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Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates - Banshee531

The Celestic Cup Finals have arrived. Who will take the crown and what mysterious ploys are being plotted in the shadows? Only time will tell.

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Turn 1, Thorax

Author's Note:

Hey everyone.

This is the sequel to my Yugioh crossover, hope you enjoy and please leave your comments down below.


Two Duelists faced off against each other. Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle, watched by their friends

This card game, played by hundreds of millions of people around world, has managed to capture the hearts of those who play it. Helping to create many bonds of friendship along the way.

"I draw," Flash said doing so.

And now, another legend is about to be born into its history.

"Here we go," Flash called out as he held up two cards, "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"


The Celestic Cup finals were almost here. In two days, the thirty two Duelists who had won enough points to enter the finals would meet and do battle. Seven days of back to back Duels, with the winner earning the title of Celestic Champion.

Six of those Duelists were sitting outside their school, having just finished their last day of remedial classes after missing a month of school.

Besides them sat five others. One being a girl their age, while the others were younger teens including three girls and a boy.

The older teens were reading through a document they'd been given in class, a survey form about what future goals they wanted to set themselves.

Four of the teens were already filling it out, while the others continued to read. "I have no idea what to write," the boy named Flash Sentry said.

"There has to be something you want to do after school?" His best friend Twilight asked him.

"I got nothing," Flash replied, "to be honest I've never given much thought to what I wanted to do in life. Nothing ever really caught my attention."

"Well you'll have to think something deary," Rarity said as she filled out her form, "you can't just float through life without a plan."

"Well unlike you," Rainbow Dash said, "we haven't all known what we've wanted to do since we were five."

"Yeah," Applejack said, "you've gone on and on about opening your own boutique since you first picked up a fashion magazine."

"Can I help it that I found my passion so early in life?" Rarity asked.

"Well not everyone's found theirs," Rainbow said.

"Well what do you think you might want to do?" Flash's sister Scootaloo asked her.

"It's a toss up between Duelling or Soccer," Rainbow said as she sat back against the tree behind her, "I enjoy them both but can't decide which I'd rather try and make a career out of."

"Well I know what I'm doing," Applejack said, "taking over running the family store." Her granny Smith ran the local fruit store, which Applejack's great grandfather had opened when Granny Smith was just a girl.

"And I'm going into veterinary school," Fluttershy said, "I just love helping animals feel better."

"I wanna open my own bakery," Pinkie said happily, "I'll take everything Mr and Mrs Cakes taught me and make the best desserts imaginable."

"What about you Twilight?" The violet skinned girl's little brother Spike asked her.

"Not sure yet," Twilight replied, "but I'd love to live over seas for a bit. Maybe for college."

"Sounds good," Flash said as he looked up at the sky. He then reached into his pocket and pulled something out, studying them them thoroughly. Two dual cards that he'd been given not to long ago, which were black in colour but completely blank.

Twilight looked over at him and saw the blank cards, causing her to smile. "Still nervous?"

"A little," he replied. Flash had just recently learned he was in fact born in another dimension, the same one the creatures from Duel Monsters came from. Because of this he could act as a link between the two worlds and summon monsters from it, connecting them to the blank cards. However, Flash had been trying nonstop to try and open a link and summon a monster at will, but so far nothing.

"You'll figure it out," Twilight assured him with a smile, "maybe in the finals."

"Which reminds me," Rarity said, "I've completed our ensembles for the event." She was referring to the party held at Freeze Industries tomorrow, where the thirty two finalists plus one guest could attend. "I just need to do a final fitting."

"I don't know," Twilight said looking worried, "shouldn't we get these surveys done?"

"Oh their not due until next month," Rarity reminded her, "besides you said yourself that you don't know what to write in it. So why not leave it until you've given it some thought?"

"She's right," Applejack said as she and the others put away the documents, "let's get this over with."

"Yay," Rarity said clapping her hands.

"I think me and Spike will sit this one out," Flash said as he and the fourteen year old stood up.

"If you must," Rarity said, "why don't we meet up later."

"Let's go see if we can find some new Duelists in the park," Spike suggested, "you need as much practise as you can get before the finals."

"Good plan," Twilight said, "we'll meet you there once we're done."

"Right," Flash said as they went their separate ways.

In an office building on the other side of town the president of Freeze Industries, Cold Steel, was looking over the names of the competitors for the final round.

Flash and his friends names littered one side of the computer screen, under the heading of allies. However, twenty eight names were on another, under the heading of suspects.

"Which ones?" Cold said, "who's working for him?

It didn't take long for Flash and Spike to make it to the park and start looking for an opponent, but after half an hour they started to think it was deserted. "Nothing," Flash said.

"So what now?" Spike asked.

"No clue," Flash said as they entered a clearing, "we could always Duel each other."

"Maybe," Spike replied, only for his eyes to catch sight of something. "Wait, look!" He pointed over to a nearby fountain, where someone was standing.

It was a boy of about fifteen or sixteen, whose height was about halfway between Flash and Spike. He wore a black hoodie and pants, with jet black hair a bright blue eyes. And the most important thing about him was the black Duel Disk, strapped to his arm.

"Bingo," Flash said rushing over to him.

The boy noticed Flash in his peripheral vision and turned towards him and Spike.

"Hey," Flash said.

"Hello?" The boy replied.

"Sorry to disturb you," Flash explained, "but I noticed you had a Duel Disk on.

"Yeah," the boy replied, "I was looking for an opponent."

"Same," Flash said holding out his hand, "I'm Flash by the way."

"And I'm Spike," the green haired boy next to him said.

"Hi," the boy replied, taking the hand to shake, "I'm Thorax."

"So Thorax," Spike said, "I haven't seen you around before. Just move here?"

"Kinda," Thorax replied, "me and my mom are just visiting for a week or so."

"Awesome," Flash said, "so what's say we Duel?"

"Yeah," Thorax replied with a nod, "I only recently started Duelling so I want to get as much practice in as I can."

"Then I'm happy to help you train," Flash said.

The two found a more open area and prepared to face off.

"You ready for this?" Flash asked as he activated his Duel Disk.

"Yeah," Thorax replied activating his, a green energy blade forming.


Flash: 4000
Thorax: 4000

"You can take the first move kid," Flash told the younger Duelist.

"Okay," Thorax replied, "I draw and summon my Celtic Guardian in ATK mode." An elf in green armour appeared before the young teen, holding a sword in hand. (A1400/D1200/L4) "And then I'll equip him with the Celtic Longsword," the elf's sword transformed into a slightly larger sword. "This card grants my Guardian five hundred extra ATK points." (A1900/D1200/L4) "I end my turn."

"Then it's my turn," Flash said as he went to his deck, "I draw and summon Volt Edge Dragon in ATK mode." In a flash of lightning a new monster appeared, being a humanoid dragon without wings. It stood at about six feet, with black scales and dark blue lightning patterned armour on its chest, hands, knees and feet. It wore a mask of the same design on its head, with a long curved horn sticking out of its snout. A triangular spike also stuck out of its chest and knee armour. (A1500/D1200/L4/P5)

"Cool," Thorax said, "is that a Pendulum Monster?"

"You bet," Flash said, "my signature card type."

"Awesome," Thorax said, "I'd hoped I'd get to Duel against one one day."

"Well now you are," Flash said, "now watch as my dragon attacks your guardian." The dragon's armour sparked with electricity, before it shot forward.

"But my monster's stronger then yours," Thorax said, "why attack?"

Suddenly the Volt Edge Dragon's electricity surged before, (A2100/D1200/L4/P5) it used one of its clawed gauntlets to slash at the Celtic Guardian, destroying him.

Flash: 4000
Thorax: 3800

"Why'd its ATK point go up like that?" Thorax asked.

"It's Volt Edge Dragon's special ability," Flash explained, "when it attacks a monster, it's ATK points go up by six hundred until the end of the battle." (A1500/D1200/L4/P5)

"Well since you destroyed my Guardian while he was equipped with the Celtic Longsword, its ability activates and I get to add a level four or lower Celtic monster to my hand. His deck shuffled before slotting out a card which Thorax took.

"I end my turn with a face down," Flash said.

"This is shaping up to be a pretty good game," Spike said from the sidelines.

"It sure is."

Spike turned to see his sister and her friends had arrived. "How long have you been there?"

"Just got here," Twilight said, "so who's Flash Duelling?"

"A kid named Thorax," Spike replied, "and it's his turn."

"I draw," Thorax said as he did so, "now I play the Spell card Reasoning. With this you declare a level and I draw until I get a monster, and if it's level is the same as the number you said then I send it to the graveyard. But if its level is different then I get to summon it."

"Okay," Flash said thinking, "I guess...level three."

Thorax drew a card and smiled, "it's level four so I get to summon it. Come out Celtic Knight," another elf in silver armour appeared. It carried a sword and a shield in its hands. (A1600/D1800/L4)

"Now I summon the card I got with my Celtic Long Sword," Thorax continued, "Celtic Hunter." Yet another elf appeared, this one in green armour carrying a crossbow. (A1500/D1200/L4) "You see when Celtic Hunter in on the field, every Celtic monsters get three hundred extra ATK points. Celtic Knight and Celtic Hunter began to glow, as their power increased. (A1800/D1200/L4), (A1900/D1800/L4)

"Not good," Flash said.

"I attack with Celtic Hunter," Thorax ordered as his bowmen drew its arrow and let it fly.

Flash growled. "When Volt Edge Dragon is attacked, his ATK points are lowered by three hundred." (A1200/D1200/L4/P5)

The arrow struck the dragon in the chest, causing it to cry out in pain before being destroyed.

Flash: 3400
Thorax: 3800

"Now my Knight will attack you directly," Thorax said as his other monster flew towards Flash.

"I activate my Trap," Flash said as his face down flipped up, "Beacon of Hope. Since you're attacking my directly, I can draw one card and if it's a monster then I can summon it." He went to his deck and drew, smiling at what he'd got. "I drew Magna Fighter Arma, so I can summon her in DEF mode." The steampunk girl carrying a bronze shield appeared, holding it up to defend against the attack. (A1800/D0/L4)

The knight swung its sword down, but the shield prevented it from hitting the girl.

"Why wasn't she destroyed?" Thorax asked, "my monster's attack strength is way higher then her defence."

Flash smiled. "You see, when Arma's in DEF mode she can't be destroyed by battle."

"Seriously?" Thorax asked.

"Afraid so," Flash replied.

"Then I end my turn."

"This kid's good," Twilight said.

"I agree," Rarity said, "he might be a beginner, but as beginners go he's quite skilled."

"But Flash is no push over," Rainbow said, "he's gonna need to seriously up his game to beat him."

"And Flash hasn't even used his best moves yet," Applejack said.

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw and now I'll tribute my Magna Fighter to summon my Twin Lazor Dragon." Arma disappeared in a flash of light, replaced by a giant robotic brachiosaurus with twin cannons on its side. (A2100/D1500/L5) "Just a note," Flash said, "Twin Lazor Dragon get two attacks in one battle."

Thorax frowned. "Well my Celtic Hunter has his own ability, which makes it so you have to attack any other Celtic monster before attacking him."

"Then I'll attack your knight," Flash said, "Twin Lazor fire!" One of the dragons cannons charged up and fired a lazer at the knight, destroying it in a single blast.

Flash: 3400
Thorax: 3600

"Now I'll use my dragon's second blast to destroy your Hunter," Flash said as his dragon's second cannon charged and fired. The blast flew at Celtic Hunter, destroying him as well.

Flash: 3400
Thorax: 3300

"I end my turn."

"Thorax'll need something big if he wants to stand a chance now," Scootaloo said.

"Don't underestimate him," Twilight said, "he might be hiding something big in that deck of his."

"Hope so," Pinkie said, "because this Duel will be boring."

"My turn," Thorax said as he drew and smiled. "I activate the Spell card Monster Beacon," he said as he placed a card in his Duel Disk. "With this we both declare a monster type and draw until we get one and if it's the same type and the one we declared, we can add it to our hand. If it isn't then their sent to the graveyard."

"Interesting," Twilight said, "If his deck is nothing but one type it almost guarantees him getting the card."

"But Flash's deck isn't one type," Fluttershy said.

"Yeah," Spike said, "it's got Dragons, Warriors, Spellcasters and everything in between."

"Let's just hope he gets lucky," Applejack said.

"I'm picking Warrior type monster," Thorax said.

"And I'll pick Dragon," Flash said.

The two drew their cards.

"I got a Warrior," Thorax smiled as he added the card to his hand.

"Mine's not a Dragon," Flash said as he sent his card to the graveyard, Twilight could swear she saw him grin when he did so.

Thorax's smile turned to a giant grin, as he raised his card in the air. "Now I'll summon the monster I just got," he said, "but first if to banish three Celtic monster from my graveyard, which thanks to you I have." From the ground, three spiritual bodies floated up.

"GHOSTS!" Pinkie screamed as she jumped behind Applejack, who rolled her eyes.

The ghostly forms of Celtic Guardian, Knight and Hunter transformed into balls of spirit energy, before they flew into the card. "I summon Celtic Warlord!" In a brilliant flash of light, a giant monster appeared behind Thorax. It was a two story tall elf in black armour, carrying a giant long sword in its hands. (A3000/D3000/L10)

"You weren't kidding when you said he might have something big," Rainbow said.

"This is nothing Flash can't handle," Twilight replied.

"I attack!" Thorax yelled as his monster raised its sword, before swiping at Twin Lazor Dragon and destroying it.

Flash: 2500
Thorax: 3300

"Now I activate my Warlord's special ability," Thorax said, "whenever he destroys a monster he also deals you damage equal to your monsters level times by two hundred."

Celtic Warlord swiped the air, sending a powerful gust that almost knocked Flash and his friends off their feet.

Flash: 1500
Thorax: 3300

"I end my turn," Thorax said.

"Flash is gonna have to stop taking it easy if he wants to win this," Rainbow said.

"Come on bro," Scootaloo cheered.

"Alright," Flash said, "my turn, I draw." Flash looked at the card and smiled, "I activate the Spell card Stardust Reload. By removing a monster in my graveyard from play, I can draw cards equal to its level. I'll remove Arma and draw four," he did so and smiled. "It's time."

The others smiled, knowing what was coming.

"I'm using Scale eight Magna Caster Solaris and Scale one Magna Caster Lunara to set the Pendulum Scale." He placed the two cards on the far ends of his Duel Disk.

On each side of him two pillars of light appeared as the two Pendulum monsters floated upwards, hovering once they were ten feet high as the image of a one and eight appeared below them. "Cut through space time and carve the arc of victory!" Flash chanted as the two wizards pointed their staffs up, and each shot a beam of light which connected and opened a portal above him. "I can summon monsters levelled two through seven all at the same time!" Flash explained. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

Two lights shot out of the portal, and as they hit the ground they took shape. Two monsters appeared in DEF mode.

"Charge up, Volt Edge Dragon." (A1500/D1200/L4/P5)

"To arms, Flash knight." (A1800/D600/L4/P7)

"Awesome!" Thorax said seeing the Pendulum Summon.

"I know right," Flash said, "I'll set one card face down and end my turn."

"It's my turn," Thorax said, "I draw and summon Obnoxious Celtic Guardian." An exact copy of Celtic Guardian appeared. (A1400/D1200/L4) "Now I'll have my Guardian attack your Flash Knight," Thorax ordered as his monster ran forward and slashed his sword through the Pendulum monster. "And now my Warlord will attack your Volt Edge Dragon." The giant elf swung his massive sword and cut the dragon in half, destroying it and activating its special ability which dealt Flash damage.

Flash: 700
Thorax: 3300

As Flash regained his balance, he pressed something on his Duel Disk. "I unveil Starburst Draw, which activates whenever a monster with fifteen hundred ATK or less is destroyed. Now I can draw one card for each of my monster's level," he drew four cards."

"I'll end my turn with a face down card," Thorax said.

"One more attack like that and Flash's done for," Rainbow said.

"Flash has to end this now," Rarity said, "or at least get rid of the Warlord."

"Come on Flash" Spike yelled.

"It's my turn," Flash said, "I draw." He looked at the card he'd drawn and smiled, seeing what he'd drawn. "Once again my Pendulum scale will allow me to cut through space time, carving the arc of victory once again." The spellcasters began to open the portal again. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and a streak of light shot out, hitting the ground and exploding in a burst of light.

The light faded and everybody saw a familiar monster, Flash's ace card, take to the stage. "Shine your light of victory, FLASH HEART DRAGON!" (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

Thorax was in amazement of the new Pendulum Monster.

"Flash Heart's skill," Flash continued, "since he was Special Summoned I can send the weakest monster on your side of the field to the bottom of your deck."

Thorax realised what that meant, before turning to see his Obnoxious Celtic Guardian was through a wormhole that opened beneath it. Despite this he still smiled. "Sorry," he said, "but your dragon isn't strong enough to beat my Warlord."

"He will after the upgrade I give him," Flash said, "but first I need to activate the effect of a monster in my graveyard."

"What monster?" Thorax asked, "the only one still there is Twin Lazor Dragon."

"Did you forget the monster you made me send there with your Monster Beacon Spell?" Flash asked, as a light appeared on his field. "I summon Vail Pixie!" The light fade revealing a silver fairy wearing a green dress, with purple hair and insect wings. (A100/D100/L1)

"How'd you do that?" Thorax asked.

"Once during the Duel, I can Special Summon Vail Pixie from my graveyard." Flash smiled seeing the kid's face, "and with her my victory is at hand. I tune my level one Vail Pixie with level seven Flash Heart Dragon!" Vail Pixie glowed before transforming into a ball of light, which flew high up into the sky before carving a single ring that Flash Heart flew into. "Awaken the power sleeping within us all and allow your light to shine brighter then ever." Flash Heart was consumed by an explosion of light. "I SYNCHRO SUMMON!"

The light faded, revealing the evolved version of Flash's ace. "Flash Dragon Accel!" (A3000/D2500/L8)

"Impressive," Thorax said, "but now our monsters are neck and neck."

"They won't be once I activate this," Flash said as he placed a card in his Duel Disk, "Lightspeed! With this I can raise the ATK of a Light monster on my field by one thousand." Flash Dragon Accel began to glow, as its power increased (A4000/D2500/L8)

"Oh," Thorax said.

"Flash Dragon Accel," Flash ordered, "attack!"

His dragon flew high and released its four cannons, which began to charge up. "Supreme Energy Blast!" They fired and shot four combined energy blasts at Thorax's monster, destroying it.

Flash: 700
Thorax: 2300

"And now," Flash said, "I activate Accel's effect. By tributing him, I can summon Flash Heart Dragon from my Extra Deck." The Synchro Monster disappeared in a flash of light, before it was replaced by its prevolution. (A2500/D2000/L7/P4) "ATTACK!" The dragons boosters kicked into action, sending it flying towards the teen and smashed into the ground infront of him and sending him flying.

Flash: 700 (Winner)
Thorax: 0

Flash's friends cheered at his victory.

"Way ago Flash," Twilight said as they walked up to him.

"Thanks," Flash scratching his head. He then turned to see Thorax getting up and walked over to him.

"I guess I lost huh?" Thorax said.

"It was close," Flash said, "if I hadn't drawn Flash Heart I might not have won." He held out his hand, "you got game."

Thorax smiled and shuck his hand.

"I'll say you got game," Rainbow said as they drew closer, "hey wanna Duel me next?"

"Sure," Thorax said, only for something to buzz in his pocket. Pulling out his phone, his eyes went wide. "Is that the time?" He said, "oh no. Sorry," he told them, "I gotta go." Before they could ask why, Thorax ran off and was out of sight.

"That was weird," Rainbow said.

"He must have a very important appointment or something," Rarity said.

"Well I hope we meet him again," Flash said, "I'd love to Duel him again."

"Me too," Spike said.

A little while later the gang were relaxing at Sugarcube Corner.

"So you're all ready for tomorrow night?" Fluttershy asked.

"Sure are," Pinkie said happily, "it'll be super fun."

"You know it will," Rainbow said.

"Hey look," Twilight said pointing at the store's TV.

It was a news report on the Celestic Cup.

"Work has just been completed on the new Freeze Duel Arena, where the finals for the Celestic Cup will be held. It will also be host of the special party for VIP guests. We've managed to get confirmation that Queen Chrysalis of the small nation of Changeland, will be there with her son prince Thorax. The image changed to two pictures. One was a middle aged woman with flowing blue hair and dark skin, while the other was someone they all knew.

"It that?" Twilight asked.

"I think so," Flash said, "but I don't believe it."

"No way," Rainbow said.

"Flash...Duelled royalty," Rarity said.

"WOW!" Pinkie said.

One thing was for sure. The Celestic Cup finals would be interesting.

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