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Cops and Robbers - GreyGuardPony

Scootaloo and her bat pony mother Night Crescent make for an odd couple on the streets of Ponyville, but the two couldn't love each other more. This is the story of how bat pony adopted pegasus, and the trials involved. A Skitchverse story.

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Crime and Punishment

Each tick of the clock's second hand felt like hoof strike on a desk to Night Crescent's ears. It was times like this that she wasn't a fan of her tribe's enhanced hearing. Clear View had left her to stew while he “took care of some things”.

She knew full well what the IA officer was doing. Sweat the perp out. Let their minds wander and think of the worst possible fate, then move in and try to break them when they were weak.

She wouldn't let it get to her. She hadn't even partaken of any of the water they had offered her. That was another trick. Get the suspect drinking a lot of water so that they had to go the bathroom, question them then.

The door opened, Clear View trotting inside with a file folder and taking a seat on the other side of the bare interrogation room table.

“Sorry for the delay.” He apologized, “We're really slammed in here today.”

That was a lie. The offices of Internal Affairs had looked downright dead when they came inside.

“Not a problem.” Is what she actually said, “I just want to get ahead of this.”

Clear View nodded, calmly taking pen in hoof.

“So, tell me what happened.”

“I traveled to the house in question to present a gift to the daughter of the complainant. Upon arrival, I was informed by the complainant that he had thrown his daughter out of the house three days ago, before he slammed the door in my face.”

“And did that make you angry, officer?”

“Wouldn't it make you angry?” She sighed, “I kicked the door open, with the intention to arrest the complainant.”

“And what crimes did you feel that he had committed?”

One of Night Crescent's eyebrows arched into the air. “Are you serious? Foal abuse, and foal endangerment, at the very least.”

“Hmm. And how did you apprehend the suspect?”

“I kicked the door open. Approaching the suspect I...I did loose my temper. I struck him twice in the stomach to subdue, then threw him against the wall, before pinning him to the ground and slapping the hobbles on him.”

“So you admit that you brutalized him?”

“I didn't brutalize him!” She snapped back, slamming a hoof on the table, “It was two small strikes to the stomach and a bash on the head. I've taken worse in guard training.”

Clear View glanced at her hoof before continuing.

“Do you have anger issues, officer?”

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“It's a simple question. Do you have anger issues?”

“Really?” He frowned, flipping the file open, “So this reprimand in your file for punching a stallion out a year ago?”

A deep frown crossed Night Crescent's muzzle. “That stallion was a tribest ass who accosted me in a bar. I had the right to defend myself.”

“Defend yourself, yes. Put a stallion into a coma, no.”


“Let's talk about this inappropriate relationship you have with the foal, Scootaloo.”

“It's not an inappropriate relationship! I was just trying to help her. And what are you talking about, coma?”

“You're single, yes?”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“See, what I think happened is that you're getting tired of living and being alone, so when a target of opportunity presented itself, you decided to steal the foal.


“You stalked her back to her home, attacked her father with the intent to get him out of the way, and then cooked up this story about her being thrown out to explain why she ran away from you!”

“Scootaloo's dad is in a coma?”

“Yes. He is.”

Night Crescent nervously licked her lips. “I...I made a mistake.”

“Well, if you made a mistake, it would be best to come clean.”

“No.” She shook her head, “The mistake was talking to you. I'm not saying anything else without my advocate.”

- - - -

Back in her precinct house, pandemonium had broken loose. Every guard member from both the day and night shifts had been called in and brought up to speed by Captain Crag, who was on the warpath.

“Somepony want to tell me why,” He growled, stalking between the rows of desks, “Why one of my better officers got hauled off by Internal Affairs?”

“She's being set up!” Mooncast shouted, slamming a hoof on her desk, “They're saying that she assaulted that piece of trash.”

“It's a little more involved than that. They're saying that she assaulted him so badly that he's in a coma.” He looked right at Mooncast, his expression even, but serious, “You're her partner. Would she get mad enough to do this?”

“Never. Maybe punch an unruly suspect once or twice to bring them down, but beat a suspect into a coma? Never.”

“Right. Then someone's stitching up one of our own and we're going to find out who and why. Strike! Branch!” Detectives Elite Strike and Olive Branch snapped to attention, “Go talk to Joe. Find out if we have another pony who wouldn't want a guard poking around the family business.”

Getting to their hooves, they made for the door as Crag continued to bark out orders. “Trek, I want you and Mulberry to check on our patient. Make sure that he actually is as broken as he's supposed to be. Mooncast,” He turned to her, “Go back to the hospital, park your flank next to that foal. If this is going down the way I think it is, somepony might try to grab her next.”

“On it boss!”

“I want the rest of you out canvassing that neighborhood. Find me a witness that can find out what happened after Night Crescent left that house!”

- - - -

“I did not beat him into a coma.”

“You were the last pony seen entering that building, and you already admitted to striking the victim.”

“I did not put him in a coma.”

“Detective Clear View,” Great Writ sighed, cleaning his glasses as he fixed the IA officer with a glare, “You have been asking my client the same questions for the last half an hour. She is not going to confess to these charges. Either you have enough evidence to arrest her, or you don't.”

The room was tense for a few moments, before Clear View sighed and got to his hooves.

“Fine.” He growled, pulling his own hobbles off his belt and walking around the table, “Officer Crescent, you're under arrest for assault, battery, attempted murder and foalnapping. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law...

- - - -

Doughnut Joe hummed to himself as he slid another tray of doughnuts onto the rack. The soft jingle of the bell above the door alerted him to the arrival of possible customers.

“What can...” He started to ask, turning to face the arrivals.

One mare, one stallion, both with golden shield badges around their necks. The mare was olive coated, with a long brown mane and tail, an olive branch on each flank. The stallion had a an off yellow coat, short light green mane, and the mark of a hoof strike on each flank.

“And what can I do for you fine two detectives today?”

“Hey, Joe! We wanted to ask you about about a friend of ours!” Olive Branch grinned as she trotted forward.

“Yeah,” Her partner chimed in, “You told a colleague of ours all about the family of a little pegasus. And now you're gonna tell us.”

“Well...what do you want to know?”

“Well,” Elite Strike shrugged, “You told Night Crescent that Scootaloo's mother was a world renowned criminal. What's the story on her? Could she put a pony into a coma?”

“Oh yeah. She knows how to fight. Downright clever too. Rumors have always rumbled through the underworld that she kept caches of money and magic trinkets in key locations across the world. It was how she stayed one step ahead of every creature.”

“What about the husband?”

“What about him?”

“Well, just how far would he go for his wife?” Elite Strike shrugged.

“Not far.” Joe snorted, turning to slide another tray onto it's rack, “It was not a happy marriage by all accounts. If he's tied up in any kind of scheme, he's gotta be getting something out of it.”

“Gotta be some kind of windfall for him to agree being put in the hospital.” Olive muttered.

“Assuming that his injuries are real.”

- - - -

Detectives Joyus Mulberry and Overland Trek strode into the hospital with a purpose. Mulberry was an older unicorn stallion, with a graying mane and light violet coat, while Overland Trek was one of the few zebra stallions in the Canterlot Guard.

“So,” Mulberry asked, glancing at his partner with a raised eyebrow, “How do you want to play this? The Doctors won’t just let us go in there and poke at him.”

Trek frowned at his partners point. Idly rubbing the back of his head, the zebra glanced up at the face of the hospital. “Well, if I put somepony in the hospital to shut them up, I’d do some follow up to make sure they’d stay quiet.”

“You’re going to use that?”

“If I can get into his head,” Trek shrugged, trotting forward again, “Then maybe I can force the truth out of him.”

“Fine. You go in there and play tough guy, I’ll stay outside and hold the badges.”

Weaving through the normal scramble and bustle of a busy hospital, the two guard members found their target.

“Well, he certainly looks like he's in a coma.” Mulberry muttered, peering through the small window set into the door, “Go do your thing, Trek.”

Smirking to himself, the zebra passed his badge to his partner and strode into the sparsely decorated room. Fleet Hoof was laying back in the bed, covered in bandages. One of his hind legs was done up in a cast and immobilized to help it heal. Overland Trek slowly circled the bed, observing the sleeping pony closely. When he didn’t react to his presence, Trek casually picked up the charts.

Smacking the clipboard right next to Fleet’s ear, he grinned as the pony jerked awake with a shock. “Rise and shine, Fleet Hoof.”

“W-what do you want? Who are you?” He asked, voice trembling as his eyes darted around the room, almost searching for some manner of escape.

“I’m not here to answer questions.” Trek growled back, “But to ask.”

“Ask w-what?”

Trek snorted, tapping a hoof on the footrest of the bed. “Don’t play dumb with me. I’m not paid to be patient.”

“Paid?” Fleet Hoof gulped, eyes widening.

“Yeah. Paid. There’s rumbling in the guard. Talk about what really happened to you.”

He suppressed a smile at the way Fleet Hoof fidgeted slightly at that accusation. “So, you did talk!” He leaned forward, continuing to put on the pressure, “Ponies are asking questions, Fleet, do you understand what this means?”

“B-but I didn’t! Y-you have to tell Sure Steps!”

“Why should she believe you?”

“I let her beat me into unconsciousness and then trusted her to sneak back in here and slip that healing poultice into my bandages!” He shouted back, eyes still wide with fear, “And considering how much she seemed to enjoy it, that should mean something. Just because our marriage didn’t work out…”

“Look, I don’t care about that.” Trek cut him off with another tap of hoof on metal.

“W-what? Why?”

Trek motioned to the door, Mulberry trotting in with his badge clearly hanging around his neck. Passing his partner his badge back, the older unicorn smirked at the bandaged pony.

“Because you just admitted to being involved in a scheme to frame a member of the Canterlot guard.”

At that statement, Fleet Hoof gulped, his eyes rapidly darting from detective to detective.

“I...I can explain.”

“Explain it down at the station!” Trek growled, yanking him from the bed, “Night Crescent's arrest on you is still good!”

“I'm sure you already know this.” Mulberry drawled, “But you have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be used against you....”

- - - -

“So, shouldn't that have been the end of it?” Applejack interrupted as the three reached the farm house, “They caught him lyin'.”

“Yes and no.” Night Crescent sighed, “I was still in trouble. All of my investigations were off the record, and I had kind of admitted to giving him a few punches to internal affairs. But on the other hoof, he was also a criminal and lied.”

“Well, you obviously weren’t put in prison.” Rarity commented, “So what happened.”

“We worked out a deal.”

- - - -

“You'll agree to be transferred to a new command.” Captain Crag explained through the bars, “Take a two year pay cut, and agree to a restraining order.”

“Fine.” Night Crescent sighed, “What precinct am I going to be re-assigned to?”

“That's just it. You won't be in Canterlot any more. They want you out.”

“...Where would I go?” Night Crescent blinked, “They aren't going to ship me back to Valahia are they? All my family is in Canterlot!”

The thought of being banished back to Valahia made her fur stand on end. The ancestral home of the bat ponies was one the provinces the farthest from Equestria’s capital. It was one of the reasons the dragon responsible for the curse that lead to her tribe's existence attacked it in the first place.

“That was the original plan. But I managed to talk the brass into something a little closer. Ponyville has an open position for it's night watch. It's not the hustle and bustle of Canterlot...but you'll just be a train ride away.”

“I suppose it's the best I can hope for right now. ...What happened to Scootaloo?”

“She's been placed into the foster system.”

“Then I'm going to make at least one part of this right before I get shipped off.”

- - - -

Night Crescent couldn't keep the nervous smile off of her muzzle. She swore that the occasional questioning glares of the adoption officer were drilling right into her soul. Each rustle of the pages on adoption application made her tail twitch.

This was the most nervous she had ever been in her life.

“I'm sorry Miss Crescent,” The agent spoke up at last, “But I'll have to deny your application to adopt the minor Scootaloo.”

“What? Why?”

She sighed. “Well, if you really want to know.” She began to flip through the pages, “You're unmarried and you work, which wouldn't be a deal breaker in and of itself, except for the fact that you're naturally nocturnal and the job itself takes place at night.”


“Miss Crescent,” She interrupted, cutting across Night Crescent's objection, “We will not place a foal into a family where she'll spend most of her time alone!”

“But she trusts me!” Crescent snapped back, rapping a hoof on the table, “You're dealing with a filly who's been manipulated for years by her actual parents and only trusts me because I stuck my neck out to help her.”

“She'll adapt.” The caseworker fired back, “I can't in good conscience give you Scootaloo when I have a much more stable and suitable family.”


“I can't give out that information!”

“Look, it's like I said. She trusts me. I might be able to help her acclimate to her new home.” She quickly explained. When the caseworker didn’t seemed convinced, she rolled her eyes towards the floor, looking downcast, “Please...at the very least I just want to say goodbye.”

- - - -

The white walls of the estate towered over Night Crescent like a fortress of affluence. The two story building was constructed in the classical Equestrian style, complete with the requisite marble columns holding up the pointed roof. It was hard to not be intimidated by the wealth on display as she trotted to the front door. Giving it a quick rap with the back of her hoof, she waited for a response.

The sound of arguing reached her ears from an open downstairs window. While she couldn't make out the words, she recognized the voices. Scootaloo was shouting, her tone defiant while Fancy Pants was trying to calmly explain something to the little filly. Frowning, Night Crescent knocked again, a little harder this time.

The door creaked open, Night Crescent finding herself face to face with Fleur. The pink maned unicorn's eyebrow rose at the sight of her.

“Can I...help you?”

“I'm here to speak with Fancy Pants and Scootaloo, please.”

For a moment, Night Crescent wasn't sure that she was going to be let in as Fleur just continued to glower at her. But after a few moments (and the sound of a crash from another room), she sighed and motioned for her to enter.

Almost as soon as she did, one of the doors off the foyer slammed open and Scootaloo came charging through. She had been crammed into a frilly yellow dress that made her look like a wedding cake topper more than a rambunctious filly. Her eyes lit up at the sight of Night Crescent, and she quickly changed direction, sliding behind her and using her as a shield.

Fancy Pants appeared a moment later, a confused expression crossing his face as he also took in Night Crescent.

“I say. What are you doing here?”

“Well, your honor.” She began, “I wanted to talk to you about Scootaloo here.”

“Yeah!” Scootaloo shouted, “She's gonna be my mom! I want to be part of her family, not yours.”

Frowning, Fancy Pants crouched slightly to look Scootaloo in the eyes.

“Why? We can give you whatever you want here. Put you in the best schools.”

“You just want to show me off to all your rich friends!” Scootaloo hissed back, pressing her body up against Night Crescent's legs, “I want to live with her!”

Fancy Pants sighed, straightening back up. “Miss Night Crescent, would you join me in the sitting room? I would like to speak with you in private for a moment.”

Nodding, Night Crescent looked down to Scootaloo and gave her a comforting pat on the head. “It'll be okay. Just let me work this out with the judge.”

With Scootaloo comforted, she followed Fancy Pants into the plush living room. At least, she had suspected that it was more plush before Scootaloo's tantrum. An ornate grandfather clock had been toppled over, curtains ripped from their usual positions and tossed about like confetti. Most of the chairs had been upended as well. It was an impressive amount of destruction for a pegasus her age.

“I'm guessing that she didn't take to her new family?” Night Crescent asked, unable to keep a slight smile off her muzzle.

“So far, not at all.” Fancy Pants sighed, sinking into one of the still upright seats, “I was hoping that some stability might do her some good. But it seems that she's latched on to you as her savoir.”

“That's because...”

Fancy Pants raised a hoof to cut her off. “I am familiar with her case, officer. I was due to preside over your assault case before it was proved to be unneeded. I needed to make myself familiar with the facts.”

“...Considering our previous contact, you presiding over my trial could be viewed as improper.”

“Yes. It could have. But considering the accusations I threw your way before, I need to know.”

“Know what, your honor?” Night Crescent asked softly, her ears flicking back in concern.

Fancy Pants sighed heavily, his whole body sagging with the motion. “I needed to know that I could continue to do my job fairly and properly.”

“What do you mean?”

“When judges are sworn into the office,” Fancy explained, a look of profound sadness crossing his features, “We take an oath to Princess Celestia to always keep justice in mind. To never let our preconceptions dictate what we do. And when I saw you on the streets that day, I made assumptions based on stereotypes of your tribe.” He sighed again, “I betrayed everything that I stood for.”

“Your honor...”

“Please, officer. I know what I did.” He leaned forward slightly, “But now I have to turn the magnifying glass around to you. Why did you attack her father?”

Night Crescent frowned, her wings twitching nervously. “I was just so, so angry.” She finally whispered, “All that I could think of was her shivering in the snow. Alone and unloved, put there by a stallion that didn't care one bit about her.”

“And you're sure that there wasn't more involved?”

“What do you want me to say? That I was projecting my own issues onto her?” She snapped, “I...I just want her to be happy.”

Fancy Pants stared at her. His expression was difficult to read, partially contemplative, partially probing. After staring for a few minutes he stepped off the couch.

“Foal protective services is mandated by Celestia to act in the best interests of the foal. I'll sign a court order transferring guardianship to you. She is yours.”

Night Crescent beamed, almost tripping over her hooves as she rushed to Fancy Pants side.

“Thank you your honor! I’ll do everything in my power to be a good mother!”

“That’s good.” Fancy Pants chuckled. Getting up from his seat, he trotted for the door back to the hallway, “Especially since you’ll be sending me monthly reports on how you’re both getting along, and submitting to a yearly inspection by Foal Protective Services. I want to be assured that I’m not making the wrong decision here.”

Opening her mouth to object, Night Crescent paused.

“Of course your honor.”

- - - -

“Hard to believe that she was that angry.” Rarity said, staring through the farmhouse window. Inside, the self proclaimed Cutie-Mark Crusaders were tearing into some freshly prepared salads, looking as content as they could be.

“For what it's worth, both your sisters have helped with that. Her parents never really let her have friends.”

“Speakin' of them, did you ever meet her mom?”

“...Once, not long after Scootaloo and I had moved to town.”

- - - -

“So, how was school today?” Night Crescent asked.

She was already in her guard uniform as she cooked her daughter dinner. It was simple compared to ornate plate she wore as part of the Canterlot guard (just a simple set of chain mail barding) but to any pony watching the scene the cognitive dissonance wouldn't have been any less.

Scootaloo shrugged. “It was okay. I'm glad to be going, but some of the ponies in class are jerks.”

“Yeah, but you've faced jerkier.” She ginned, placing a plate of vegetables and pasta on the table, “I need to go to work now, but can I trust you to go to bed?”

“Uh huh!”

“I'll see you in the morning then.”

Letting Scootaloo tear into her dinner, Night Crescent trotted for the door. Letting it close behind her, she looked up at the night sky. Somehow, the mare’s head pattern that was still emblazoned upon its surface didn’t feel as sad as it did all the other nights she had stared up at it.

“If I can help this filly, then maybe you’ll come back someday,” she softly spoke to the moon.

Smiling to herself again, she took a few steps away from her house.


With a start, she spun around looking back towards her house with wide eyes. Her enhanced night vision picked up the form of a pegasus rapidly flying away from the rear of the house, a squirming form clutched in its hooves.

She saw red, her wings already propelling her through the sky and after her quarry. The distance between her and the mysterious pegasus melted away with each anger fuelled beat of her leathery wings. Drawing closer, she could see that the pegasus was a mare. She shared Scootaloo’s coat color, but her mane and tail were a vibrant red color like the petals of a freshly picked rose. She glanced back, her eyes going wide at the realization that Night Crescent was as close as she was.

“GIVE ME BACK MY DAUGHTER!” Night Crescent roared.

“She’s mine!” The mysterious pony shrieked back, flapping her wings faster as she tried to pour on the speed, “You’re just the one who was holding onto her for me!”

“Put me DOWN!” Scootaloo shouted, continuing to squirm against the pony’s grip.

Realization washed over Night Crescent as the aerial chase took them past Ponyville’s borders, towards Whitetail Wood. This was Sure Steps, AKA Carmen Sanfratello, Scootaloo’s birth mother come to claim her child for herself.

Sure Steps banked suddenly, diving beneath the tree line in an attempt to lose her pursuer. Night Crescent followed suit, the branches scraping against the sides of her chain mail as she smashed straight through some of the smaller ones.

Steps was weaving between the trees, trying to use the darkness and the cover to her advantage. Crescent smiled wide.

“This was very foolish of you Sure Steps!” She shouted, “I’ll clear the black mark on my record when I turn in the great Carmen Sanfratello for kidnapping!”

“She’s not yours!" Steps snapped back, swooping around a large tree, “I carried her! I gave birth to her! And I won’t let some punk lawmare take her away from me!”

“She’s not your child any more!” Night Crescent retorted, following close behind, “Not in the eyes of the law!”

Steps twisted her head towards the oncoming guard, a glare of absolute fury etched on her features.


The curse was followed by a screech of pain, as Scootaloo sunk her teeth into her mother’s foreleg. Sure Step’s grip slipped and the pegasus filly tumbled head over tail away from her. Crescent and Step both shouted in shock as Scootaloo dropped towards the ground.

Throwing her wings straight Scootaloo managed to half glide, half fall onto a large tree branch, grunting as the wind was knocked from her lungs.

“Scootaloo! Are you okay?” Night Crescent asked as she moved into a hover, the chase temporarily forgotten, “Talk to me sweetie.”

“Don’t listen to her! I’m your mother!” Steps said, glaring at Night Crescent, “Talk to *me*!”

“Shut UP!” Scootaloo yelled, angrily jabbing a hoof at Sure Steps as she shakily got back up, “Just leave me alone!”

“Young lady, I am your mother, and you will do what I say!”

“Why?! You leave me with dad, who’s a total JERK, and then come and get me when I have someone who cares about me?”

“Okay, I admit I made a mistake leaving you with him.” Sure Steps quickly agreed. Flashing a wide smile, she flitted a little closer to the tree branch, “But forget about him and all of that small time snatching he had you do. You and I could be the greatest mother-daughter thief team in history!”

Night Crescent felt her stomach do a nervous flip. Scootaloo did trust her, but Steps was her original mother…

“No.” Scootaloo whispered.


“I said NO!” Scootaloo screamed, “I don’t want to be your daughter! I...I…I HATE YOU!”

Sure Steps reeled like she had been struck.


“Go away! Just go away and leave me alone! I never want to see you again!”

Hovering, Sure Steps looked from Scootaloo to Night Crescent and back again. The uncertainty was clearly etched on her features, torn between what her daughter said and the desire to be with her again.

“If you leave now.” Night Crescent growled, “I’ll forget that you showed up today.”

Sure Steps glared back at Night Crescent, the hatred for the batpony burning in her eyes. “This isn’t over.” She growled, “I’ll be back for my daughter someday.”

Without another word, the pegasus turned and flew off into the night sky.

- - - -

“And that's the last time either of us saw her.” She sighed, continuing to look in on her daughter, “I do hope that maybe one day she'll get her act back together and can be a part of Scootaloo's life. But...my hopes aren't that high.”

She felt a hoof on her withers. Glancing over, she was greeted by Applejack's smiling face.

“Even if she never does, ya've still given a little filly a new home and a better chance at a future. And that's somethin' to be proud of.”

“You're right Applejack.” She smiled, “But let's not wait out here all night. I want to eat dinner with my daughter before my shift.”

“That sounds like a fine idea, darling.” Rarity smiled, leading the way inside.

Author's Note:

Only a two parter on this story everyone.

The intention on this one was to be kind of a short side story to show off the backgrounds of two side characters for the Skitchverse. As strange as it sounds, Sure Steps does actually love Scootaloo, she just has a warped view of the world and what being a good mother entails. Especially in the context of being a world trotting super-thief.

The names of the detective ponies are all based on the initials of the main characters from Law and Order: Special Victims unit, which I watched a bit while I was working on this one.

Elite Strike- Eliot Stabler
Olive Branch- Oliva Benson
Joyous Mulberry- John Munch
Overland Treck- Odafin Tutuola

All in all, I think these two make a cute couple and I did enjoy writing this little side trek. I hope that everyone enjoyed it too.

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First! And I would like to see Sure Steps return in a future installment in the Skitchverse.

I really hope to see more of this some day. Well done.


I would like to use her and Mooncast again in the future, so I'll totally look for an opportunity to use them again. :scootangel:

Still insanely happy that my efforts to make Carmen Sanfratello a thing are paying off.

Even if, you know, it’s just Guardy who thinks it’s a good idea but still.

The story just plain works, I think. It’s exactly as long as it needs to be, and has an appropriate flow as well. We get the sense that something is going on with IA from the get-go, just from how the questions are phrased, but it’s not clear exactly what’s going on until it’s actually revealed, and when it is, it makes sense in just the right way.

A+ job, sir.


“That stallion was <a> tribest ass who accosted me in a bar. I had the right to defend myself.”

missing word.

Rumors have always rumbled through the underworld that she kept cashes of money and magic trinkets in key locations across the world.


It was one of the reasons the dragon responsible for the curse that lead to her tribes existence attacked it in the first place.


Your unmarried and you work. . .”


“If I can help this filly, then maybe you’ll come back someday.” She softly spoke to the moon.\

Since it's a said tag, the period needs to be replaced with a comma and 'She' turned to 'she'. Also, you fat-fingered your keyboard at the end.

Has Sure Steps stolen any landmarks lately?


Alas, she as a pegasus she lacks some of the magical power necessary to steal a whole landmark. It's a shame though, for that would be entertaining to see. :pinkiehappy:

She tends more towards historical antiquities, and has had a few clashes with Daring Do over the years.


3902313 The Great Antiques Roadshow Robbery?


Something like that, yes.

Probably her biggest heist so far has been the theft of Princess Platinum's crown jewels from the Equestrian History Museum in Canterlot.

Just a suggestion, but I think you might want to mention in the description that this story is self-contained despite taking place in the Skitchverse.

Ah, yes. Das Bat Pony. Good work. Not enough love out there for the Bat Ponies.


I do love me the Bat Ponies. They just look way too cool to not get used more! :pinkiehappy:


Inorite? My series was to feature them very, very heavily, before I cancelled it. I just love them!

Huzzah! The awesomeness hath been doubled then!

Honestly Scoots you’re failing to take into account how awesome your moms theme song is.

This is so cute, I had almost forgotten how great a wholesome scootadopt fic can be. It's a shame this kind of story has lost traction. Anyway, I would have loved to see more of them in the Skitchverse.

ok why would sure steps steal her own freakin daughter?!?!?!

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