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Everypony in Ponyville knows Carrot Top, the Element of Generosity. Always ready with kind words and a helping hoof when they're needed.

But when Carrot Top finds herself stuck between her friends in the Farmer's Union, and a request from Applejack, she turns to a legend of the Everfree to gain some extra hoof power. But strange magic has its consequences.

Will Ponyville and Carrot Top be able to deal with them?

A Lunaverse story, set in the fall of Season 2.

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Was it proper social etiquette to let a magical clone have the bed?

Carrot Top you're just to nice.

The magical clone is just so darling, it almost a shame its going to get 'deleted' in some way.

And nice link into half crazy as well.


I did enjoy writing that line. Seemed like an amusing little bit to kind of highlight the debate within her own head.

The link to Half Crazy was kind of un-intentional, I will admit, but I am grateful for the happy coincidence. :twilightsmile:

Oh, my. This is going to end very badly.......


Although it would probably break the universe I could see Carrot keeping a single clone at the end partly out of pity and partially because they're just so useful.

"O.k. just stay out of sight and if anypony comes visiting hide in the cellar. If anyone does ask you're my sister, right?"

The bedraggled clone looked up with tears of gratitude in it's eyes, it nodded excitedly, "I'll Help!" it said.

Well, at least these clones aren't destructively devoted to fun...

In any case, I look forward to more of this tragicomic tale of too many Carrot Tops.

The added edits are all looking sharp and I'd like to give special commendation to the scene with Trixie,

The unicorn seemed to be in the process of making another one of her...unique culinary creations. A slice of watermelon floated along, buoyed by her shimmering magic aura, and slathered with peanut butter. A coating of some kind of red powder was dusted over the peanut butter along with...chives?

Excellent! Not only do we get the setup that plants the cloning idea in CT's head, but we also get more of Trixie's bizarre taste in foods as a bonus.


once I’m here, Green Grape asked for some help fixing his farm, also tomorrow.

Could have sworn GreenGrape was a mare. :raritywink:

Well yeah, but the problem is that once you've taught the clones how to make more of themselves, they seem to do so almost compulsively. The Pinkies were bad enough, but at least they could be distracted with the promise of something fun to do. The CT clones, however, want to "help" and regrettably the more hooves they have the "better" they would always think themselves able to do so.

Besides, as we see with breakfast, even just the one clone is more than a bit too eager to help.


I find your icon to be hilarious, considering the subject matter of this fic. :pinkiehappy:


Ahh, but they can be destructive in their own unique ways! :pinkiecrazy:

Thanks though! Hopefully you'll like the chapter's that'll come next.


Thanks EB! A watermelon, peanut butter, chilli, chive and carrot slider is certainly a unique food creation. I can only imagine what a thing like that would actually taste like.

Completely missed that one bit with Green Grapes though. :twilightoops: Went back in and fixed it though!


I can only imagine what a thing like that would actually taste like.

I'd prefer not to...:pinkiesick:


The funny thing is, that some of the component pieces could work on their own. I've seen recipes for peanut butter infused chilli, and peanuts are a big part of Thai cooking.

Likewise, fruit and peanut butter can go well together.

But all together? That's where the train wreck would come in, I think.

You should make my OC have a cameo.

The only thing in that mix, on reflection, that is “weird” is the watermelon. Although…

Well, it looks like I have just appointed myself as the (Un)Official Lunaverse Taste Tester. Trixie eats weird stuff, and I’ll try it myself to see how weird it actually is.

I never mean to poke fun at others, but “braver” is a really, really funny way of spelling “dumber."

We can stand together. Caution is for those with weaker wills... and lesser digestive tracts.

your avatar i don’t even

Congrats on being featured!

Right, as this is being canonized...where would you like it placed? Autumn, Winter, Spring, or Summer?


Autumn, please. I wrote the fic with that season in mind.

These are the traditional armaments of the housecarl for clan Drops, or at least they will be tradition after my successor takes them.

3808016 I... kinda wish this would happen.

I'll put my own concerns about the clones and their sapience aside as much as I can, but I gotta admit the climax of the Maneverse episode was very offputting to me. Still, with that aside hopefully there'll be a lot of wacky hijinks before this is all done.


I do understand your concern there RK, but I do think that I have an angle to kind of avoid some of the ethical concerns. Thanks for reading either way, though. :twilightsmile:

3808016 : Aw... I think that'd be sad. At least she should get to do some actual helping.

Carrot Top: "You know, I always wanted a basement..."
Clone: "I'll help!"
*both grin*


Yes but unless she keeps an eye on the thin she'll end up with a 500ft pit under her house which would probably collapse her house and the whole farm into a sink hole.

Clone: "I just don't know what went wrong!"

Oh, my. There used to be a Canadian sitcom on PBS called "The Industry"; every so often, the main character's Evil Scheme of the Week would collapse. When this happened, he looked right at the camera and said "This is not good." I should think that watching all of her duplicated be "helpful" would cause CT to do the same thing.

They have a hive mind?

That could get...interesting...


It's kind of a mixture of a hive mind with a limited pool of reference when you get right down to it. You have one copy of Carrot Top's knowledge and personality, that all of the clones are pulling from...at the same time.

Which is what's causing the super literal interpretations, the missing pieces of knowledge, the leaps on logic that seem full of holes, and so on and so forth.


Pretty much.

I like to think of it like you running a whole mess of programs at the same time, till your computer's RAM is crying "Uncle!" and begging for you to stop.

The front door slammed open, Lyra and Trixie skidding to a stop as a Carrot Top came stumbling out of the building, Twilight Sparkle right on her tail. The librarian had a pair of books brandished in her magic aura like some manner of righteous sword. Her purple coat was marked with ink, a flurry of dates marked across her body from crest to dock, withers to pastern.

This might cause problems, doesn't Twilight's alarm bracelet go off if she leaves the library?

I like the slightly defective 'carrot' Carrot Top, plus did the poison joke work on the clone or did it just lock up for different reasons?


Well, in Twlight's case, she ran out the door and her designated "go outside the house guide" was right there. So, I imagine that even if she did get called on it, it would be very easy to get out of.

In terms of the Carrot Top clone, it more got caught in a logical paradox and blue screened of death. :pinkiecrazy:


In theory, yes.

Naturally I won't comment in how things will actually play out in the story, as I don't want to spoil things.

The calm before the storm. 5 bits say that one copy is going to the Pool and creates a stampeding army of Carrot Top clones.:raritydespair:

“That was Carrot Top. See, Carrot Top needed help helping ponies. So Carrot Top got help from Carrot Top, Carrot Top, Carrot Top and Carrot Top! Then even more ponies needed help, so Carrot Top got help from Carrot Top, Carrot Top and Carrot Top!”

Well, Lyra, it could've been worse.

In any case, given the author's note, it appears we're in for a containment breach soon enough. This should be... interesting. :pinkiecrazy:

(Also, as a final note, clone is a necromancy spell. Just a bit of Fridge Horror.)

I bet you five silver bits that Carrot Top made more than the six clones currently in the Library basement.

3843395 AKA "Made in Canada" staring Rick Mercer! I LOVED that show! There would also be the reverse, where things went okay and he looked at the camera and went "I think that went well."


*looks at that image*

Well....you just gave me another idea for a romantic Lyra day dream! :pinkiecrazy:

*runs off laughing like a loon!*


You know, I think I have vague memories of seeing that, or at least something similar.

Then again, maybe it was The Muppets who did something similar. :rainbowhuh:

3850915 The show was set in a company production television. They made a campy show called 'Beaver Creak' that was basically a parody of Anne of Green Gable and similar show. The boss made his money by maing a cheap pseudo-porn teen comedy in the 80s. The theme song was 'Blow at High Dough' by the Tragically Hip.

AHAH!! Found episodes!

Especially at the end when he made billions off of Robot Slaughter. Then again, Victor should have been allowed to say it after successfully pulling off a Starscream.

They also produced a Xena ripoff called "Sword of Damacles" starring the guy who played Detective Vartann on CSI. The neat plot twist to that is that the chump actor starring in it played his own evil twin Hamacles.

Luna bless you for no window getting smashed. Just... bless you for that. Also, wacky clone hijinks ahoy! :pinkiecrazy: Oh, Carrot Top... where does that road paved with good intentions lead to, again?

3853941 You are risking on giving our author ideas.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowlaugh:

3864264 I sincerely, truthfully hope not. :ajbemused: I do not want any damned window gag here.

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