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Equestria is a bright and shining kingdom. Its residents are content and safe in their idealic lives, thanks to the efforts of their benevolent princesses. And it has been as such for centuries. ...Or so everypony has always thought. But when an ancient sarcophagus is dredged up off the coast, Manehatten- and Equestria at large- will have to face the truth that there was something older in the world. A civilization and predators that moved through its shadows.

For before there was a world of harmony....there was a World of Darkness.

Now with cover art by Jake Was Here!
And fan art by CyanJames2819!

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Is this somewhat based on the tabletop RPG World of Darkness?


Yup, My Little Pony/ Old World of Darkness crossover.

Whoa this is so interesting! I'm really excited to see where you take this next.

4966035 nice look forward to reading it. Fan of WoD but nobody where I live plays and i can't find an online group who does.

This is a interesting story,i hope that you give us a bit of more background on Sun.

I was like

Yayayayayayayyaya....... Vampires? Noooooooo! Then I was like ok. Not bad.

That's certainly an interesting start to the story! I do love watching vampires hunt. It's a pity that Big Macintosh had to be her first victim - but if anypony can survive a vampire's hunger, it's Big Macintosh. :eeyup:


Naturally! There will be more detail on her background and what she went through when she became a vampire in future chapters.


Not a fan of vampires eh? :derpytongue2:


The way I looked at it, is that Big Mac pulled a friggin house right off it's foundation. Even with Potence, a vampire would need to be an elder, and have at least six dots in the discipline to pull something like that off.

Big Mac is just flat out stronger than your average vampire.

Okay, interesting start. I know nothing of what this is crossed over, but so far it reads that I won't have to. Mark in your favor, there.


Thanks RK! :pinkiehappy: That's always a concern when you're crossing things over, so I'm glad that I've not been drowning someone unfamiliar with the World of Darkness with terms and ideas right out of the gate.

Fanart, in low- and high-res versions:
I have no clue why I did this -- I just felt I *needed* to draw it. That doesn't happen to me often. :rainbowhuh:


Dude! That is so awesome! Thank you so much for drawing it. :twilightsmile: Mind if I go ahead and put a link to that piece in the fic description?

I love that Sun curses a lot. I find that pretty relatable. And especially in her situation, lol. I'm really psyched to see how AJ and Sun try to resolve the whole 'biting your bro' thing.

nice cant wait to see all the things like questions like from twi "why dont you have apulse? why are you so pale? you should go out in the sun more!" then twi gets punched or something for suggesting she goes into the sun :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Sun has a lot of anger simmering beneath the surface, both because of what's happened to her, but also for...other reasons that will become more clear as time goes on with the fic.

But, yeah, she swears like a sailor because of that. :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, imagine what might happen if Sun sees Celestia.

I so hope that comes up at some point.


Sun has a lot of anger simmering beneath the surface

I see what you (maybe) did there.

5187936 nah ill imagine what happens if she meets luna

I... kinda wanna hug Sun for ending up in this situation.


Oh really now? :trollestia:

Well, you'll just have to wait and see if your hunch is correct!


Yeah...that'll be...interesting. ...Very interesting.


I don't think that anyone would blame you for that.

Unfortunately, things are only going to get worse. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that things were a lot worse. Being a vampire in the World of Darkness is a deeply miserable experience. Especially for a young vampire with no real power or connections in the world.

One could argue that she's in a better place now though. People like LaCroix aren't around to control her anymore, after all. Of course, there's still the fact that she needs to drink blood to survive and the powers that be of Equestria to content with. No easy answers here I'm afraid.


Yeah...that'll be...interesting. ...Very interesting.

hmm the way you say that seems very cryptic :trixieshiftright:

I wonder if Sun is going to try to hide what she is and if so for how long (considering she has no pulse, breath, etc that might be pretty hard since Fluttershy was just touching her) and if she's going to try to make some pony ghouls, oh by the by GreyGuardPony is Sun a member of Clan Brujah.


Got it in one! :twilightsmile:

I imagine the simmering anger and the fear gaze gave it away?


Yep, though personally I would have gone with a Gangrel but that's just my preference, here's hoping members of the other clans show up because everyone knows the best way to make a VtM/MLPFiM fic even more fun (for us not the characters of course) is to add in the giant mess that is Kindred politics.

Heaven forbid something like an ancient Tzimisce shows up, there would be a lot of casualty's before they could stop that kind of monster.


I ended up going for Brujah for a couple of reasons. Firstly cause Sun is actually an old character of mine from a play by post WoD game, and it was the first clan I played through Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. The other reason...well....that's a secret my friend! :twilightsmile:

That was intense. No wonder Luna thinks she needs to bring Sun down. Very exciting, though.


Truthfully, Luna has a whole pile of reasons to take Sun down. That whole display was just all the more reason ontop of the pile.

Wow, I guess Luna's got issues with a dangerous, violent, and ancient supernatural being who has already attacked one of her subjects (surely Mac's dreamed about it by now) reappearing from a time long before her own or something. Gosh, Luna!

Morning Star huh, so he's still around, but are any of the others or has the door to their prison been shut for good.

Also on the subject of those still around is a certain murderer still out there or any of the other big names of the world of darkness?


Well, I don't wanna answer all of those questions on a comment, as some of them will crop up in the story. But I can say this. Under my reinterpretation of the events of the show, based on the nature of the crossover, the Mane Six have already dealt with the legacy of a very powerful vampire.

The key is in the character's name.

“You’ve seen far too much.” Sun growled. “The best- the absolute best you could hope for, would be to wind up cursed like me. Most likely the Camarilla would just kill you anyway, kill me for not killing you, and maybe kill my family as an abject lesson to any other vampires foolish enough to not enforce The Masquerade!”

or he could become a ghoul :derpytongue2:


To be fair, she had just come off of a frenzy where she killed three people. She might not have thought all the options through. :twilightblush:

Finally got around to reading this!

It's a fun premise, one I can appreciate as a WoD nerd. Though OBVIOUSLY Equestria is just a deep Umbral realm, which means you should have Garou and Nuwisha and maybe a few Void Engineers roaming around...but I digress.

This said, I think the story could benefit from a bit of editing- there's a few awkward turns of phrasing/punctuation early on. Or, when Luna shows up, it should be spelled 'leech' as opposed to 'leach.' Little stuff to look out for, but important nonetheless.

5353684 actually leach works just as well maybe a little better and it fits luna based off of the old english origin


You do have a point there, but the intent was for it to be "leech" since that's a clue to Luna's origins in this odd little crossover universe. So, just me not editing the last chapter thoroughly enough. :twilightblush:

So, who was petrified by that damned cockatrice? And glad he got his in the end. Nice chapter, here.


Zecora is the unlucky pony that got stoned. Normally she'd be more on the ball, but she had an off night and was distracted due to some...reasons. *looks innocent*


Don't worry! Twilight can fix it!

...Once she knows what happened.

5366533 Yeah, that last bit doesn't fill me with the fullest of confidence. ;)

That's the problem with being a member of the Kindred everyone thinks your a monster no matter what you do.

In all fairness, they'd normally be right.

But then, nobody in the WoD is exactly innocent.

Interesting. On the one hoof, Luna is right that if Sun starts creating progeny, the death toll in Equestria will be huge, and they very much want to keep that infection out of their world. It wouldn't be as bad as the actual World of Darkness, because Sun is no antediluvian, so the spread would stall out into thin-bloods pretty quickly, but it's still bad.

On the other hoof... executing people for crimes committed by others of their species isn't the pony way, and they should try the magic of friendship first.

5707206 The more I read of the World of Darkness, the more I think, "Yeah, the vampires aren't the problem here."

They aren't the problem, no. They are, however, a problem, much in the way that werewolves are a problem and changelings are a problem. But the problem?

The problem is that humans are quite squishy compared to everything else, and even when they do realize something is amiss, they can't do anything about it. They have no weapons they can reasonably use against the supernatural to any effect, and faith in religion is what got them into the mess they're in to start with. They stuck with no way out, and it really is a wonder more humans haven't decided that the best way to go out is to just burn the house down around them.

Some really nice action scenes here. I'm pretty excited to see more of Sun's past and more on why Celestia and Luna have such brutal reactions to her. I mean, besides that she's a bloodsucking monster who's attacked one of their subjects.

Is this based off of Old World of Darkness or the new? I'm not familiar with the new one.

Assuming Old:
yes all the vampires should be destroyed. It's not even really a question. The only one who might get a pass is the original, Cain, and that's only because *he's* the one that should be cursed and stay that way.

Luna being particularly anti-vamp is cool, being she's basically a moon spirit right ;)

Wouldn't it be awesome if some Son (or Daughter) of Ether was discovered in in stasis in a contraption all these years? Think of all the SCIENCE! that they and Twilight could do together!

That is because you *are* a monster, unless you achieve your enlightenment (I forget the proper term).

Hmm, after this, Equestrtia is starting to look like the Aftermath of a W:tA scenario where the Wyld "won" (either that or the Weaver decided ponies would be better than humans)

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