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Just a simple pegasister who likes world building.


It's rare to see a pegasus with a bat pony for a mother, but Scootaloo wouldn't have it any other way and neither would Night Crescent. But the road to their relationship was hardly an easy one to travel, full of it's own pitfalls.

Follow the story of how Night Crescent came to adopt Scootaloo and what they had to fight to get there.

A Skitchverse story.

Cover art by GatesMcCloud.

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A guard pigging out on doughnuts was far to much of a stereotype.

You missed an 'o' there.

You have the right to remain silent, if you're dumb enough to wave that right, anything you say can and will be used against you!


Glad to see an addition to the few fics where someone besides Dash adopts Scoots.

I’m actually a little unclear on what Fancy Pants is generally depicted as doing.

The only other depiction I can clearly recall is Ponydora Prancypants making him a venture capitalist in the vein of John Doerr. It’s definitely nice to see his profession shown as something other than “wealthy,” and making him a judge (actually a fairly well-paying profession) is completely original, as far as I can recall.

As for the arrest? It reminded me of this (jump to 20 seconds, since apparently, I can’t embed it with a time code):

Carmen Sanfratello

Nice reference to Carmen Sandiego.

I really like this so far and wish to see where you go with it.


What can I say. I've really liked Bat Ponies since I saw them get introduced and for some reason Scootaloo having one for a mother just seemed like a cool idea in my head. :pinkiehappy:

And thanks for catching those edit bits Lab!


Damn, J, does that take me back. I remember watching that game show on PBS back when I was young.

You are completely correct on the reference though! :twilightsmile:


Thanks Shadow! Glad you're enjoying it. :twilightsmile: I hope that you'll enjoy the next part when it's up.

3745820 There is talk of a live action movie, with Jennifer Lopez producing it.


No problem. I've done some writing myself and know they're only easy to catch when you're not looking for them.

I see my efforts to try and make this a thing are starting to pay off.

This is lookig good so far. I like the way you're portraying all of the characters. On another note, please have Fancy Pants preside over the adoption!


Thank you sir. :) Glad that you're enjoying it. Hope that you'll like the next chapter when it goes up!

First! And I would like to see Sure Steps return in a future installment in the Skitchverse.

I really hope to see more of this some day. Well done.


I would like to use her and Mooncast again in the future, so I'll totally look for an opportunity to use them again. :scootangel:

Still insanely happy that my efforts to make Carmen Sanfratello a thing are paying off.

Even if, you know, it’s just Guardy who thinks it’s a good idea but still.

The story just plain works, I think. It’s exactly as long as it needs to be, and has an appropriate flow as well. We get the sense that something is going on with IA from the get-go, just from how the questions are phrased, but it’s not clear exactly what’s going on until it’s actually revealed, and when it is, it makes sense in just the right way.

A+ job, sir.


“That stallion was <a> tribest ass who accosted me in a bar. I had the right to defend myself.”

missing word.

Rumors have always rumbled through the underworld that she kept cashes of money and magic trinkets in key locations across the world.


It was one of the reasons the dragon responsible for the curse that lead to her tribes existence attacked it in the first place.


Your unmarried and you work. . .”


“If I can help this filly, then maybe you’ll come back someday.” She softly spoke to the moon.\

Since it's a said tag, the period needs to be replaced with a comma and 'She' turned to 'she'. Also, you fat-fingered your keyboard at the end.

Has Sure Steps stolen any landmarks lately?


Alas, she as a pegasus she lacks some of the magical power necessary to steal a whole landmark. It's a shame though, for that would be entertaining to see. :pinkiehappy:

She tends more towards historical antiquities, and has had a few clashes with Daring Do over the years.


3902313 The Great Antiques Roadshow Robbery?


Something like that, yes.

Probably her biggest heist so far has been the theft of Princess Platinum's crown jewels from the Equestrian History Museum in Canterlot.

Just a suggestion, but I think you might want to mention in the description that this story is self-contained despite taking place in the Skitchverse.

Ah, yes. Das Bat Pony. Good work. Not enough love out there for the Bat Ponies.


I do love me the Bat Ponies. They just look way too cool to not get used more! :pinkiehappy:


Inorite? My series was to feature them very, very heavily, before I cancelled it. I just love them!

Huzzah! The awesomeness hath been doubled then!

“Probably one of those ponies that runs....with.....(?) a gang of street orphans from the Warrens crossing over and causing trouble.” Mooncast commented.

“You can't do that! Come on! You're the guard member here, you know damn well that what your (you're) proposing is foal-napping!”

Honestly Scoots you’re failing to take into account how awesome your moms theme song is.

This is so cute, I had almost forgotten how great a wholesome scootadopt fic can be. It's a shame this kind of story has lost traction. Anyway, I would have loved to see more of them in the Skitchverse.

ok why would sure steps steal her own freakin daughter?!?!?!

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