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Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates - Banshee531

The Celestic Cup Finals have arrived. Who will take the crown and what mysterious ploys are being plotted in the shadows? Only time will tell.

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Turn 5, Rocking Party

It was match three of the Celestic Cup final's first round.

The computer had paired Applejack against Derpy and the two were playing on the Action Field Smile Land, which looked like something out of a over happy kids colouring book.

Applejack: 1100
Derpy: 900

Currently Applejack had just summoned Orchard Cowboy to her field, while Derpy had Ditsy Goddess and one face down.

"I attack your Ditsy Goddess with my cowboy," Applejack said as her monster drew his pistol and aimed a shot at the opposing monster.

"I active Ditsy Dynamic," Derpy said as her face down flipped up, "to swap our monster's ATK points."

"I don't think so," Applejack said, "because I'm using my cowboy's ability. By removing one Overlay Unit, I can negate your cards effect." One of the Orchard Cowboy's Overlay Units flew into the his revolver as he fired a blast that hit the Spell, destroying it instantly.

"Uh oh," Derpy said.

"Fire!" Applejack said as her cowboy fired its over gun, blasting Ditsy Goddess and defeating her.

Applejack: 1100 (Winner)
Derpy: 0

Celestia: We have a winner. Applejack has bested Derpy.

Luna: She'll be moving onto the next round, while Derpy will be heading home early.

"Yay Applejack," Applebloom cheered, "that's showin em."

She did great," Twilight said, "I know how tough it is to beat Derpy."

"Excelente!" Tidal cheered.

"Her Cowboy's ability really came in handy there," Flash said, "hope I don't get her next round."

"If you two keep winning you'll have to face off against each other eventually," Rainbow told him.

"Yeah you're right," he replied.

"So both Flash and Applejack are through," Spike said, "along with...what's the name of the other one?"

"Vinyl," Fluttershy reminded him, "Vinyl Scratch."

"Right," Spike said, "that's three Duels down and five more for today."

"Right," Rarity said, "but who's gonna Duel next."

As if to answer her directly, the Celestic Sisters came onto the stage.

Celestia: Three down and five to go. We'll be taking an hour long break after this next Duel, so don't go anywhere.

Luna: Time to figure out who'll be playing against one another next.

She pulled out her remote and pressed the button. The megascreen came on and showed the images of the remaining fourteen A Block Duellists, which spun around hiding the images. Once again they began randomly spinning, until one shot out and flipped around.

Celestia: Pinkie Pie!

"I'm up!" Pinkie screamed happily.

"But who's your opponent?" Flash asked.

A second image shot out, showing who Pinkie would be Dueling and it made everyone gasp.

Luna: Maud Pie! It's a sibling Duel.

"Well that was unexpected," Rainbow said.

"Tell me about it," Applejack said as she arrived in the stands, "good luck Pinkie."

"Thanks," Pinkie said, not seeming bothered that she was up against her older sister. "I'd better get down to the arena."

"Don't worry," Fluttershy called out after her, "you'll be fine."

Once she was gone, they looked at each other nervously. "Think she'll be okay?" Rainbow asked.

"Maybe," Twilight said, "we don't know what kind of deck Maud uses. It could be Pinkie can beat her, but it all depends."

Up in the main box, the VIPs were enjoying themselves.

"Quite a collection of Duellists," Chrysalis said as she took a sip from her chardonnay, "each just as interesting as the last."

"What would you expect?" Cadance told her, "they're the ones who made it passed all the other Duellists. The best of the best."

"And this next Duellist is sure to entertain," Shining said, "her Deck is incredibly difficult to get a grip on."

"Interesting," Chrysalis said.

"It looks like they're about to start," Sunset said.

Celestia: Let's welcome our Duellists onto the stage.

Luna: Pinkie and Maud Pie. Which sibling will claim victory over the other?

Everyone watched as the two stepped out onto the field, meeting in the middle were the referee was standing.

"Heads of tails?" He asked them as he held up the coin.

"Tails!" Pinkie screamed.

Maud just nodded.

The man nodded and flipped the coin, before looking down at it. "Tails, Pinkie Pie will go first."

The two nodded and looked at one another.

"I won't go easy on you Pinkie," Maud said simply.

"Good," Pinkie replied with a big smile, "that makes it more fun."

Celestia: Let's get this Duel underway.

Luna: Time to see which field we'll be using for this Duel.

She held up the remote and pressed the button, a second later the floor glowed as it formed the Duel Field.


In the blink of an eye, Pinkie and Maud were transported to a world made entirely of sugar. Everything was made out of some kind of treat, with gingerbread houses, lollipop trees and even lakes of ice cream.

Both: It's Candy Park!

"WOW!" Pinkie screamed as she looked around, "delicious."

"I'm not a big fan of sugar," Maud said plainly, "but this'll do for an Action Field."

Celestia: In that case, let's get this going. in THREE!

Luna: TWO!"

All: ONE"


Pinkie: 4000
Maud: 4000


"My turn," Pinkie said as she went to her deck, "I draw!" She looked down at her cards and smiled, "and I'll start by summoning Balloonimal Pony, in ATK mode." A bunch of pink balloons appeared in front of her, before twisting together to take the shape of a large horse. (A1700/D1100/L4) Pinkie jumped on her monsters back, as it began bouncing around the field. "I place on card face down and end my turn."

Celestia: A solid start for Pinkie, can her sister keep up?

"It's my turn," Maud said as she placed her hand on her deck and closed her eyes. A second later they opened again, only now they were different, they were serious. "DRAW!"

Everyone was surprised by Maud's sudden yell.

"Since when did she get loud?" Flash asked.

"It could be," Twilight said, "that she has a split personality. Maybe when she Duels she changes."

"You think?" Spike asked.

"Only one way to find out," Rainbow said.

"I summon Rockstone Warrior," Maud said, "in ATK mode!" A giant humanoid made out of rocks appeared in front of her.

"Rock Monsters," Pinkie said as she looked back, "just like you Maud."

"PINKIE!" She heard Twilight scream from the audience, "LOOK OUT!"

Looking forward, Pinkie discovered she and her monster were galloping towards a lake of chocolate ice cream. She tried to pull her monster to a stop, but it was to late and the two fell into the lake.

Her friends all cringed at the sight.

"I'd give that dive a two point five," Flash joked.

"Pinkie needs to focus if she's gonna stand a chance," Twilight said.

"Pinkie?" Rainbow said, "focus? Yeah, good luck with that."

As Pinkie and her monster's heads broke through the surface of the lake, they saw Maud and her monster walking over to her.

"Now I attack with Rockstone Warrior!" Maud ordered as her monster charged at them, looking like it was gonna body slam Balloonimal Pony.


"I'm activating my Action Spell," Pinkie said as she and her monster leaped out the lake, before she placed a card in her Duel Disk.

"Where'd she get that?" Sweetie asked.

"Yeah," Applebloom agreed, "I didn't see her pick it up."

"I wonder," Applejack said, "was it in the ice cream?"

"She must have picked it up when she fell in," Twilight said.

"Go, Evasion!" Pinkie screamed as she jumped onto her monster, as it bounced out the way of Rockstone Warrior's attack.

Maud frowned at this. "I'm placing two cards face down and ending my turn."

Luna: Pinkie's making full use of this fields delicious treats.

Celestia: I certainly wouldn't mind Duelling on this field.

"If all the Action Cards are in deserts," Rarity said, "those two are gonna need a diet."

"It's a hologram," Rainbow remained her, "they can't actually eat it."

"To bad," Spike said as he licked his lips, "it sure looks good."

"It's my turn," Pinkie said as she went to her deck, "I draw!" She looked at the card and smiled, "I'm playing the Spell card Polymerisation!" She placed a Spell into her Duel Disk, as a portal above her appeared. "Now I can fuse my Balloonimal Pony, with the Balloonimal Eagle in my hand." Her brown balloon bird appeared next to the pony, before the two were sucked into the portal. "I'm fusing the dashing speed of a pony with the winged flight of an eagle," she said as the portal suddenly exploded. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded, revealing Pinkie's newest monster. It looked like Balloonimal Pony, but it now had pink wings on its back. "Balloonimal Pegasus!" (A?/D?/L7)

"A Fusion Summoner," Chrysalis said in intrigue, "interesting. I look forward to seeing how her play style works."

"Like we said," Sunset told her, "her deck's tricky to work around."

"That's right," Shining said, "Maud will have her work cut out for her."

"But wouldn't Maud know Pinkie's deck?" Thorax asked, "They must have Duelled before."

"Good point," Cold said, "in the end this game is all about who can get the most out of their decks."

Everyone nodded.

Pinkie leaped onto a staircase made of chocolate bars, running up and leaping off and onto her monster's back. "My Pegasus's ATK and DEF points are the combined total of the monsters used to Fusion Summon him, so seventeen hundred added onto Eagle's twelve hundred makes twenty nine hundred!" (A2900/D1900/L7)

"Impressive," Maud said, "so what next?"

"Next," Pinkie said, "I'll summon Balloonimal Dog in ATK mode." Her balloon canine appeared on the ground, just below where her Pegasus was floating. "Now I attack with Pegasus!" The winged horse flew at Rockstone Warrior, ready to turn it into rubble.

"I activate my face down," Maud said as her monster flipped face up, "Negate Attack. This card negates your attack and ends the Battle Phase, meaning my monster's safe." A barrier appeared between the two monsters, causing them to be pushed back and out of harms way.

"I end my turn," Pinkie said.

"My turn," Maud said, "I draw and attack your Balloonimal Pegasus with Rockstone Warrior!"

This confused quite a few people.

"Why would she attack a monster with more then a thousand more ATK points?" Rarity asked.

"She's planning something," Tidal said, "that's for sure."

Rockstone Warrior charged forward, before leaping into the air and tackling Balloonimal Pegasus. However, the rock monster just bounced off the balloon animal and felt towards the ground, crashing into it.

Celestia: That had to hurt.

Luna: Indeed. And now Maud will have to take the damage.

Everyone looked up at the megascreen, expecting her points to change but.

Pinkie: 4000
Maud: 4000

Luna: Huh? Someone might want to check the system.

"There's nothing wrong with the system," Maud explained, "when Rockstone Warrior attacks, I take no damage and since he was destroyed I get these." Suddenly a pair of small Rockstone Warriors appeared. (A0/D0/L1)

"Tokens" Twilight realised.

"Not good," Flash said.

"And now," Maud said "I'm activating my face down." Her card flipped up, revealing a Quick Play Spell. "Battle Call. This card lets me summon a monster from my hand, by tributing the same number of monsters I would have needed to summon it properly. So I'll be tributing my two Rockstone Tokens," she said as he monster disappeared, "to summon my Level eight Megastone Golem!" A flash of light appeared behind her, as a ten meter tall golem appeared. It was made entirely of stone, with metal armouring around its wrists, chest and a metal helmet on its head. A white cape flowed down its back. (A2800/D3000/L8)

Everyone looked up at the giant monster, each getting a feeling it had some major power behind it.

Maud's monster bent down and picked her up, before placing her on her shoulder as she looked down on her little sister. "And don't forget that it's still my turn," Maud said, "so I'll have my Megastone Golem attack your Balloonimal Dog." The giant raised its colossal fist, before firing it at Pinkie's monster.

"I activate my Trap," Pinkie said as he face down flipped up, "Half Unbreak!" A barricade of bubbles appeared infront of the balloon animal, blocking the giant's attack. "This card keeps my monster from going pop, while also cutting the damage I would have taken in half."

Pinkie: 3100
Maud: 4000

"Well my Golem's special ability now kicks in," Maud explained, "after it attacks, it's ATK points increase by two hundred." (A3000/D3000/L8) "I end my turn."

"Pinkie was lucky she managed to prevent so much damage," Twilight said, "but that Golem's gonna be tough to beat."

"Yeah but Pinkie's no push over," Flash said, "we've just gotta trust her deck's got something that can help her."

Everyone nodded at this.

"My turn," Pinkie said, "I draw and play Surprise Draw. With this I can tribute one of my Balloonimals and draw cards equal to its level, so I'll pop my Balloonimal Dog and draw three." Her monster burst, as Pinkie drew three new cards. "Next I'll play Pot of Greed, to draw two more cards." Once again she added cards from her deck to her hand, which now held seven cards.

Celestia: Pinkie's managed to rebuild her hand, using her Spell cards.

Luna: Question is, what will she do with that hand?

Pinkie just smiled. "I'm using Scale seven Balloonimal Mouse and Scale one Balloonimal Rhino, to set the Pendulum Scale!" She placed two cards on her Duel Disk as it lit up. One either side of her, two columns of light appeared as two monsters flew up into them. The first was a white mouse like creature with pink ears and feet, while the second was a grey rhino like creature.

The two monster stopped flying up as they reached ten feet in the air, before numbers appeared below them. They then looked up as a beam of light shot out of their eyes, connecting above her head and opening the portal. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and shot out two beams of light, which struck the ground and took shape.

"Balloonimal Dog." (A1000/D1000/L3)

The second beam of light became a green lizard like balloon animal. "Balloonimal Chameleon." (A1100/D1100/L4/P4)

"Now I'll activate Balloonimal Mouse's Pendulum Ability," Pinkie said, "which lets me fuse my monsters together." Balloonimal Mouse unleashed a beam from its eyes, opened a vortex above the monsters. "I'm also using Balloonimal Chameleon's ability, to substitute for any other monster in a Fusion Summon." Chameleon and Dog were sucked into the vortex. "Now I'm fusing my two monsters into one," she said as the vortex exploded. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing a two headed version of Balloonimal Dog. "Balloonimal Orthrus." (A2000/D2000/L6)

Everyone clapped at the Pendulum Summon and its use.

Celestia: Impressive, what a move.

Luna: How will she use this development.

"Next I'm activating Air Pump," Pinkie said, "which increases my monster's ATK points by one thousand." Pegasus suddenly expanded in size. (A3900/D1900/L7) "Now I attack," she said as she and her monster flew at Megastone Golem

Maud looked around and saw an Action Card on the side of a candy cane. Using her Golem's shoulder as a spring board, she leaped up and managed to grab the card and swing back onto the ground. Looking down at the card, she suddenly frowned seeing it was an Action Trap.

Celestia: Toothache. What else do you expect in a world of sugar.

Luna: That Action Trap forces her to send to top three cards of her deck to the graveyard.

Maud did as the card instructed, before looking up at her monster which was then struck by Pegasus and destroyed.

Pinkie: 3100
Maud: 3100

"I activate my face down," Maud said as her card flipped up to reveal a Trap. "Rubble Summon. Since a Rock Type Monster was destroyed, I can now summon any two Rock Monsters whose combined Levels equal my Megastone Golem's Level. So I'll summon a pair of Stone Sentry."

From the debris of her monster, two new golems appeared in ATK mode. (A1400/D1300/L4)X2

"Well my Balloonimal Orthrus can take them," Pinkie said, "plus its ability lets it attack twice in one turn."

The two headed balloon dog charged at the first Stone Sentry, biting down on it with one of its heads and destroying it.

Pinkie: 3100
Maud: 2500

It then used its other head to bite down on the second, also destroying it.

Pinkie: 3300
Maud: 1900

"I end my turn," Pinkie said, "Balloonimal Pegasus's ATK points return to normal." (A2900/D1900/L7)

Up in the stands, the others were cheering.

"Way to go Pinkie!" Twilight cheered.

"Great Pendulum Summon," Flash said.

"She might just win this," Sweetie said.

"GO PINKIE!" Spike yelled

"It's my turn," Maud said as she went to her deck, "I draw and now my Stone Sentry's ability activates. By banishing it from my graveyard, I can draw two cards and since I'm banishing two I get four cards." She drew her cards and smiled. "Now I'm setting the Pendulum Scale, using Scale three Stone Serpent and Scale nine Stone Rhino."

She placed two cards on her Duel Disk as it lit up. One either side of her, two columns of light appeared as two monsters flew up into them. The first was a giant snake like creature made out of large boulders, while the other was a bipedal rhino like creature with skin made of of a rock like surface.

The two monster stopped flying up as they reached ten feet in the air, before numbers appeared below them. They then looked up as a beam of light shot out of their eyes, connecting above her head and opening the portal. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and three beams shot out, striking the ground and take shape of monster. The first two were in DEF mode, while the other was in ATK mode.

The first was a train like creature made out of bones. "Fossil Tusker." (A1800/D0/L4)

The second was a golem made of rocks, with a purple cape on its back. "Granmarg the Rock Monarch." (A2400/D1000/L6)

The last one was a fifteen meter golem in stone armour, carrying a giant stone axe with stone blades on either end. "Tectonic Colossal." (A3500/D2000/L8)

Everyone gawked at the sight of Tectonic Colossal, which was towering above them all.

"That monster needs its own zip code," Rainbow said.

"I hope Pinkie can survive it," Applejack said.

"I activate Tectonic Colossal's ability," Maud said, "an ability that makes it so that by skipping by Battle Phase, I can destroy every ATK position monster on the field." The giant raised its colossal axe, before swing it at the ground and striking it. The force of the strike, caused shock waves to shot out around the field.

Pinkie's monsters were each struck by the waves, causing them both to burst and Pinkie was sent flying of her monster.

"And now for the other half of this effect," Maud said, "for every monster that was destroyed, I can inflict damage to its owner equal to the monsters combined Level value times two hundred."

Pinkie: 500
Maud: 1900

"Pinkie's down to only five hundred life points," Rainbow said in worry.

"That monster's so powerful," Twilight said in worry.

"On the bright side," Tidal told them, "Senorita Maud can't attack this turn."

"That's good," Flash said, "it gives Pinkie time to try and fight back."

"But how can she?" Fluttershy asked, "against something that powerful?"

"If anyone can," Applejack said, "Pinkie can."

"Maud sure is impressive," Cadance said, "I don't think I've ever seen somebody use Rock Monsters like her."

"Indeed she is impressive," Chrysalis said, "but her sister is no slouch either. I'm quite looking forward to seeing if and how she gets out of this."

"You and me both," Cold said as they continued to watch the Duel.

Celestia: It seems the older sibling will be taking this match, unless Pinkie has an ace up her sleeve.

Luna: This Duel has been back and fourth all game, but can Pinkie pull it back again?

Pinkie managed to pull herself into a standing position, looking up she saw he hair had flattered so she placed her thumb in her mouth a blew causing it to pump up somehow. Once that was done she looked up at her sister, atop her giant monster.

The two stared at each other for several seconds, before Maud broke out a smile and Pinkie burst out laugh.

"THIS IS GREAT!" The pink haired Duellist screamed in joy, "I'm loving it."

"Same here," Maud said, "Duelling you's always fun. You've improved a heck of a lot since our last match."

"Thanks Maud," Pinkie said, "you are the one who taught me how to Duel, so I'm glad I haven't disappointed you. You were also the one who made me realise what I love about Duelling, making others smile."

They both looked around the arena, only seeing smiles on the faces of the people watching.

"When I Duelled you and made you smile," Pinkie continued, "it made me realise how much joy I got to spread doing it. Thank you."

"Your welcome Pinkie," Maud said before her eyes turned serious, "now let's do this!"

Pinkie nodded and went to her deck. "It's my turn, I DRAW!" She drew her card and her eyes went wide at what she saw. "I'm playing Fusion Pop," she said as she place the card in her Duel Disk. "Now I can fuse Balloonimals in my graveyard and my field, to bring out my biggest baddest monster." Her field lit up as her formally destroyed monsters reappeared. Balloonimal Pony, Chameleon, two dogs, Pegasus and Orthrus appeared, before being a vortex opened and they were sucked inside. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

The vortex exploded, revealing Pinkie's best monster. "BALLOONIMAL CHIMERA!" (A?/D?/L10)

The large Fusion Monster landed on the field, allowing Pinkie to jump onto its back. "Balloonimal Chimera's ATK and DEF points become the total number of monsters I used to Fusion Summon it, times by eight hundred. (A4800/D4800/L10)

"Well my Colossal has an ability that means you can't attack it while I have other monsters on the field," Maud explained.

"That's fine," Pinkie said, "because my Chimera can attack multiple times. Once for each monster I used to Fusion Summon it."

"So how many attacks does she get?" Spike asked having lost count of the monsters uses."

"Six," Twilight explained.

"That's enough to take Maud out," Flash said.

"Pinkie's gonna win!" Scootaloo cheered.

"Balloonimal Chimera," Pinkie cried out, "ATTACK!"

The monster charged forward, aiming at Fossil Tusker and striking it down.

Meanwhile Maud was looking around, looking for the one thing that could save her. And as Chimera finished destroying Granmarg, she saw it. Leaping off her monsters shoulder, Maud landed on its axe which Colossal was moving towards the location. As Chimera lunched at Colossal, Maud leaped of the axe and into a cake.

Celestia: Can Maud save her monster, or is this Duel over?

As Chimera got closer to Colossal, Maud resurfaced from the cake holding up a card.

"I activate the Action Spell, Candy Shower!"

From out of no where, candy began to rain from the sky. Pinkie looked around in confusion, before her monster suddenly stopped attacking and moved over to a pile of candy and began eating.

"Hey," she said, "this is no time for sweets."

"Candy Shower forces your monster into DEF mode," Maud said, "meaning your attack is over."

Pinkie just frowned at this, before ending her turn.

"Awe man," Spike said, "she almost had it."

"Maybe," Twilight said, "but it's not all bad news. Her monster's DEF points are way higher then Tectonic Colossal's ATK, plus its effect only works on ATK position monsters."

"So Pinkie's safe," Flash said.

"I didn't say that," Twilight said.

"Well Pinkie," Maud said as she reached for her deck, "this is it. If I can't win this this turn, you'll take me out next turn."

Pinkie smiled at this. One draw was about to decide the fate of this Duel, which was super fun.

Celestia: Maud's final draw, what will it produce?"

Luna: Only one way to find out.

"It's my turn," Maud said, "I...DRAW!" She drew her card, looked at it and smiled. "I activate Stop Defence!"

Everyone gasped hearing that, before looking at Pinkie's monster which stood up.

"And now I'm using Tectonic Colossal's special ability," Maud said as her monster once again raised its axe and slammed it into the ground. The force unleashed the shock waves, which flew at Pinkie's monster.

Pinkie just smiled as she waited for the attack to hit and when it did, destroying her monster, she still smiled as she was sent flying.

Pinkie: 0
Maud: 1900 (Winner)

Celestia: And that's it, the match is over.

Luna: Maud Pie will be moving onto the next round.

As the Action Field dispersed, Maud moved over to where Pinkie was laying.

"Are you okay?" She asked, now back to her monotone state.

"I'm fine," Pinkie said as she sat back up, "that was super duper fun."

"It was," Maud said as she held out her hand to help her sister up.

"Thanks Maud," Pinkie said once she was up, before throwing her arms around her sister.

"You're welcome," she said simply patting her sister on the back.

"Well good luck in the next round," Pinkie said as they pulled away, "I know you'll do great."

"Hope so," Maud said.

With that, the two sisters went there separate ways, returning to their waiting rooms.

"Poor Pinkie," Sweetie said, "she was doing so well."

"That's just the way the Duel is played," Rarity told her sister, "she did the best she could and has nothing to regret."

Everyone nodded at this, all in agreement that Pinkie did great.

Up in the VIP box, they to were watching.

"It seems the older sibling proved to much for the younger one this time," Chrysalis said.

"She just got lucky," Cadance said, "which can sometimes make all the difference in a Duel."

"Good point," Chrysalis said.

"I wonder who's gonna be up next?" Thorax asked.

"Hard to say," Cold said, "we won't be learning for a while."

In that moment the Celestic Sisters came onto the stage.

Celestia: With the conclusion of Duel four, we'll now be taking a one hour break.

Luna: Grab something to eat, make a stop at the rest room or even stop off at the merchant tables. Whatever you feel like doing, go for it. Just make sure you're back here before the second half begins.

"You guys wanna go grab something to eat?" Flash asked as he got up.

"Sure," Twilight said.

Everyone else nodded and headed out.

The first day of the Celestic Cup Final's were already half over, but with one more half to go it was looking to be an exciting week ahead.

Author's Note:

I know this is probably a cop out with me not showing all the matches, but considering how many Duellists I've got playing can you blame me.

If you guys wanna write your own Duels based on the ones I skipped, go for it. If not, just keep watching.

Also if you're having trouble picturing Maud's Monsters.

Megastone Golem=Metagolem.

Tectonic Colossal=Hammer Gorem.

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