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Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates - Banshee531

The Celestic Cup Finals have arrived. Who will take the crown and what mysterious ploys are being plotted in the shadows? Only time will tell.

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Turn 8, An Out of This World Duel

Celestia: The first match of the Celestic Cup Finals, B Block first round in about to begin.

Luna: Let's welcome our first two contestants onto the field.

From two opposite sides of the stadium, two openings opened up and released a flurry of smoke. From the smoke, two figures stepped out and onto the battle field.

Celestia: First we have the Spellcaster Duellist. She's the younger sister of this tournaments last champion, Shining Armor, so I'm sure we'll be seeing a great performance from her. Twilight Sparkle!

"So just how good is your sister Shining?" Chrysalis asked the pro Duellist.

"Very good," Shining replied, "she might even be better then me."

"She did defeat me," Sunset said, "so I can tell you she's no slouch."

"Well then," Chrysalis said, "I'm sure I'm in for an entertaining Duel."

"Go get them Twilight!" Spike screamed as he watched his sister step onto the stage.

"She'll need to be careful," Rarity said as she turned to Twilight's opponent, "we don't know anything about who she's facing."

"We do know he'll be a tough opponent to beat," Applejack said, "since he made it to the finals."

"She can do it," Flash said, "Twilight's got this."

Everyone else just nodded.

Luna: And now for her opponent, a Duellist whose Duelling skills are hotter then a meteor. Comet Tail!

Twilight's opponent, a teenager her age with yellow skin, blue hair and wore and orange unbuttoned shirt over a with t-shirt, stepped up to her. He took one look at Twilight and raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously," he said, "this is my opponent?"

Twilight frowned at this. "What's that suppose to mean?"

"It means I was expecting someone who actually made it to the finals to actually be good," he replied, "not some little girl who likes putting her hair in pigtails and painting her toenails."

Twilight was fuming hearing this. Who did he think he was?

"That boys got some nerve," Rarity said.

"I can't wait to see Twilight waste him," Rainbow said.

"Agreed," they all said.

"Why don't you wait until you've actually seen me Duel before judging me," Twilight told him.

"Fine," Comet said, "I already know how this's gonna end. Let's do this thing, but when I win you gotta do something for me."

"What?" Twilight asked with a raised eyebrow.

"When I win," Comet said as he pointed at her, "you've gotta go on a date with me."

"WHAT!" Twilight screamed, "dream on."

"You just know you're gonna lose," Comet mocked.

Twilight growled, "fine, but when I win, you've gotta do something for me."

"What?" Comet asked.

"I'll let you stew until after the match," Twilight said.

Everyone in the top box was sitting away from Shining, seeing him growl under his breath.

"Heads or tails?" the ref asked.

"Heads," Comet said.

He flipped and it came out as tails. "Twilight Sparkle will take the first move."

The two nodded and turned to face each other, taking out a purple or yellow Duel Disk and attaching it to their arms.

Celestia: With that, the Duellists are ready to Duel.

Luna: Then let's see which Action Field they'll be Duelling on.

She held up the remote and pressed the button, a second later the floor glowed as it formed the Duel Field.


In the blink of an eye, Twilight and Comet were transported to outer space. The two were standing on large planet like spheres which littered the field, and looking around they saw different constellations all around them.

Celestia: It's Galaxy Zone!

Luna: Talk about a field that's out of this world.

Comet smiled seeing all this, before looking over at Twilight. "This'll be over in no time."

"Don't be so sure about that," Twilight said.

"Whatever," Comet said as he activated his Disk which had a blue blade, "just make sure you wear something nice on our date."

Celestia: Now let's get this Duel underway.

Luna: I couldn't agree more. In three!

Celestia: TWO!"

Both: ONE!"


Twilight: 4000
Comet: 4000


"Here goes," Twilight said as she went to her deck, "I draw." She looked at her card and smiled. "I'll start with something new, so I'll summon Magi-Beast Twilight Unicorn in ATK mode." In a flash of light, a purple unicorn appeared before her with a mane and tail that looked just like her hair. (A1800/D1300/L4/P7) "I'll then place one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn," Comet said, "I draw and summon Meteor Blazer in ATK mode." In an explosion of flames, a humanoid monster made out of red molten rock appeared. His body had several cracks which revealed a lava like substance beneath the rock, which flames erupted from its neck and covered most of its head. (A1500/D1400/L4)

"Cool monster," Spike said, "but it's ATK strength is lower then Twilight's monster."

"Why would he summon it in ATK mode?" Sweetie asked.

"Because he's about to play that," Rarity said.

"I play Salamandra!" Comet placed a Spell into his Duel Disk as his monsters flames intensified and took the shape of a large flaming serpent. "This Equip Spell will raise my Fire Monster's ATK strength by seven hundred points," he said. (A2100/D1400/L4) "ATTACK!"

Meteor Blazer placed his hands together and created a large fireball, which it through at Twilight's monster.

"I activate my Trap," Twilight said as he face down flipped up, "Guardian Seal. Now I can pay five hundred life points and negate any attack on a Spellcaster, then end the battle phase."

"But Twilight Unicorn's not a Spellcaster," Comet said.

"That's where you're wrong," Twilight said, "her ability makes her a Spellcaster." A magic circle appeared infront of the unicorn, blocking the fireball from striking.

Twilight: 3500
Comet: 4000

Celestia: Ooh, so close.

Luna: Twilight's crafty, that's for sure. How will Comet Tail respond.

Comet frowned as he ended his turn.

"It's my turn," Twilight said she went to her deck, "I draw and summon Aqua Charmer to the field." A female magician child appeared wearing blue water patterned clothing appeared, carrying a staff with a crystal water droplet on the end. (A500/D800/L2)

"And now," Twilight said, "I'll tune my Level four Twilight Unicorn with Level 2 Aqua Charmer." Her monsters flew up as Aqua Charmer transformed into a pair lights which carved circles for the unicorn to jump into. "The spirit of nature floods with world, as new power is unsealed." Her monsters disappeared in a flash of light, "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing, "Tempest Conjurer." (A2200/D1400/L6)

"Not bad," Comet said.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Twilight said, "because now I'm activating Tempest Conjurer effect. By looking at the top three cards of my deck, I can discard any Spell cards and increase his ATK by three hundred for each one." She drew three cards and viewed them, before placing one in the graveyard and the other two to the bottom of the deck. (A2500/D1400/L6) "ATTACK!"

Tempest Conjurer held up its staff and fired as electricity sparked from it, before pointing it at Meteor Blazer and firing a lightning bolt at it.

Comet leaped off the planet he was standing on and landed on another, before leaping off and onto another where he picked something up. It was an action card, but before he could play it his monster was struck by the lightning bolt and destroyed.

Twilight: 3500
Comet: 3600

"Plus when a Synchro Monster summoned using Aqua Charmer destroys a monster," Twilight explained, "I get to draw two cards."

"Impressive," Chrysalis said, "she certainly knows how to use those Spellcasters."

"Twilight's the smartest girl I know," Cadance said, "out thinking her isn't an easy feet."

"But Comet Tail is no slouch," Cold said, "despite his...charming personality he is an excellent Duellist. Twilight can't let her guard down."

"She won't," Shining said, "she knows how dangerous that is."

"Go Twilight," Spike said, "Comet doesn't stand a chance now."

"Don't be so sure," Flash said, "he wouldn't have gotten here if he didn't have an ace up his sleeve."

"I'll end my turn with a face down," Twilight said.

"My turn," Comet said as he went to his deck, "I draw." He looked at his card and smirked, before looking over at Twilight. "Now I'll discard the Action Spell I just got to activate the Spell card Meteor Blaze Eruption! With this, since Meteor Blazer is in my graveyard, I can now summon the more powerful Meteor Blaze Giant!"

From out of no where a meteor flew towards them, before exploding and a new monster appeared in its place. It looked like Meteor Blazer, but it was twice as large and much bulkier. It rock like skin was a dark, almost black, red and on its shoulders where what looked like mini volcanoes with lava spewing out of them. (A3000/D2800/L8)

"Oh boy," Twilight said as she looked up at large monster.

Celestia: An impressive monster. Twilight will need to be careful if she plans on surviving against it.

"Now attack!" Comet yelled as his monster brought its hands together and unleashed a flamethrower, which flew at Twilight's monster.

"I activate my face down," Twilight said as he card flipped up, "Negate Attack."

"I don't think so," Comet said, "because when Meteor Blaze Giant attacks, he negates the effects of any Traps you activate and destroys them."

The heat from Comet's monster's attack, caused Twilight's Trap to literally melt.

Twilight looked around and saw an Action Card on a nearby planet, causing her to leap of the one she was on and try and reach for it. As Meteor Blazer Giant's attack drew closer, Twilight managed to snag the Action Card and land on a lower planet. "I activate the Action Spell Miracle!" The flames struck Tempest Conjurer but he remained unharmed.

Twilight: 3100
Comet: 3600

Luna: Close one. Twilight Sparkle's Action Spell protected her monster from destruction and cut the damage she took in half.

"I end my turn with a face down," Comet said as he scowled. How was this girl stopping him so easily?

"It's my turn," Twilight said as she reached for the deck, "I draw!" She looked at her card a smiled seeing what she could do. "Now it's time to set the Pendulum Scale, with scale two Magi-Beast Midnight Owl and scale six Magi-Beast Mystic Dracokid." She placed two cards on her Duel Disk as it lit up. On either side of her, two columns of light appeared as two monsters flew up into them. The first was a light and dark brown owl with an orange beak and talons, while the second was a mainly purple dragon with a green underbelly and back spines.

The two monster stopped flying up as they reached ten feet in the air, before numbers appeared below them. They then looked up as a beam of light shot out of their eyes, connecting above Twilight's head and formed the portal. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Twilight said as the portal grew larger. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out, striking the ground and taking shape. "Twilight Unicorn!"

"Awesome," Flash said, "Twilight finally Pendulum Summoned."

"Comet doesn't stand a chance now," Rainbow said.

"Next I'll summon the Tuner Monster, Star Charmer in ATK mode." A young wizard appeared, wearing star patterned clothing and carrying a staff with a star on the top. (A300/D300/L1)

"And now!" Twilight said as her new monster rose its staff, "I'm tuning my Level one Star Charmer with Level six Tempest Magician." Star Charmer flew into the air and transformed into a single ball of light, which carved a circle that Tempest Magician flew into. "When two mighty magicians unite their magical power an amazing event will occur." In that moment her monsters disappeared in an explosion of light, "I SYNCHRO SUMMON."

The light faded revealing Twilight's ace. "Twilight Sorcerer!" (A2100/D2800/L7)

Comet raised an eyebrow. "Why'd you summon a monster with less ATK then your last one? This is what I was talking about earlier."

"There's more to a monster then its ATK points," Twilight said, "like my Sorcerer's ability. Once per turn I can randomly add a Spellbook from my deck to my hand." Her deck shuffled before it slotted out a card, which Twilight took and added to her hand. "And now I'll activate it. Spellbook of Power! This card grants my Spellcaster an additional one thousand ATK points for this turn." (A3100/D2800/L7) "what’s more, my Twilight Sorcerer has his own ability which increases his ATK by an extra one hundred points for each Spellbook in my grave. Since I have two, that's two hundred extra points." (A3300/D2800/L7)

Comet frowned at this.

"Attack!" Twilight ordered as her magician raised his staff. Seconds later a powerful burst of magical energy shot out of it, engulfing Meteor Blaze Giant and obliterating him.

Twilight: 3100
Comet: 3300

Celestia: There goes Comet's best monster, how will this effect the outset of the match?"

"What's more," Twilight said, "I also get to add another Spellbook to my hand." Once again her deck shuffled out a card, which she took and added to her hand. "Now my Twilight Unicorn with attack you directly," Twilight's monster pointed its horn at Comet and fired a purple blast.

Luna: If Comet doesn't do something, he'll be taking major damage from this attack.

"I activate my Trap," Comet said as his card flipped up, "Power Divider! This card cuts the damage I take in half, and for every four hundred points I lose, I can draw a new card." A barrier appeared infront of Comet, which the blast struck and then went through but was only at half strength as it struck Comet.

Twilight: 3100
Comet: 2400

Comet then drew two cards, adding them to his hand.

"I end my turn," Twilight said, "Twilight Sorcerer's ATK points reduce, but with two Spellbooks in the grave his ATK will still be slightly higher." (A2300/D2800/L7)

"Now that she's got Twilight Sorcerer on her field," Sunset said, "she'll be running this Duel from now on."

"Don't be so sure," Cold said, "this Duels far from over."

"But Twilight's got her best monster on the field?" Thorax asked, "and Comet's lost his best monster. How can he come back from that."

"We'll just have to wait and let him show us," Cold said.

"It's my turn," Comet said, "I draw!" He looked at the card he'd drawn and smiled.

Twilight didn't like the look of that smirk on his face.

"You should feel honoured," Comet told her, "not many people ever get to face my best monster."

"Wait," Twilight said, "Meteor Blaze Giant wasn't your best monster?"

"No it wasn't," Comet said, "let me show you my best." He took a card from his hand and placed it in his Duel Disk, which generated a holographic version of the card.

"I play Red-Eyes Fusion! With this, I can Fusion Summon a monster that requires a Red-Eyes as material. All I have to do is sacrifice the materials from my hand, field or deck." A card slotted out of his deck, which he took and placed in the graveyard along with a card from his hand. "Now I'll take my Meteor Dragon and combined it with my Beast King of the Swamps, which will be substituting for Red-Eyes."

Two new monsters appeared on the field. One was a dragon whose body was designed around a meteor, with two stubby legs and wings. The second was a green slime creature, which shifted and changed into the shape of a dragon. The two were then sucked into a vortex which appeared above them. "Born in the deepest, darkest corner of the universe, this creature now appears to eradicate everything around it," Comet said as the vortex exploded. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded and revealed a new monster. It was a dragon that had a combination of purple and orange skin, with red veins covering its body. "Meteor Black Dragon!" (A3500/D2000/L8)

Everyone's eyes went wide at the sight of the monster. Twilight looked up at the giant dragon, not sure how she was gonna take it down.

Celestia: What an incredibly ferocious monster.

Luna: I certainly wouldn't wanna meet it in a dark alley.

"Now let me show you his full power," Comet said as he leaped onto his dragon's back. "Meteor Black Dragon, attack Twilight Sorcerer."

The dragons mouth filled with flames, before launching a giant fireball at the wizard.

Twilight looked around for an Action Card, but just as she spotted on the dragons attack struck her monster and destroyed it. The explosion was so powerful, it sent Twilight flying off her planet and smashing into another one.

Twilight: 1900
Comet: 2400

"TWILIGHT!" Her friends all screamed.

Celestia: That had to hurt.

"Get up Twilight!" Flash yelled to her.

"This is just a set back," Rarity said, "you can still win."

As Twilight picked herself up and got her balance of the round surface, she looked up at Comet who was flying around the Action Field on his dragon.

"Now do you get it?" He said to her as he sat down on his dragons head, "real Duellists use real monsters. The strongest monsters always win, that's a fact, so controlling the strongest monster makes you the strongest Duellist."

Twilight didn't like this boys attitude. "A monsters strength is only one of the things that can determine a Duels outcome. Many other factors also apply."

"Is that so," Comet said, "then I'll eliminate those factors one by one." He took a card from his hand and placed it inside his Duel Disk. "I activate the Equip Spell Red-Eyes Vail, which I'll be equipping to Meteor Black Dragon."

This confused a few spectators.

"I thought a Red-Eyes card could only be equipped to Red-Eyes monsters?" Scootaloo asked.

"Yeah," Applebloom asked, "how come he's equipping it to that one."

"Red-Eyes Fusion," Rarity explained, "an additional effect causes the summoned monster to be treated as Red-Eyes Black Dragon."

"So Meteor Black Dragon can use all the Spells and monster effects Red-Eyes would normally use?" Sweetie asked her sister.

"Exactly," Applejack said, "what's worse is Red-Eyes is a card that has a lot of support cards."

"With Red-Eyes Vail," Comet explained, "Meteor Black Dragon is immune from being destroyed or banished by any card effects. The only way you're getting rid of it is in a straight up battle."

Twilight frowned as she saw a black light surround Comet's dragon.

"I end my turn," Comet said.

Twilight looked down at her hand but nothing she had could defeat Meteor Black Dragon, not with that vail protecting it. "I draw and summon Defender the Magical Knight, in DEF mode." Her shield carrying knight appeared, raising its large defensive weapon. (A1600/D2000/L4) "What's more, when Defender is summoned, I can add a Spell Counter to him." The orb in the centre of his shield glowed. "I switch Twilight Unicorn to DEF mode and end my turn."

"My turn," Comet said as he went to his deck, "I draw and summon another Meteor Blazer in ATK mode." Another humanoid rock monster appeared, its body then unleashing a powerful flame. (A1500/D1400/L4) "I'll then us him to attack Twilight Unicorn," he ordered as his monster created a fireball which it shot at Twilight's Pendulum Monster.

"I activate Defender's ability," Twilight said as her Magical Knight leaped infront of her Magi-Beast and raised its shield. "By removing a Spell Counter, I can negate the destruction of one of my Spell Caster which my Unicorn counts as." A fire ball bounced off the shield, leaving the two monsters unharmed.

"Fine," Comet said, "then I'll destroy Defender with Meteor Black Dragon." His monster unleashed a powerful blast from its mouth, which struck Defender and destroyed it. "I'll place one card face down and end my turn."

"My turn," Twilight as she drew and looked at her card, "I summon Magicians Valkyria in DEF mode." Her hook staff wielding spellcaster appeared, before taking a defensive stance alongside her Unicorn. (A1600/D1800/L4) "Turn end."

Celestia: Twilight building a powerful defensive formation. Will Comet be able to break through?

"My turn," Comet said, "I draw and activate my face down, Dragon's Rage. This Continuous Trap allows any of my dragon monsters to inflict piercing damage!"

Everyone gasped hearing this.

"Next I'll equip Meteor Blazer with Salamandra," he said as he repeated the move he made of his first turn. Like before his monster's flames intensified and took the shape of a large flaming serpent as his power increased. (A2100/D1400/L4) "Now Meteor Dragon, attack Twilight Unicorn!" Comet yelled as his monster unleashed a powerful fireball attack, which soared toward Twilight Unicorn.

Luna: If this attack hits, it's all over.

"I don't think so," Twilight said. In that moment Magician's Valkyria leaped infront of Twilight Unicorn, taking the blast and being destroyed.

Twilight: 200
Comet: 2400

"What happened?" Comet asked, horrified that his winning attack was stopped.

"While Magician's Valkyria in on the field, you can't attack any other Spellcaster," Twilight explained, "so your attack got rerouted."

Comet growled. "Meteor Blazer, destroy Twilight Unicorn." The humanoid rock monster unleashed a fireball, which flew towards the Magi-Beast.

Twilight looked around, hoping to find an Action Spell to save her monster. Then she saw it, three planets away, a card. Leaping off her planet she jumped over to it and just before the attack hit, she grabbed the card and looked at it. The attack struck Twilight Unicorn, destroying it.

"Why didn't Twilight use the Action Card?" Spike asked.

"Don't tell me she got a Trap," Rainbow said.

"Twilight," Flash said in worry.

"Your sister doesn't appear to be doing to well," Chrysalis said.

"She'll be fine," Shining said, "you don't have to worry about her."

"He's right," Cadance said, "when things look bad, that's when Twilight's at her best."

"But she's lost her best monster," Thorax said, "how's she gonna win now?"

"I end my turn," Comet said before smirking, "looks like we'll be going on that date after all."

Twilight looked down at the Action Card she'd snagged, before looking down at her deck and then up at her Pendulum Scale. In the back of her mind a plan was forming, making her smile was it was complete.

"It's go time," she said as she went to her deck, "I...DRAW!" She looked at the card and smiled. "First I'll use my Pendulum Scale to once again carve the arc of victory," she said as the portal began to form, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a single light shot out, hitting the ground and becoming Twilight Unicorn. (A1800/D1300/L4/P7)

"Next I'll use the Pendulum Ability of my Midnight Owl," Twilight explained, "which lets me discard a card and then add a Spellbook from my deck to my hand." Her deck shuffled before slotting out a card, which she took. "Then I'll activate it, Spellbook of Rebirth. With this I can revive a monster from the graveyard, so now I'll bring back Twilight Sorcerer!"

In a brilliant flash of light, Twilight's ace monster reappeared. (A2100/D2800/L7)

"So what?" Comet asked, "none of those monsters stands a chance against my Meteor Black Dragon."

"Give me a minute," Twilight said. "Next I'll activate the Action Spell I got last turn, Shooting Star Summon! With this I can select a monster on my field and lower its Level by any amount I wish, so I'll pick Twilight Unicorn and decrease its Level by two." Two lights shot out of the monster, flying into the sky. (A1800/D1300/L2/P7)

"Now I can summon a monster from my deck whose Level is equal to or lower then two," Twilight explained as the light collided and exploded. "I summon Royal Charmer!" The young wizard in majestic clothing appeared. (A100/D100/L1)

Sunset smiled seeing that card. Remembering the outcome of their last Duel.

"Here we go! Twilight almost yelled, "I tune Royal Charmer with Twilight Sorcerer and Twilight Unicorn!" Her Tuner's staff gave off a brilliant light which almost blinded everyone. The light began to take shape, forming a twenty foot transparent version of Royal Charmer who held his hands together as Twilight Sorcerer and Twilight Unicorn jumped between them into a ball of light. "Eternal Magic born from the united strength of friends working together," Twilight chanted as the two monsters became transparent before disappearing in an explosion of light that once again blinded everyone in the stadium. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light slowly began to fade, as Twilight's monster was revealed. "Imperial Magician of Twilight!" (A3500/D2800/L10)

Everyone marvelled at the sight of Twilight's new monster. Celestia and Luna where speechless.

Comet was growing nervous. That monster had the same ATK points as his dragon, meaning if she could power it up his would be destroyed.

"I attack!" Twilight yelled as her monster levitated itself into the air and then raised its staff towards the dragon. "Now I'll activate my Magician's effect, which lets me remove any number of Spellbooks from my graveyard." Three Spellbooks appeared infront of Twilight's Magician, which opened and each fired a beam of light which struck Meteor Black Dragon.

"What's happening?" Comet asked.

"For every Spellbook removed from play," Twilight explained, "my Magician of Twilight can suck away five hundred ATK points from your monster and add them to his own."

"WHAT!?" He screamed.

As the magic beams intensified, Meteor Black Dragon began to grow weaker. (A2000/D2000/L8)

Meanwhile the books closed and then flew around Imperial Magician of Twilight and formed a circle, before opening and shooting the beams at him. Unlike before as the beams hit him he felt a rush of power as he gained the strength sapped from the dragon. (A5000/D2800/L10)

"Five thousand ATK points!" Comet yelled.

"Who's the stronger monster now," Twilight said as her Magician's staff began to glow. "It's over! ROYAL BLAST!" The Magician fired a massive burst of magical energy, which rocked the earth as it flew toward Meteor Black Dragon. Finally it struck the monster, vaporising it and sending Comet flying.

Twilight: 200 (Winner)
Comet: 0

Celestia: It's over! Twilight has defeated Comet and will be moving onto the next round.

"SHE DID IT!" Her friends all cheered.

"Did you see that?" Spike asked.

"Yeah I did!" Flash replied, "that was incredible."

"I'm in shock," Chrysalis said, "I didn't think she would pull it back like that."

"I told you," Shining said, "my sister's no push over."

"That Comet boy made a big mistake underestimating her," Cadance said.

As the field began to dissolve, Twilight moved over to where Comet had landed.

"I don't understand," Comet said, "how could I lose to a girl."

"Grow up," Twilight told him, "what do you think this is, the nineteen forties?"

Comet growled up at her.

"If I remember correctly," Twilight said, "you agreed that if I won you'd do anything I want. Well I want you to stop making fun of girls."

Comet frowned.

"I'll leave you to think it over," Twilight said as she turned and left.

Up in the stands, Shadow and Adagio were watching.

"She's not bad," Adagio said, "nothing compared to me of course but still not to bad."

"We'll have to keep an eye on her," Shadow said as he turned to leave. "Let's just focus on collecting the Ener-D, like father told us."

"If you say so," Adagio said, "but we can still have some fun doing it." She looked over at where Twilight's friends were sitting, focusing her gaze on two of the. "Besides," she said, "I've got a score to settle."

Author's Note:

And we have Twilight's first Duel of the season. Hope you enjoyed it.

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