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Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates - Banshee531

The Celestic Cup Finals have arrived. Who will take the crown and what mysterious ploys are being plotted in the shadows? Only time will tell.

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Turn 2, Shadow

In a dark unknown place, a figure sat in a large throne infront of a group of large computer screens. On said screens were videos of Flash Duelling.

"I PENDULUM SUMMON!" A video of Flash spoke as he summoned Flash Heart Dragon against Cold Steel.

Two other screens showed videos of his match against Tidal and Spike. "I FUSION SUMMON!"

Three others, had videos of the teen's match against Shining, the Flim Flam Brothers and Grand Hoof. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

"So their son is growing stronger," the figure said, "but he will not stop me. In fact those fools are simply helping my own cause."

Suddenly, two cloaked figures entered the room. They both walked up and stopped at the bottom of a staircase leading up to where the throne was sat.

"Your majesty," on of them said in a female voice, "they have arrived."

"Very well," the figure replied, "send them in."

The two nodded and turned to leave. A minute or so later they returned, followed by six other cloaked individuals.

Once standing at the bottom of the stair, they all bowed to the figure.

"We live to serve you your highness," they said in unison.

The figure spun around in his throne and looked down upon them, his face shielded by the darkness. "Arise my Shadow Duelists," the dark figure said, "the time has come."

The all stood up.

"Shadow, Adagio."

"Yes your majesty," two of the shorter figures stepped forward.

"You know what you must do," he told them, "succeed and be rewarded. Fail and know my fury."

"We will not fail you father," Shadow replied, "you have my vow."

"Good," the figure replied, "then go. You have a party to attend."

The two nodded and turned to leave.

Once they were gone, one of the taller of the four remaining figures stepped forward. "What of us my king?"

"You were all incapable of acquiring the needed points," he said before looking down at the one who'd spoke, "but you my dear, will act as my eyes and ears in this tournament."

"Yes your majesty," the female replied.

"The rest of you be ready to execute the plan when ready," the figure said.

"Yes your highness," the others said before leaving the room.

Once they were gone, the figure turned back to the screens. "And so it begins. I have to wonder what the great savour of humanity is doing right now?"

"OW," Flash cried as Grand was busy combing the teen's usually wind swept hair. "Watch it!"

"Oh hush up," his grandfather told him, "if you'd done as I suggested and got this rat's nest cut, I wouldn't have to do this."

"I thought you said it makes me look like my dad?" Flash asked sarcastically.

"Yes," Grand replied, "and your mother was always on his case about this hair to. Just try not to do anything rash tonight. Don't want your opponents to think of you as an impulsive meathead."

"I know," Flash said, "just don't go all super cop either." Flash looked over at the counter, where a pair of identical envelopes laid. They were the invites needed to get into the party that was being held that night, where the finalists would all meet and get to know each other before the actual contest began. Flash had of course been sent an invite along with a plus one ticket he'd be using to get Scootaloo in, while Grand Hoof had received his own invite so the three would all be going tonight.

Suddenly Scootaloo's door opened and she walked out, dressed in a purple blouse and violet skirt. "Do I really have to wear this?" She asked unhappily, "I know Rarity worked really hard on it, but I look ridicules."

"Yes," Grand told her sternly, "it won't kill you to look like a girl for one night."

"It'll kill my popularity if anyone from school sees me," Scootaloo moaned as she went to sit on the couch.

Flash rolled his eyes as Grand finished his hair and let him go, allowing the teen to head into his room wear his night clothes laid on his bed. A white shirt along with a blue vest and black pants, finished off with a black blazer. Flash quickly dawned his clothes and headed out, where Grand and Scootaloo were wait.

"You kids ready?" Grand asked them.

"Let's get this over with," Flash said with a sigh.

"Don't be like that," Grand said, "tonight is suppose to be about meeting and getting to know your opponents before the competition begins."

"I know," Flash said, "but besides my friends, I'm worried all the Duellists there will be over competitive and only care about winning."

"Well better to learn that tonight then during the contest," Grand said.

At that moment there was a knock at the door, which Scootaloo answered to reveal a man in black suits. "Good evening," the man said, "I'm here to escort you to the party."

Scootaloo went passed him and looked down at the street, where a long black limousine was waiting. "Cool!" she said.

"We're ready," Grand said.

The three followed the suited man down and into the limo, which they enjoyed riding in. Eventually they arrived at the building the party was being held.

Said building was a giant dome like structure shaped like the head of a familiar monster, Frozen Heart Dragon, with its mouth acting as the entrance way. Around said entry way was a large group of paparazzi.

"Oh this'll be fun," Flash said as the limo parked up and the man opened it a minute later. As soon as Flash was out of the car his retinas were bombarded by many flashes of light, as the cameras around them took hundreds of pictures.

"Excuse me," a man said, "who do you expect will be your biggest competition in the finals?"

"Do you believe you have a stratagy in place for anything you might come up against?" A woman asked.

"How far do you hope to get? Another man asked.

Flash felt very sick at this moment, but thankfully they managed to get inside and the questions died down.

"Well that was terrifying," Scootaloo said.

"You get use to it," a familiar voice said.

They all turned and smiled seeing Shining Armor and Cadance walk into the room, followed by Spike. Cadance was wearing a beautiful pink dress, while Shining and Spike were wearing suits similar to Flash and Grand's.

"Hey guys," Flash said waving at them, "great to see you."

"You too," Cadance said with a smile.

"Where's Twilight?" Scootaloo asked.

"She decided to prepare with the rest of her friends," Spike replied, "they should all be arriving together."

"If that's the case they might already be here," Flash said.

"Looking forward to seeing a certain someone in a pretty dress?" Cadance asked meekly with a smirk on her face.

"What?" Flash asked though he could feel his face reddening.

"Aw," Scootaloo said sarcastically, "is someone embarrassed?"

Flash glared down at his sister.

Everyone just smirked, while one just raised an eyebrow until his wife elbowed him. "You remember the deal," she told him, "he beat you so don't even think about it."

"Fine," he replied, "though if I remember right the deal was I couldn't do it once they started dating."

The six followed the signs leading to an elevator, which they rode up to the top floor where the party was being held. Walking out the elevator, they stared out in wonder at the sight of beautifully decorated room.

The place was filled will metal poles filled with beautiful candles and their were many tables with silver cloths, that had many different dishes of food.

"Wow!" Spike said as he looked around.

"Gotta give it to those Freeze Industry goons," Flash said, "they can throw one heck of a party."

They looked around the place and saw many different people, all dressed in different forms of dress.

"Look at them all," Scootaloo said.

"They're all Duellists who managed to win their way here," Shining said, "if Flash wants to win this he'll have to beat them all."

"Well first he'll need to beat us," they spun around and saw six girls step out the elevator, followed by Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

"Hey girls," Cadance said, "looking good." (AN)

"Thanks," Twilight said before turning to Flash, "so how do we look?"

Flash wasn't sure how to reply, simply looking her up and down with an amazed face. Twilight took this as a good thing and smiled, before using her finger to close his hanging mouth.

The others all smirked at this and the turned towards the room.

They looked around at people scattered around the room, some of which they recognised.

"Is that Derpy?" Twilight asked. She pointed to a teen with grey skin and blonde hair, wearing a light blue dress.

"It is," Flash said only to notice someone next to her, "and is that...Time Turner?" He was pointing to a man in a tuxedo.

"It is," Rainbow said before turning to him, "you know that guy?"

"I met him when I went off alone," Flash explained, "he was pretty tough."

"Flash my boy," they saw Time and Derpy walking up to them.

"Hey," Flash said with a wave, "long time no see."

"Indeed," Time said, "and I'm glad to see you made it here. I knew you would."

"And it's great to see you to Twilight," Derpy told Twilight.

"You to," Twilight replied, "I'm glad to see you made it."

"Hey," Rainbow said as she stepped towards Time, "remember me?"

"Oh course I do," Time said, "you were quite an opponent."

"You know it," Rainbow said, "and I intend to even up the score."

Pinkie meanwhile was watching this with a smile, until her eyes were covered. "Guess who?" A familiar voice spoke, making the bubblegum haired Duellist gasp.

"CHEESE!" She pulled her hands away as spun around, seeing the Dueltainer infront of her. "You're here!" She screamed as she threw her arms around him.

"Great to see you," Cheese said.

"You to," Pinkie cried out.

"I was hoping I'd be making you make that noise," Pinkie froze and slowly turned to see an older girl with a plain expression in a plain looking dress.

"MAUD!" Pinkie screamed as she ran over and threw her arms around her. The girl didn't seem to have a reaction to this. "I didn't know you were competing."

"It seemed fun," Maud said, "plus my new deck needed a major test."

Pinkie smiled as she pulled back and turned to her friends. "Everybody, this is my big sister Maud. She's an awesome Duellist."

"Pleasure to meet you," Rarity told Maud as the others waved.

Maud remained stoic in her manners until she finally spoke. "Hello."

They weren't really sure what else to say about that.

"Well isn't this a motley crew," they all turned to see an old woman with green skin and white hair enter, along with an older teen with pink skin and orange hair.

"Isn't that the lunch lady from school?" Flash asked Twilight.

"She's also ma'h grandmother," Applejack said, before turning to the teen. "And this here's my brother Big Mac," she said

"Nice to meet you," Twilight said.

"Same here deary," Granny Smith said.

"Eeyup," Big Mac said.

"So how come you're here?" Rainbow asked, "weren't we only allowed to bring one guest?"

"I brought Applebloom," Applejack explained, "Big Mac brought Granny Smith."

"So Big Mac's in the finals?" Twilight asked.

"Eeyup," Big Mac replied.

"Mac's a great Duellist," Applejack said, "taught me everything I know."

"Well," Flash said holding out a hand, "can't wait to see your skills."

"Eeyup," Mac said as he took the hand and shook it.

While this was happening, Scootaloo and her friends were at one of the tables chowing down.

"Delicious," Sweetie said.

"You know it," Scootaloo said. In that second she felt a tap on her shoulder, causing her to turn around and see a boy her age with orange skin and blue and red hair.

"Hey," he said, "long time no see."

"Spoon," Scootaloo said punching him in the arm, "you made it."

"Yeah I did," Spoon said as he rubbed his arm, "thanks to you guys for helping me find my strength."

"It was nothing," Applebloom said.

"So you looking forward to Duelling in the big leagues?" Sweetie asked.

"Yeah," Spoon replied, "especially against Flash."

"Well you're gonna need to Duel at your very best," Scootaloo told him.

"I know," Spoon said, "but I'll be fine. I first tried to get here just so I could get the Pendulum Cards, but now I'm here to win."

Meanwhile Twilight and Flash were looking around the room when they suddenly heard a familiar voice.

"Well well well, look who managed to get here."

They spun around and both had very different reactions to who they saw.

"Timber," Twilight said happily.

"Timber," Flash moaned.

"Hey you two," Timber said as he walked over, alongside a woman with pink skin and rouge hair. "This is my sister, Gloriosa."

"Oh," Gloriosa said as she clapped her hands, "so you're Twilight." She stepped forward and grabbed the girls hands in her own, "my brother told me all about you."

"He did?" Twilight asked looking surprised.

"He wouldn't stop talking about you," Gloriosa said as she winked at her, making Twilight feel very uncomfortable.

Flash meanwhile was glaring at Timber with crossed arms.

"So Flash," Timber said as he walked forward and put his arm on the teen's shoulder, "how many points did you manage to get? I got over five thousand, probably one of the highest scores here."

Flash just smirked, knowing it wasn't. "You'll find out."

Suddenly the room went dark, as a spotlight appeared and shined down onto a stage at the back of the room.

From behind the curtain came out two familiar women, the famous Celestic Sister stepped out onto the stage.

Celestia: Hello everybody, how are you all doing?

Luna: I hope you're all enjoying this little shindig.

Celestia: Now let's welcome the one behind this years Celestic Cup.

Luna: President of Freeze Industries.


With that the curtain opened, revealing Cold Steel in his usual dress along with his assistant Sunset Shimmer who was dressed in a green dress.

The man looked out at the many contestants of the Celestic Cup and their guests, before taking a microphone from Luna and speaking. "Good evening," Cold said, "you are here because the thirty two of you are the best of the best. But you all still have a ways to go before you can proclaim yourself the best." He then raised his hand above his head. "Now let's see where each of you place so far."

He snapped his fingers and as he did, a holographic board appeared above their heads.

It read.

1st/Shadow: 10,000Ps

2nd/Flash Sentry: 9500Ps

3rd/Adagio Dazzle: 8715Ps

4th/Twilight Sparkle: 8550Ps

5th/Maud Pie: 7200Ps

6th/Big Mac: 7150Ps

7th/Rainbow Dash/Applejack: 7100Ps

8th/Vinyl Scratch: 7010Ps

9th/Rarity: 6900Ps

10th/Pinkie Pie: 6880Ps

11th/Comet Tail: 6800Ps

12th/Time Turner: 6750Ps

13th/Photo Finish: 6710Ps

14th/Micro Chips: 6685Ps

15th/Shining Spoon: 6600Ps

16th/Cheese Sandwich: 6550Ps

17th/Sandalwood: 6510

18th/Derpy Muffins: 6450

19th/Cloak N Daggers: 6430

20th/Suri Polomare: 6400

21st/Pixel Pizzaz: 6390

22nd/Heath Burns/Upper Crust: 6330

23rd/Ringo: 6150

24th/Octavia Melody: 6100

25th/Teddy/Amethyst Star: 6050

26th/Juniper Montage: 5800

27th/Nolan North: 5725

28th/Thunderlane: 5650

29th/Timber Spruce: 5590Ps

"I'm in last place!" They heard Timber moan.

"Hey it's okay," Gloriosa told her brother, "last place is a great place to start from. Makes it more amazing when you win the whole thing."

Timber smiled at this. "Yeah," he said, "you're right."

Meanwhile the rest of the group were going over who was where.

"Flash isn't in first?" Scootaloo asked, "how is that possible?"

"Whoever this Shadow guy is," Twilight said, "he must be really good."

Pinkie and Rarity meanwhile were looking up at the name for the third place holder.

"Adagio Dazzle," Rarity growled.

"Who?" Sweetie asked her sister.

"Someone we met when we were gathering points," Rarity replied.

"We Duelled her sisters and they were mean," Pinkie said.

"Oh you're breaking my heart," a voice from behind them said.

Turning around they saw Adagio had entered the room, along with someone in a black cloak.

"So I see you two made it to the finals," Adagio said, "good. I was hoping to get a chance to pay you back for what you did."

Rarity and Pinkie glared at her, making her smile.

"Okay calm down," Twilight said as she got between the two, "we're all Duellists here so let's try and be respectful to each other."

"Oh," Adagio said, "a little goody two shoes." She smiled at Twilight as her face drew closer, "I look forward to beating you as well."

Twilight stepped back from the girl, freaked out by what was just said.

Adagio drew back with a smirk on her face, before moving to gesture at the figure in the cloak.

"Let me introduce you to my friend," Adagio said, "his name is Shadow."

"Shadow?" Flash repeated, before looking back up at the board and seeing his name at the very top above his own. He looked back at him, "so you're ranked number one."

"I am," Shadow replied stoically, "my point total would have been higher, but I was late into the game."

"Are you saying you started collecting points long after the rest of us?" Twilight said.

"That's right," Adagio said, "he only started competing in the last week of round one."

They all went wide eyed at that. How had he managed to obtain not only enough points to make it to the finals, but the highest amount in only a week.

Flash stared Shadow down who in turn look over at him and as they locked eyes, Flash felt a sudden rush of dread as in that second a piecing dark light seemed to shot out of the figure's eyes.

Flash shielded his eyes, as the light seemed to surround him and when Flash finally looked up all he could see was darkness.

"You think you can win!?"

Flash looked around for the source of the voice, but all he could see was the darkness.

"You think you can stop what is coming!?"

Suddenly a new sound caught his ears, a horrid pained sound coming from below him. Looking down Flash gasped at what he saw.

His monsters, the ones from his deck, were below him. They were trapped in black shadowy ropes that appeared to be dragging them into the darkness.

"NO!" Flash yelled seeing this. Soon his monsters started to be consumed.

Arma, Radium and Crossbolt. Lunara and Solaris. Vail Pixie...Flash Heart

"Come back!" Flash yelled as the last of his monsters were consumed.

"Why fight it?" The voice asked as dark vines shot out of nowhere and grabbed him, "accept the darkness."

"No," Flash yelled as he struggled against them, but the vines were to strong and soon wrapped around his entire body. "NOOOO!"

Flash opened his eyes, seeing the others all staring at him.

"Are you okay man?" Rainbow asked, "you spaced out for a minute."

"A dream?" Flash asked as he shook his head.

"Flash?" Twilight asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm fine," Flash replied, "just spaced out for a moment."

"Well don't go doing that in the contest," Scootaloo told him, "you'll need to stay focused if you wanna win."

"Yeah right," Flash said as he scratched the back of his head, "my bad. I'll focus promise." Looking around Flash couldn't see Adagio or Shadow anywhere, obviously having left while he was spaced out.

However, Flash couldn't get what he'd seen out of his head. Was it a dream, or something more? Flash then remembered he'd had dreams like that before, but never anything what he'd just seen. Had it been some kind of warning.

"Come on," Twilight said as she grabbed his hand, "let's go get something to eat. That should stop you looking so peeky." With that see pulled him over to the food table, followed by the others.

Meanwhile Grand had gone over to talk to Cold along with Shining and Cadance.

"Are you ready?" Cold asked the older man.

"Yes," Grand said, "I'll be keeping an eye on all the Duels. Anyone makes a wrong move and I'll be there."

"Good," Cold said before turning to the others, "I hope the two of you are also ready."

"We are," Cadance said, "don't worry about us."

"We won't let anyone get away with using our game to cause mayhem," Shining said.

"Good," Cold said, "if I'm correct then his agents are among the finalists. I've already outed two of them, but whether that are more is what we have to be on the look out for."

"And hopefully we can get to them and find his location," Grand said.

"It's all a matter of patience," Cold said. He looked over at where Adagio and Shadow were standing, looking over the rest of their competition. Cold had no doubt they'd eventually lead him to the master mind, but how they would was still unclear.

For now, Cold would have to put his faith in those he knew he could trust.

<The Next Day>

The day of the Celestic Cup finals were here.

As fireworks exploded in the air above the arena, those wanting to see it all take place entered through the doors and out onto the seating area.

Flash and his friends were all together, waiting for the contest to begin.

Suddenly on the main stage, there was an explosion and music began to play as the smoke cleared to reveal the Celestic Sisters.


Celestia: We welcome you all to the finals of the Celestic Cup. We hope you're all ready to see the best of the best this week.

Luna: That's right sister. Over the next seven days, we'll watch as the thirty two Duellists who managed to gather the most points battle it out to win the coveted title of Celestic Champion.

Celestia: Let's have a look at how this week is going to play out shall we.

She clicked her fingers and a holographic display appeared, projected from the battle field.

Day 1

Round 1, block A

Day 2

Round 1, block B

Day 3

Round 2, block A
Round 2, block B

Day 4

Round 3, block A
Round 3, block B

Day 5

Round 4, block A
Round 4, block B

Day 6

Free day

Day 7


Everyone murmured as they saw the schedule, unclear about what it all meant.

Luna: Don't worry if you're confused.

Celestia: We're here to explain it.

Luna: As you know, thirty two Duellists are competing in the finals. Managing them all in just one set of Duels could get confusing.

Celestia: So the thirty two competitors are going to be split into two blocks of sixteen. Block A and Block B.

Luna: Block A is going to be competing today and Block B tomorrow. Competitors in each Block will Duel four rounds against the other members of their Block to become the Block Champion.

Celestia: During the fifth and final round the two Block Champions will Duel against each other, to crown the tournaments winner.

Everyone finally understood.

"So it's a grander scale of the Shooting Star Micro Tournament," Twilight said.

"But," Flash said, "who's in which block?"

Luna: Now it's time to decide who will be facing off against who.

The megascreen above the sisters came to life, before showing images of the thirty two Duellists who'd be competing.

Celestia: Our computer will now randomly generate the two blocks, so let's do it.

She clicked a button and on the screen the images flipped over so they couldn't see, before they began to spin around each other making impossible to try and keep track of the photos.

Eventually the images were split into two sets of sixteen, before spinning around and showing the images again.

Everyone took a closer look and saw who was in which block.

A Block

Maud Pie

Cloak N Daggers

Big Mac

Flash Sentry

Amethst Star

Vinyl Scratch

Pinkie Pie

Cheese Sandwich

Timber Spouse



Shining Spoon

Pixel Pizzaz

Heath Burns

Derpy Muffins


B Block

Comet Tail

Adagio Dazzle

Juniper Montage

Rainbow Dash

Micro Chips



Photo Finish

Time Turner

Twilight Sparkle

Octavia Melody

Nolan North

Suri Polomare



Upper Crust

Everyone found their image a learned which Block they were in.

"Okay," Flash said, "looks like I'm in the A Block."

"Same here!" Pinkie cheered.

"Me too," Applejack said.

"And we're all in B Block," Twilight said.

Rainbow smirked. "To bad," she said, "I was hoping to take you all down. Looks like I'll have to settle with a few of you."

"Right," Rarity said sceptically.

Luna: Now that we know who's in which block, let's see who'll be in the first Duel.

Celestia: That's right. To make sure each Duellist has a fair shot, we will randomly select who's playing who right before they do.

"So that means we won't have any prep time," Twilight said.

"This tournament's really gonna test who the best Duellist is," Spike said.

The images for the B Block disappeared as the A Block's were enlarged before once again spinning around and hiding the images that were then randomly spun around.

Luna: Let's find out who's Duelling first

She pressed a button as from the images, one shot out and flipped around revealing the Duellist.

Celestia: Shining Spoon. But who will he be facing?

A second image shot out, which spun around revealing Spoon's opponent.

Luna: Flash Sentry.

Flash smiled. So he was up first, awesome.

"Flash verses Spoon," Scootaloo said.

"This is just what he wanted," Applebloom said.

Flash looked around and saw Spoon standing a ways off. The two shared a glance and both nodded, knowing that neither would be holding back in this Duel.

The Celestic Cup Finals had begun, but who would win it and claim the championship, only time will tell?

Author's Note:

And there we have it. The battle lines have been drawn, I'd love to hear who you think will Duel who.

AN: Because I suck at describing clothes, it's their fall formal outfits.

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