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With the forming to the Ponyville Royal Guard, Princess Twilight Sparkle personally asked Flash Sentry to be the Captain of the Guard. But what they really need to work on is their bumps. With this in mind, Flash Sentry has plans for the Princess of Friendship. Personal plans.

This ship is based on the Kilalaverse.
Cover art credit goes to kilala97

Please don't yell at me for doing this. I actually like FlashLight.

Chapters (7)
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Captain Starfall? Wow, I cannot see him following the establishment.

5549244 It was just a name that popped into my head. Don't judge.

5549248 He's a character who isn't necessarily a part of the Kilala universe but he pops up a lot with her Next Gen characters. He's Trixie's son, a smug bastard, super fun, and carries a torch for Starburst. I thought you knew?

5549248 Here's a link to When the Stars Align. Check it out. It's really good.

5549256 I figured that out and I'm going to edit that. My mistake.

5549275 It's actually in my read later bookshelf.

5549323 Yeah, might wanna make that "read now" then. It's really fun.

Great job with this story. It has a pretty good beginning. I hope the next chapters come out soon, so I can give this story a good review. As for initial impression, this is a decent story.

5549597 Thanks! I'm actually working on Chapter Two as we speak.

i wish you luck bro, cause alot of people are gonna down vote this just because its a FlashLight fic

Great start, I love Flashlight and the kialaverse so great to see my couple and their story. Best of luck with future chapters!

5549815 Say that to the 14 over 7 differance :trollestia: Haters gonna hate and I'm gonna continue to get on their nerves!

5550088 It makes me wanna down vote it just because, but im not a troll :rainbowwild:

I actually like flash sentry as a character, and this is the only twilight shipping pair that makes perfect sense, so I'm already enjoying this story

Three things.
One: YAY FLASHLIGHT:pinkiehappy:
Two: the whole thing with Flash being haunted by thw thought of twilight is just entertaining.:rainbowlaugh:
And three: "Carry on my Wayward Son, the'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more." Awwwww ya buddy.:rainbowdetermined2:

5550090 Its not bad for a FlashLight fic its pretty good keep going no matter what anyone says:pinkiehappy:

When is the next chapter coming Its really good and I just cant wait!

5551994 I'll type it laster today. Sit tight!

5552105 alright! This better be GOOD! Please tell me you are posting it at least tomorrow no need to rush but I'm just to excited! There are a ton of bronies who think FlashLight is a bad idea but if you think about it, it could work!:pinkiehappy:

It's pretty common for Pegasi and Alicorns.

Why exactly would Flash know that was a weak spot for alicorns?

5557965 Alicorns have a pair of wings, no?


yeah, but why would he assume that it was a weak spot, and a common one on alicorns when that theory has never been tested.

5558392 Overheard Shining as he was messing with Cadence?


I guess that would work, but that is still only one of four alicorns, unless you're counting that he just found out it was the same for Twilight.

Also, when did Twilight acquire that weak spot? She didn't have wings before she was a princess, and I'm pretty sure she would've known about it before, considering that she's been to the spa at least a couple times when she was a unicorn. So did it suddenly appear when she became an alicorn, and she has never gotten a massage since then?

5558608 That's all in the surprise of her first massage as a princess

Comment posted by Rainboom H Harmonia deleted Jan 28th, 2015
Comment posted by Rainboom H Harmonia deleted Jan 28th, 2015

"By the Starswril's beard." Shining swore as he nodded.

one small mistake, keep up the good work.

How would Cadence be giving birth to a Crystal Alicorn? Neither Cadence nor Shining Armor are Crystal Ponies. She may be the Princess of the Crystal Empire, but that doesn't make her a Crystal Pony.
I also have a problem with giving birth to an alicorn. I know many shipfics tend to have the offspring of alicorns be alicorns. But, that means alicorns can be born normally. Twilight wasn't born an alicorn as most everyone should know. While we don't know exactly how Celestia, Luna, and Cadence came to be, we do have many headcannons that clear things up.
Cadence was said to be born a Pegasus, and later on gained her horn. Celestia and Luna were said to be either created as alicorns or transformed into alicorns.
I know you would have to rework everything in order for this to work, but in my opinion, Cadence giving birth to a unicorn might make more sense. Again, this is just me.

5568724 Well, in the Kilalaverse, which is what this is based on, Cadence and Shining Armor's child Valiant Heart, is an alivron and is the colt that started the Next Generation, or the Kilalaverse. I'll be making more of these "origin" stories later on explaining how I think the Next Gen came to be. Except for Anthea, of course. But seriously, go to Kilala's dA page (kilala97) and look in the "Next Generation" Collection and there should be a collection in there called "Next Generation Bios" explaining all of the Next Gen ponies. Valiant Heart is the first one.

5568915 Just want to clarify that Val was born a unicorn as stated in his bio and shown in the pictures "Big Heart" and "Singing". He doesn't ascend until he's around 21

5571218 Thanks for the pointers! I edited it and published a new chapter!

Yeah!!! Let the dating game begin. thanks for an interesting story. I can't wait for future chapters.

Good job having them ditch those close. I loved how this chapter went. Good job and good luck with the next chapter.

5576816 First: *clothes

Second: Thank you very much!

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