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Robert Parker is a 24 year old ex-web developer living in New York city. In the wake of the conversion movement, he has seemingly lost everything. Haunted by the same nightmare every night, he soon realizes that he must make a choice.

To those unfamiliar with the Conversion Bureau: it is a scenario created by an author named blaze in which Ponies either appear in the human world or have lived beside humans without incident for millennia. One day, in the face of all the damage humanity has done to its world, the ponies offer a solution: undergo conversion to become a pony and allow the world to be inundated with Equestria's influence: thus healing it and bring forth a golden age.

Many different authors have taken many different approaches to this idea, all of them are worth checking out.

http://www.ponychan.net/chan/fic/res/53616.html (The current thread)
http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/04/conversion-bureau-compilation.html (The compilation post on EQDaily. *NOT UPDATED*)

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Eeeeee! Best CB story! :pinkiehappy:

Anypony who's wary of the unusual Conversion Bureau setting, this is one of the most realistic and believable stories ever written in the general setting. It's not a self insert story at all, and is 100% top-notch, character driven writing. Give this first chapter a try, and I guarantee that the sentence at the end with the word "skyline" in it will blow your mind.

well you have my attention let's see if you can keep it

were have you been man I 've been waiting for chapter 7 for monthes

Chapter 7 is in the works, no idea when I will have it out.

Goodness, this is excellent. :twilightsmile:

SOO GOOD NEED MOAR!!!:pinkiehappy:

^^ WHAT THEY SAID. UNF. :rainbowkiss:

This is a thing of truest beauty. Thank you.

followed, favorite'd. This is definitely one of the better human/pony-world-crossover-thingies. Keep up the great work!

also, the bit in part 5 where Rob says why he loves RD. LOVE IT!!


I want to take this story home and cuddle it forever.

MUST HAVE MOAR!!! Chapter seven please!

Can you hear me clapping yet? No? How about now? No?

You really need to hear me give this a one-man standing ovation.


This story is great so far, I LOVE IT.
cosh(9001)/10.11 stars for you my good sir.



Brony uses READ!
It's not very effective...

I'm keeping this page open in anticipation

Please tell me that you are still working on this story. It rules.

I really enjoyed the story so far, and I sincerely hope that you haven't given up on writing it. This is definitely my favorite conversion bureau story.
Here's hoping I'll see this story update sometime in the not-too-distant future!

I've been enjoying it so far and can't wait till the next chapter is out. :twilightsmile:

Please don't say you've given up on this.


holy shit this is probably the best conversion bureau story I've read, and I want more

Don't worry, I haven't given up on writing this. I simply haven't had anytime to just sit down and write.
However, I am going to have a bit of time off this and next week, so I will definitely be working on the newest part.

No promises on a release, but I will finish chapter 7.

Is part seven done yet? Is it done yet?:duck:

Sweet Celestia, cannot wait to read part 7, the end of part 6 was the cutest thing haha...

Eeyep, this is going under favorites. Seriously, I can't wait to see the next chapter! Bothe Rob's ponification and the troubles a certain photograph just might cause . . .

Really hope you can get the next chapter done soon! :twilightsmile:

Great Story, I really like it. Great character portrayal and an enjoyable story :)

I just re-read the whole story :pinkiehappy:, but now I desperately want to know how it ends, curse my thirst for literature :pinkiecrazy:. Anyways looking forward to the next update.

Before I started reading this story I would have laughed at the idea that there could be a story shipping Rainbow Dash and a human that wasn't awful. Now I'm in the line of folks waiting for Chapter 7. :rainbowkiss:

Hey there, I just read the story so far tonight and I gotta say, its a great one. I have officially joined the ranks of the people waiting for the next chapter, so don't you let us down, ya hear?

Been missing you bro, hope you haven't fallen off the edge of the earth

Wow, this chapter is.... wow. I am blown away.
Hurricane puncher, that was really, really good. Conveying the experience of a trapped dreamer, enclosed in a suffocating shell of madness... let me tell you, you're quite the visionary. :raritystarry:
I loved all this SO MUCH! You got the characters pinned down so convincingly, so natural in their actions and reactions, both in sanity and in insanity.

I love how you explored the theme of incompatibility between man and magic: it just takes such a coherent route: by means of magic, humans get exposed to things beyond their usual borders of conscience, and traumatasingly so, to the point that the repressed, negative parts of their selves are revealed, empowered in the process, and ultimately they end up tearing the entity to pieces in their unraveling.

That said, those collated collated lines are quite uncharming and discouraging to the reader - you should really do something about them. Maybe a newline every few words or so, to keep it within the standard width? Clearly isn't the best of things to have one long line of glarbed Latin stretch out to the right infinity and beyond.

HurricanePuncher, I am astounded to how well you manage pacing, and how well you can convey emotions through dialogue, and breaks therein. Reading the story felt so smooth and natural, it really was a breeze to course through.

And yet, I am left with a deep hunger, a craving for a proper ending to a beautiful tale. Saying that seeing the epilogue to this would fill my heart with joy is an understatement.
I hope you'll manage the time to finish this, I really do. :pinkiesmile:


I'm working on it :twilightsmile:

In regards to the lines stretching out beyond the borders it was a formatting error when I transferred the chapter from google docs to FIM fiction. I'll go back and fix it at some point.

Huzzah! The anticipation has been doubled! :rainbowlaugh:

Another excellent chapter, grats dude. Can't wait to see what comes next, and I promise this time I won't spam your inbox with messages :twilightsheepish:

GREAT the pony TSA JUST what we needed ...We all eagerly await the next chaper :heart:

Alright! Glad to see a new chapter! This one was a doozy! I was honestly scared that Silver was going to end him the moment he said he thought about joining the HLF!

If you ever make me wait that long for an amazing chapter again I will stomp your head to a pulp.

98193 Heck no, i'd rather wait for him to get it right than to rush it, there'll be no head-stompings round here :P

Wow . . . that . . . that was an eventful chapter. Yeah, I'm definately pleased after the wait. All of this happened and . . .

A CLIFFHANGER, OF F***ING COURSE! :twilightangry2: Oh well, that just makes me even more excited for the next chapter! If I may ask, do you have any idea how long the next will be? I'm not trying to rush, just want to prepare myself for how long I'll have to hold out. :twilightsheepish:

An update on Hogmany? This day just got 20% cooler :rainbowdetermined2:.

This was an excellent Chapter. Surprises were abundant and anticipation for the next chapter has been doubled. :yay:

sweet jesus it updated! just dont make us wait that long for the next one, ok?

Your story is the first Conversion Bureau story I ever read; I am so damn glad you are working to continue, and hopefully finish it. Please, please keep going; you are on a roll here, write you crazy bastard, write!

It's cruel to keep an attentive audience waiting so long.

The bit with silver was inspired. You're going to torture us with delayed ponification aren't you? Transformation porn; the teasing never stops. ARRGGHHH!

Comment posted by Lord Arcturus deleted Nov 5th, 2017

You are a brilliant, cruel man. Or woman. Blasted Internet... :raritywink:

In any case, I eagerly look forward to more.


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