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I'm getting around to posting. I'm really trying guys. Thanks for sticking around for so long though... Thank you.


Leaving Twilight was the hardest thing I had to do but I knew that if I told her about my true self, I would destroy her life. I couldn't do that to her, especially when she's a princess, one that cannot bare what I have. I'm Flash Sentry and I am cursed.

Ever since I was a foal, I have kept the secret of my curse hidden from other ponies until now. My curse has destroyed my life, made me leave the filly I love and sent me to the only place that I could live without hurting others, in the darkness. This is my life and my struggles through it.

Since Flash left me, I felt hollow and empty. Nothing makes me feel better, not even the overly active, laughing maniac, Pinkie Pie. I do not know where he went or why but I have been left in the darkness.

I love him with all my heart and I am going to track him down. He needs me and I need him even if he doesn't love me. I won't let ANYTHING stand in my way to get to Flash Sentry.

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An interesting start...let's see where this goes

Interesting concept, and good writing. I'm very interested to see the direction this story will take.

Comment posted by TheUndiscoveredPony deleted Mar 3rd, 2014

4025123 4025498
Thanks for the comments, it really encourages me to keep going! Though I have a question for you, should I add Flash's point of view of the flashback when he's walking away or not? I think I should but I am still iffy cause I might add it later in the story...

4025669 It's what ever you want. I'm wonder what might happen in the future.

4026084 Thanks for the answer and I decided to add his POV of the flashback except you won't find out what the curse is. Yet...
BTW- Thanks for the book FAV. :pinkiehappy:

I'm kind of on the fence really, but I think it would probably be best to leave it as is

this isnt what I usually read but this is good keep it up:pinkiehappy::yay:

This is a really good first chapter!! Keep it up man!

4027048 4027321 Thank you! I am trying to finish Chapter 2 which is in FLASH'S POV, :pinkiehappy: so that I can post it to have time to work on Chapter 3 when I am gone for three days. I am leaving today so I am sending in my chapter to my editor/friend to it check out. Hopefully I can get it up soon, I know all the people who Favorited this story and people who are currently reading it are waiting for another chapter. :raritywink:

4028150 As much as I hate FlashLight as a ship and Flash in general, I have to admit I like this story.

I just hope he'll be ok. :eeyup:

4027321 MAN! I'm just laughing on the inside!:rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

4074917 Thanks! I know people don't like them very much but I thought to twist everyone's cliché look on them to something different. But I am glad you like it!

4078239 I thank you, for making a good FlashLight fic.:twilightsmile:

4078252 Thanks again!
Wow :pinkiegasp: I really say a lot of Thanks on this site... But I guess I have a lot of people to thank.
Any who, next chapter is being finished today and be posted in the next day or two, just to let you know.

is it weird that i want to play Borderlands right after reading this?
and every time the story calls him flash I think of this (which by the way makes me smile despite what's happening in the story) img2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20090906091658/dcanimated/images/7/74/Flash.png

4079827 I guess not and I get that image too! It is just because I needed a shorter name to write cause it would be boring if you saw Flash Sentry all the time.

Great job:ajsmug: But the last part sounded like she was about to suicide.

4091324 Sarah! Seriously!?! I said she will FORGET Flash not suicide cause of him. And shes going through the steps. :twilightsmile: Also read my authors note

4093402 I haven't mentioned her yet! :rainbowlaugh: Wait, :facehoof: I did.

Oh my Celestia!

Though I didn't go into the details of her involvement yet but I might just use that, Mack. Thanks for the suggestion! :pinkiehappy:

4087399 I mean I get that you want to put a shorter name but that always pops up in my head
P.S. keep up the good work:yay:

This looks pretty good thus far.:ajsmug:
Great work.:pinkiesmile:
And I vote for a Celestia Pov.

Just to keep everyone updated, I am choosing by hopefully tomorrow unless I extend it to Wednesday since I have to write the chapter by hopefully Sunday :twilightsmile:

Now the votes are-
Celestia- 3 people
Fluttershy- 1 person
So so far its in Celestia's favor.

4096372 Thank you by the way, it means a lot to hear that. Well, see that... read that... You know what just thank you for the comment. :pinkiehappy:

So I have chosen at 10:30pm who my next chapter POV is gonna be in and drumroll please....

Celestia's POV!

It will come out hopefully Sunday cause I am gone for 3 days and I have school so I can't post it earlier but yeah!

Like, Comment, Favorite and Follow!

Edit- It is going to be posted in a weeks time.

Yes, we got a Celestia chapter. :pinkiehappy:
Also good job with the writing.:pinkiesmile:

4272566 Thank you and I am glad that your happy! :pinkiehappy:

PS- Drama is in the future and the future is near! You have been warned :derpytongue2:

Oh boy. Please don't tell me this is a guy's sucks story. Good chapter by the way. I wonder what Flash's curse is, and Soarin's explanation. Though I don't think Soarin have any real excuse unless Spitfire is a changeling or he was taken over by some sort of demon, like how I think is happening to Flash.

4914137 Well I wasn't intending to make this a guy sucks story but it currently seems like that but don't worry you'll see it going to eventually turn out right. And as for Flash's curse and Soarin's explanation, you will understand in due time. And if you think about it there are more explanations to why Soarin you know... Spitfire does seem to have some power over him. I've given too much away but you'll get another chapter soon so you'll discover a bit more to understand exactly what's going on with Flash. I'm also glad that you liked it and I hope you'll stay for the rest of the story. Your comment was appreciated btw :twilightsmile:

4927049 Thanks for explaining things for a bit. As for the comment, no problem. I wrote a few stories in Fanfiction, but not many people responded. So I promised myself, that I would always comment on stories I read.

Comment posted by _NeighlyReads_ deleted Jul 24th, 2016

5317830 Hey so I just read this comment and I love your idea but... I have some other things in mind. I got the idea for this story while watching one of the episodes of mlp and I kinda of want to run with it... I love the fact that you took your time and read and commented on my story! And I really appreciate it but I think I'm going to stick with my idea first and I hope that you keep reading! Updates will HOPEFULLY come soon or else you can spam me till I do update XD (That's a joke...)

Comment posted by _NeighlyReads_ deleted Jul 5th, 2015
Comment posted by _NeighlyReads_ deleted Jul 24th, 2016

What was Flash's curse?Also I liked that. I like sad love stories but only if that has happy end. Good job! And please continue.:twilightsmile:

I have a great idea for your story. Updating. :pinkiehappy:

6484506 I promise, I will update in the next week. And I am sorry that I've been gone for so long...

5800912 Week that's coming up! Sorry that I haven't, it's just... Personal stuff. But I am no longer MIA, I will try and get into the swing of things again so that means updating! :)

SMALL DELAY! I AM SORRY! But I got sick, still am but getting better! My ENTIRE family got sick and I thought I was in the clear till I ended up with a red nose, sinus' blocked (which caused huge headaches) and me being so tired. I will have to delay the updating to a couple of days but I am almost done.

Wow. I wasn't expecting that. Thanks for the update. I wonder how Soarin will react to Flash's problem.

6540648 *laughs evilly* You weren't supposed to ;)

Wait. I'm joking. Hahaha


This chapter was a spur of the moment kinda thing. I just changed the direction my story is going to, hopefully it surprises you more again and thanks for commenting!

Also, heads up. Winter is coming. (Jokes, I'm a die hard Game of Thrones fan...) But yeah, next chapter will be heavy! Maybe so much that I'll have to split it in two! Hint hint.

Comment posted by _NeighlyReads_ deleted Jul 24th, 2016
Comment posted by _NeighlyReads_ deleted Jul 24th, 2016

6548576 Thanks :)

But I can't tell yoooouuuu! That would ruin the whole story ;)

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