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On their wedding night, as they experienced the afterglow of their love making, a young alicorn princess and a young royal guard officer contemplate with each other on how two ordinary ponies such as themselves were blessed with so much.

Was their love by chance, or destiny?

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This is a bit short. But I liked it.

Tezi #2 · Oct 17th, 2013 · · 1 ·

I dunno why,but my heart stopped working properly while reading this. :applejackunsure:
*shrugs* :derpytongue2:
Anyway,awesome. Get in to my favorites <3 :rainbowkiss:

Apparently everyone hates Flash Sentry.
Well he is a Mary Sue.
Might as well bring on the haters.


Absolutely love this pairing and you wrote this in a very cute way, I really enjoyed it! :3

All I could think while looking at this was "am I going to read this?" And then I was like fuck yea I am!! Hope it lives up to expectations

Also why people hating on flash he is good guy!!

It's short and sweet and just perfect that way.
There are a few errors though. :scootangel:

How can pony Flash be a Mary Sue when he had all of one minute of screen time?

This is a simple ship fic with good grammar and no OCs yet people have down voted the junk out of it just because they don't like a character in it? Sheesh, this is a solid one-shot and no way does it deserve that kind of hate.

I liked this fic, it's a fun little story and Flash got a little background to boot. :yay:


Flash can't be a Mary Sue because by definition, a Mary Sue is a fan-fade character.

Flash can be "The Scrappy," "The Wesley," or "The Poochie."

3359805 Technically he would be called a Gary Stu... a male title for Mary Sue's. And I seriously don't get why he's called that since all we really know next to nothing about either Flash.

3360182 3360260>>3361310
I'm well aware of that.

I actually wish there was more to the story in my opinion it is the seed of something great

Simple fic, with good grammar and no OC's and yet people just down vote it just because they hate the character? :ajbemused: That's just stupid.
Why people hate Flash, I will probably never understand.

It can be improved by making their conversation longer? Or is it just me? :rainbowhuh:

3377496 yeah, I'm notorious for making really short stories :fluttercry: I wish I could make them longer...

3377496 They hate him because they are all blood-sucking maggots that need to be cleansed from this good earth.

Comment posted by Mr mustash deleted Dec 30th, 2014

5437497 I love Flash Sentry! I despise any who hate him for stupid reasons.

If you like him, then you and I are allies.

5438434 good all haters are not welcome here

5438434 and I hate when other people hate on perfectly good fics just caus thay don't like a person in it

5440088 I agree fully with you on that.

I wonder why stories like this gets down voted, it's pretty clear that Flash and Twilight were meant to be together.

The night was calm; the stars shone brightly in the sky and the moon, though not full, made enough light to illuminate the darkness. This night was more special than other nights, for it was the night of the wedding of Princess Twilight Sparkle and Lieutenant Flash Sentry. On their first night as a married couple, the two made passionate love, enjoying the company of each other, never wanting to part, becoming one flesh in their union. The night lasted long for them, their moans echoing throughout the Crystal Empire. All became quiet when they had reached their climax.

I'm sorry but this is the worst turn on ever.

5799470 Why? It is good.

Haters are gonna hate.

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