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Friendship is Magic.

But sometimes, friendships can be broken, as was the case with Rainbow Dash and her friend Gilda. Now at the behest of Princess Celestia, Rainbow Dash travels to the North Griffin Confederation to try and make amends with her old friend.

But when an ancient ghost is accidentally unleashed, Dash and Gilda will have to work together to save the griffin town of Altenprow, before the town is devastated or they're both arrested by the State Security Ministry.

A Skitchverse story.

Chapters (4)
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Ooh, can't wait to see more. Always good to have a ghost story running around, especially one that doesn't look like it will go Scooby Doo on us. Sorry I didn't get the references; history is as much my bane as over-analytic English teachers.

So, you did manage to locate your flash drive, or you hardcore rewrote this, Cops & Robbers, and both chapters from Boast Bypassed, almost almost 20,000 words, from scratch, in less than 24 hours?

Aside that, I’ll see if I can hit you up tomorrow; I probably won’t finish Rockets & Rainbooms before I’m off on holiday, but I can at least give your Griffish the once over.


*chuckles* No worries Lab. I'll spell them out in the authors comments in the story in one of these chapters. Probably after the in universe historical events as touched upon some more.

Dang, I really enjoyed this first chapter. Is this still on-going, or is it on hiatus?

Perry curious to see how you write Gilda, because you have Dash down pat, and your OC griffons seem reasonably layered. World-building on Griffon society seems to be coming along without stealing too much spotlight.



It's still ongoing. I just kind of made an amateur mistake and started chasing too many story ideas at the same time. :twilightoops:

I do fully intend to finish this, though, so worry not!

Well, no rush. I'd rather you write what you want and come back to this when it strikes your fancy.

It's an awesome start! Rainbow is in character and I'm glad for that can't wait for more keep up the great work!!

Lol horst is definitely an enjoyable character, well done planning his character, (or creating his character as a spur of the moment seeing as some characters *cough* all*cough* in my story happen to be as they are now can't say I'm not happen with them tho heh) anyways awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Can't wait to read more of it and I really really really hope you update soon!!!


Horst is fun to write in his grumbly way. :twilightsmile: He's another one of these side characters I've created that I think I'll pull back in at some point.

Sorry but I can't resist:

Another great chapter awesome job!

I loved it, great job too with the characters and everything now I really don't like Horst he was pretty much a jerk so to speak but anyways awesome story I truly enjoyed it :twilightsmile:


He's a bit of a complex character, but he does believe that he's doing the right thing for the Confederation. But I fully intend to use him again at a later date.

4258181 awesome I'll be lookin forward to that


Overall, this was a pleasant little read. It will be a great stepping stone to further world-building and stories.

Took a whiiile for me to get around to reading the next update, but it was a good one! I don't really recognize the fic it's based on, but thankfully, you don't need to know anything to enjoy this story on its own terms.

Great job with Gilda so far. In fact, all of the characters are quite good.

Well, one of the obvious historical references that I can see is that the High Confederation is basically this worlds version of late 19th early 20th century Germany. I'm not sure if I can spot any others though, maybe it's because it's 12:30 in the morning right now, I'm not sure. But I have a feeling that that cursed battlefield that Dash stumbled upon might be a reference to something. I don't know, I'm just guessing at this point, guess I'll find out tomorrow when I finish the rest of the story.



You are correct on that first bit. The High Confederation of Wings is basically the Equis take on the North German Confederation of 1867 to 1871.

There is another there though! :pinkiehappy:

4494200 I'm going to take a stab and say that the other reference was that of the Battle of Königgrätz of July 3, 1866 during the Austrian-Prussian war of 1866, (the reference being that the cursed battle field Dash landed in was modeled on that battle. Seeing as how the Prussian's inflicted heavy losses on the Austrian's for relatively minimal loss in regard to their own men, since you've stated that the Confederation is modeled on Prussia.)


Not a bad guess, really. If the battle in question had happened more recently, it would have been almost spot on.

But as it happened way in the past of Equis, the historical battle I was referencing was the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest, when Rome's outwards expansion into what would be Germany came to an end, and that would later be used by some of the German nationalist movements of the 19th Century.

It's a similar situation here. The battle would clearly mark where Equestria's reach to the north would end, with the Crystal Empire acting almost as a buffer state, friendly to both powers.

Ya know, before Sombra made it go away. :twilightoops:

4498033 Well shoot, I didn't even think to go back that far! (My focus of history tends to be towards the modern era's, late 15th century is as far back as I usually go, but if you ever had any questions regarding WWI or WWII, I'm your guy for that, been studying it for well over twelve years now. Not too shabby with the Victorian era either, now that I think about it.) But anyways, I didn't actually think you'd use an actual Earth location for your story, ah well, at least I got one of them right.


I have been drawing liberally from history in creating the background of Equis. Taking historical trends, events, and countries and ponyifing/animalifying them has been really fun to play around with. :twilightsmile:

4498170 Makes sense to me. Well keep up the good work, I'm really enjoying this universe that you got going on here, and I'm looking forward to the next chapter of Boast Bypassed too.


Thanks Tim!

By the way, if you enjoyed this, then you might enjoy this story by a friend of mine. It actually depicts the last moments of said battle, and the confrontation between Hurricane and Seigfried.

4501937 What's the story?


The link is actually connected to the "this" in the sentence, and is called "The Hurricane's Roar". Just a one shot story showing the end of the battle in the forest all those years ago.

4502731 Ah, I didn't see the link, thanks.

Is this a papers, please crossover (since that is literally the first chapters name.)


Unfortunately, it is not.

Though it was stuck in my mind when I wrote it, as I had been playing the game just before I started it.

Grogar and an unknown monster about to wreak havoc upon the world.... joy.

This,” Celestia motioned to the room around them with a hoof, “Is the headquarters and meeting room of the Golden Ring.”

“The what now?” Rainbow blinked.

Celestia smiled. “It's an organization of like minded rulers, creatures and adventurers....” She paused, glancing towards one of the paintings on the wall that depicted an older gray coated stallion with an hourglass cutie-mark, “Well, we are all dedicated to protecting the world from threats.”

Say it like it is! They're U.N.I.T! (Also known as the UNified Intelligence Taskforce) Or Torchwood! If we don't get to see Doctor Whooves in this story, I'm going to be very upset at you!


Doctor Whooves does not appear in this story I'm afraid. So far, I keep kind of hinting at his presence in the background of the universe. Not sure when or if he'll show up in a future fic, but so far I'm having fun with the tease.

“There.” Rogora nodded, passing the enchanted bell over to her, “Problem solved.”

Horst sighed, drawing his pistol. “Very well. Prepare yourself. My men and eye (I) will lure her out.”

Dash nodded, taking to the air as Horst and his guard moved towards the doors.


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