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I'm getting around to posting. I'm really trying guys. Thanks for sticking around for so long though... Thank you.

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Soarin has finally settled down with Spitfire but as a memory resurfaces, feelings are uncovered. Feeling as confused as ever, Soarin sets out to make things right but everything goes spiralling. Fleetfoot has been acting strange for the past week and Soarin doesn't know why. As a new emotion passes her face, Soarin is determined figure things out and make things right.

This is my first one shot and I hope it goes well. I also hope you enjoy it. This is also here to make up for my lack of chapter posting for my other story, Left in the Darkness.

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Leaving Twilight was the hardest thing I had to do but I knew that if I told her about my true self, I would destroy her life. I couldn't do that to her, especially when she's a princess, one that cannot bare what I have. I'm Flash Sentry and I am cursed.

Ever since I was a foal, I have kept the secret of my curse hidden from other ponies until now. My curse has destroyed my life, made me leave the filly I love and sent me to the only place that I could live without hurting others, in the darkness. This is my life and my struggles through it.

Since Flash left me, I felt hollow and empty. Nothing makes me feel better, not even the overly active, laughing maniac, Pinkie Pie. I do not know where he went or why but I have been left in the darkness.

I love him with all my heart and I am going to track him down. He needs me and I need him even if he doesn't love me. I won't let ANYTHING stand in my way to get to Flash Sentry.

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