasco. The fact that she really didn't want to see Pinkie's heart get broken over the loss of the Palace probably had something to do with it too.

Well, you haven't gotten any downvotes yet, so I would say that Flash is not yet a lost cause.

And really, the main reason he gets hates is because he gets shoehorned into some role that really doesn't fit him; here, you are actually making use of that AU tag and exploring some sensible options.

I don't mind Flash Sentry at all and imo it'd be awfully silly to quit on a fic just for that alone. Or even a downvote would be ridiculous.
Anyway, it'll be fun to see how Skitch figures out how to turn this trainwreck into a passable performance.

Oh wow... Wana give poor Stoch a hug. However I can not wait to see how she hijacks this

I'm already having an idea of where this is going as I've seen a storyline in a webcomic that was partially similar. Not sure if ii'm right though but this feels somewhat the same. Purloined Vase is what the company in that one became if I rembember right as a hint to those wanting to try and find it.


Thing's always get a little tricky when you brush up against characters that are tied up in shipping wars admittedly and I know that Flash triggers some strong feelings people.

Still, glad that he hasn't gone over badly so far. :pinkiehappy:


It'll be something, that's for sure!


I'll confess, I have no idea which webcomic you refer to. I did get the idea of Riche using a double to help frame Skitch into not running away, from the Lunaverse fic Symphony for Moon and Sun where a similar trick was used on Octavia.

The rest of it has kind of been flowing from the logical flow of events I suppose. :twilightsheepish:

“You are, without question.” Skitch growled. “The biggest ass I have ever met in my life.”

"No offense," she hastily added to a donkey who happened to be walking by.

Well, at least it could still have been worse.

Skitch could have gotten stuck directing the Equestrian version of The Turner Diaries.


Despite all her kvetching about her current life situation, Skitch is rather glad that she's living in a world where a book like that doesn't exist. And I rather wish that it didn't exist either. :ajsleepy:

Doctor Whooves could return Skitch Sketch to her own universe. As for not liking pears, that is the 10th Doctor. This is a Doctor native to another univse who is a pony. He could have different tastes. I wonder whether this Doctor is married to Derpalina Ditzy Doo Whooves and Dinky Doo Whooves and Amethyst Star Whooves are their daughters.

I suppose that Skitch Sketch ended up in in Equestria before My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Equestrian Girls and Season # 04, given that she does not recognize Suri PoloMare, Coco Pommel, Flash Sentry.


You are correct there. I figured that it might be fun to play with the extent of Skitch's Brony knowledge and making it slightly out of date. She was basically taken immediately after the Season 3 finale.

There are a few ways this can pan out. The first, being the one pointed out by others as well, is that Skitch takes this horrible play and pounces on the idea of making an intentionally horrible play, Mel Brooks style.

Another that could be equally hilarious would be exploiting the Element of Laughter, RiffTrax/muppet heckler style. As they make the play, Pinkie thinks up jokes to tell offstage about it.

The other is that Cadence laughs at how unrealistic it is, says she enjoyed it, and through the power of stuck up nobility, ponies flock to the play.

Or, better yet, an amalgamation of all three! :)

Personally, I can't get enough Skitch. She's adorable.


Awww. Thanks Beastail! I'm glad that she's adorable to you.

Pinkie Pie going all heckler would be interesting. We see a lot of her laughter connection in the show coming down to her parties and using those to help make ponies smile. I can't think of too many fics that have expanded outside that, to be honest. Food for thought indeed. :rainbowhuh:

Even in alternate continuities, Flash Sentry still gets the shaft.

Flash Sentry will always get flack from Bronies. Always.


This was a good chapter.


Well, I didn't try to kill him like Silver Quill did in his analysis videos, so that's gotta count for something, isn't it?


Thanks Vol! Glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Ha, this was cute. Also kind of sad, though.
I find Rarity's storyline so far to be really interesting, and that fantasy with athletic!Rarity has me wanting to make fanart, lol.

I wonder if Flash is wondering if humans, like, don't have señor something?


Yeah, Skitch's storyline is a bit on the sad side at times. The main thought in the back of my mind with her is that she clings to the Mane Six as a bit of an anchor to help keep her grounded. They're familiar and have been kind enough to extend friendship to her. She really needs them.

Glad that you like Trans!Rarity though. It's been kind of a fun challenge to explain her show personality within that context and having her sometimes question her own stance is fun.


Sorry White, but I'm having a little bit of trouble working out what you mean there. :twilightsheepish: Any chance you could run that by me again?

5431897 *sex or*, nor señor. Darn auto connect!

I think it'll be really interesting to see those plot lines develop. Looking forward to it.

I'm just going to leave this here.

Interesting. Looking forward to more.


Oh, there is *no* way I'm finishing this fic without actually showing a Sombrafied version of that music number. It's going to be awesome! :pinkiehappy:

Now, if only "Weird Al" Yankovich was a brony. . . .

You clever bastard! You slipped us a nyxie!

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