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Yugioh EQG: Shadow Gates - Banshee531

The Celestic Cup Finals have arrived. Who will take the crown and what mysterious ploys are being plotted in the shadows? Only time will tell.

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Turn 3, Flash vs Spoon, Idol Battle

We find Flash sitting in the competitors waiting room, waiting for the first Duel to begin. He would be facing off against Shining Spoon, the boy his sister said idolised him, in his first match of the Celestic Cup Finals.

Flash wasn't sure how he felt right now. Sure he was happy someone looked up to him, but he wasn't really anything special.

"Relax," he told himself, "I won't stand a chance against him unless I get my head in the game." He pulled out his deck and shuffled through it, making sure every card he needed was were it should be. "I can do this."

Meanwhile in the other waiting room, Shining Spoon was fretting.

"Okay," Spoon said, "you're in the finals of the biggest Duelling tournament of the century and you're facing off against the guy you entered this whole thing to be like." He pulled out his own deck and looked through it, "I don't know if I'm really as strong as him, but I won't hold anything back and find out." He pulled out his best card, Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon, and nodded. "I know you won't let me down."

Up in the stands, Flash's friends were also waiting.

"How much longer are they gonna be?" Rainbow asked impatiently.

"Hold your horses," Applejack said, "they need to make sure everything's ready."

"Yeah," Pinkie said happily, "we don't want to have to go home early because someone left something unplugged."

"Right Pinkie," Rarity chuckled.

"I just wonder how Flash'll do against this Shining Spoon," Twilight said before turning to Scootaloo, "you've seen him Duel. Any idea if Flash is in trouble."

"I'm not sure," Scootaloo said, "I've only seen him Duel once and he's probably way better now."

"We'll just have to keep an eye on him then," Fluttershy said.

"Flash'll be fine," Spike said, "look at everyone he's beaten. Me, Shining, Cold Steel. Compared to us, this kid'll be a cake walk."

"Don't be so sure Spike," Twilight said, "we've never seen him Duel so we don't know what tricks are up his sleeve." She looked down at the field as she waited for the Duel to start.

Up in the main box, Cold and Sunset were also waiting for the Duel to begin.

"Are you sure this was a good idea?" Sunset asked him.

"He still has much to learn," Cold said, "this is the best way we can ensure he's ready when the time comes."

"Kind of feel sorry for the other Duellists competing," Sunset said, "they worked so hard to get here and now you're using them as training dummies."

"This is about more then just training him," Cold said, "we also need to find out if anyone else is on his side who managed to get here."

"So you're using these matches to weed out the ones you know aren't working for him," Sunset said, "as cunning as always."

Cold smirked at this, before hearing the sound of the elevator doors opening.

Looking around he saw two individuals enter the room. The first was a middle aged woman with flowing blue hair and dark skin, dressed in a black business suit and skirt. Standing next to her was teenage boy with jet black hair and blue eyes, also wearing a smart buttoned up suit.

"Chrysalis," Cold said as he and Sunset turned to greet them, "a pleasure to see you could make it."

"Quite," Chrysalis replied as she held out her hand for Cold to kiss, which he did. She then turned a pointed to the boy, "this is my son, Thorax."

"Hello," the teen said with a wave.

"Hello," Cold replied before turning back to Chrysalis. "I was beginning to worry," he said, "I wasn't sure if you were going to make it."

"I had business to attend to," Chrysalis explained, "but I wouldn't miss this for the world."

"Well we're happy to have you here," Sunset said, "I understand your kingdom is going through some tough times."

Chrysalis frowned at this. "Perhaps," she said, "but we're working to fix that."

"Well I hope you manage it," Sunset said before turning to Thorax, "and are you enjoying your time in our country my young prince?"

"Oh yes," Thorax said though he looked nervous, "it's great. I'm hoping I can learn a lot while I'm here, especially about Duelling."

"Well you've come to the right place," Cold said, "we have the best Duellists in the country competing this week."

"Awesome," Thorax said before blushing when he caught his mother's glare, "I mean that sounds very interesting."

The elevator opened again, this time revealing Cadance and Shining Armor.

"Mr Armor," Chrysalis said, "how nice to meet you."

"Same," Shining said.

"And you must be his lovely wife?" Chrysalis said as she turned to Cadance.

"Cadance," the pink skinned woman replied, "it's nice to meet you."

"I'm sure," Chrysalis said.

Shining looked around and saw Thorax, with stars in his eyes at the sight of the pro Duellist.

"Hey kid," he said as he held out his hand, "nice to meet you."

"It's an honour," Thorax said as he shook the hand and didn't let go.

"I'm sure it is," Shining said as he chuckled nervously.

"Well," Sunset said getting their attention, "shall we watch. I think their about to start."

"Yes," Chrysalis said glaring at Thorax, who let go of Shining's hand. "Let's."

They all moved over to the window and sat down in the seats, where they could see everything that would be going on during the Duels.

Up in the stands, Grand Hoof stood watching over the events as they unfolded.

Should anything out of the ordinary occur, he would be ready to step in and stop them before someone got hurt.

"Good luck Flash," he said to himself, "we're all counting on you."

Flash looked up as he heard the door open, revealing a guard who motioned for him to follow.

"This is it," he said to himself as he left the room and walked up the long corridor, "no turning back. I know Spoon's been preparing for this moment, so I can't hold back even for a second. I'm gonna hit him hard right from the start. Giving anything less would be an insult.

The megascreen activated, catching everyone's attention, and showing Luna and Celestia side by side.

Celestia: The time has finally come.

Luna: You've all been waiting patiently and now you'll be rewarded. The first Duel of Celestic Cup Finals is about to start.

Celestia: Let's welcome our brave contestants onto the stage!

From two opposite sides of the stadium, two openings opened up and released a flurry of smoke. From the smoke, two figures stepped out and onto the battle field.

Luna: First up is our youngest finalist, which I'm sure just means he has heeps of talent. SHINING SPOON!

The teen walked out and waved at the cheering spectators.

"Go for it Spoon!" Scootaloo and her friends screamed.

"Don't let me down," a boy named Pipsqueak yelled.

Celestia: And his opponent. The Pendulum Duellist himself. He won his spot in this tournament through the Shooting Star Micro Tournament, before earning the second highest point total of all the finalist. FLASH SENTRY!

Flash stepped out onto the stage, waving as he did so.

"Go get him Flash!" Spike yelled.

"Don't go losing to some squirt!" Rainbow called out.

"We believe in you," Twilight told him.

Flash and Shining met in the centre of the field, where a referee was waiting. "Heads or tails?" He asked them as he held up a coin.

"Heads," Spoon said.

"Then I'll take tail," Flash agreed.

The ref nodded and flipped the coin, before looking down at it. "Heads, Shining Spoon will take the first move."

The two nodded.

Luna: Now that that's out of the way, let's see where they'll be Duelling it out.

She held up a remote and pressed the button.

Suddenly the floor beneath their feet began to shine as it projected the Duel Field, as a robotic female voice said. "AUGMENTED REALITY COMBAT SYSTEM ENERGISED."

In the blink of an eye, the two suddenly found themselves in a courtyard of some kind of castle. It had suddenly turned to night, with a full moon in the sky.

Celestia: It's Pandemonium Castle!

Luna: A dark place where monster might actually be hiding under you bed.

"This is cool," Spoon said as he looked around.

"I'll say," Flash said before looking over at him, "hey Spoon."

"Yeah?" Spoon asked.

"I don't intend to lose," Flash said as he held out his hand, "so you'd better bring your all."

"Oh I will," Spoon said as he took the hand and shook it.

In that second the two's faces turned deadly serious, as they let go of each other's hands and jumped back while pulling out their Duel Disks.

Celestia: Looks like our Duellists are ready to begin.

Luna: Then let's get this party started.

Celestia: Three!

Luna: Two!

All: ONE!


Spoon: 4000

Above their heads an orb filled with cards appeared before exploding, scattering the cards.

"ACTION CARD DISPERSED" the voice said.

"My turn first," Spoon said as he drew his card, "and I'll activate the Spell card Reasoning. With this you have to declare a Monster Level, then I draw until I get a monster. If the monster's Level is the different from the one you mentioned then I get to summon it, but if not it goes to the graveyard."

"Alright," Flash said, "Level five."

Spoon drew and smiled. "Level three, Swift Archfiend." In a flash of light a demon in light armour appeared on the field. (A1200/D1200/L3) "And now I'll sacrifice him in order to summon my Archfiend Commander!" In a flash of black lightning, Swift Archfiend disappeared and was replaced by a new monster. It was a demon with purple and gray armour, lightning sparking around it. (A2500/D1200/L6) "I end my turn with two face downs."

Celestia: Spoon's starting strong, can Flash match his opening.

"It's my turn," Flash said as he went to his deck, "I draw!" He looked down at his hand and nodded. "First, I'll summon Magna Fighter Arma in ATK mode." The steam punk girl carrying the bronze shield appeared on his side of the field. (A1800/D0/L4) "Next I activate my Spell card Lightspeed, which will increase my monster's attack power by a thousand points. Arma began to glow as her power rose. (A2800/D0/L4) "And now I'll attack your Archfiend Commander!"

Arma shot forward and charged at the demon.

Spoon looked around and saw something that made him smile. "Give me a boost," he told his monster, who picked him up and lifted him into the air. He jumped off and onto the courtyard roof, where he picked up a card and smiled. "I activate the Action Spell," he placed it into his Duel Disk, "Shadow Divide. This card creates a duplicate of my Commander and forces you to attack it instead." Archfiend Commander's shadow flickered, before leaving the ground and taking the shape of Archfiend Commander which it jumped in front of. (A2500/D1200/L6)

Magna Fighter Arma had no choice and smashed her shield into the copy, destroying it.

Spoon: 3700

"I may take damage but my monster's safe," Spoon said with a smile, "while you monster's ATK points go back to normal."

Flash frowned at this, but knew he was right. "I end my turn with a face down."

Luna: Not good, that last move has left Flash open to attack.

Up in the box, Chrysalis nodded.

"That boy might be young," she said, "but he's got significant talent."

"But this match has only just gotten started," Cadance told her, "Flash isn't going to give up so easily."

"So you know him?" Thorax asked her.

"He's my sister's friend," Shining explained, "they've been Duelling together for a while."

"So he's got more in his bag of tricks I'm guessing?" Chrysalis asked.

"He hasn't even opened his bag of tricks yet," Sunset told her, "just wait and see."

"My turn," Spoon said as he reached for his deck, "I draw!" He looked at the card, before placing it in his Duel Disk. "I play Pot of Greed, which will let me draw two new cards." He drew his two card and looking at them before smiling, as he looked back at Flash. "Now for something new."

Flash and his friends had a feeling they knew what was coming.

"I'll use Scale two Archfiend Chain Master and Scale five Meda Bat Phantom to set the Pendulum Scale," he place two cards on his Duel Disk as it lit up. One either side of him, two columns of light appeared as two monsters flew up into them. The first was a demon like creature carrying a long chain with a bloody hook on the end, while the other looked like Meda Bat only it was bigger with larger horns and sharp claws. A spike was on the tip of its tail.

The two monster stopped flying up as they reached ten feet in the air, before numbers appeared below them. They then looked up as a beam of light shot out of Chain Masters hook and Meda Bat's eye, connecting above Spoon.

"Finally," Spoon said with a smile, "at long last I get to cut through space time and carve the arc of victory." The beams of light formed a portal, which grew larger and larger by the second. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two beams of light shot out and struck the ground.

The first light became a demon, with purple armour and a long flowing red cape. "Archfiend Phantasm." (A1600/D1400/L4/P7)

The second became a demon, with red armour and large metallic claws. "Archfiend Slasher." (A1500/D500/L3)

Celestia: THERE IT IS! The mighty Pendulum Summon. This is the technique Flash is known for, but now his opponent managed to get it out first.

"YES!" Spoon cheered, "I did it! I Pendulum Summoned."

"I'm happy for you," Flash said.

Spoon smiled and nodded. "Since Archfiend Phantasm was Pendulum Summoned from my hand," Spoon went on, "his ability activates and deals you damage equal to the number of cards in your hand, times three hundred." The demon flapped its cloak and unleashed three dart like shadows, which flew at Flash's card and phased through them to hit him in the chest.

Flash: 3100
Spoon: 3700

The ones in the audience all flinched seeing him step back in pain.

"That had to hurt," Applejack said.

"Come on Flash!" Twilight called out, "get it together."

"That kid really knows how to use those Pendulum Monsters," Pinkie said.

"He's been watching Flash Duel for a while," Sweetie said, "he's seen how to use them correctly."

"Now I'll attack your Magna Fighter Arma with my Archfiend Commander!" Spoon yelled as his monster's body pulsed with electricity, which it directed with its claws and shot it at Arma.

Luna: If this hits, Flash'll be in serious trouble.

"I activate my face down!" Flash called out as his face down flipped up, revealing a Trap. "Brittle Shield! This card let's a Monster with higher ATK then DEF switch to DEF mode." Arma raised her shield, which the lightning struck and bounced off leaving the Monster unharmed. "You see when Arma's in DEF mode, she's impervious to attack."

"I know that," Spoon said before smiling, "but not against special abilities."

"Come again?"

"Archfiend Slasher attack!" Spoon ordered, causing his monster to leap forward and swing its large claws at Arma.

"What's he doing?" Spike asked, "he know's Arma can't be destroyed."

Twilight nodded, before her eyes went wide. "Unless!"

Archfiend Slash's claws struck the shield and shredded it to pieces, before stabbing Arma and destroying her.

"What happened?" Flash asked in shock.

"When Slasher attacks a face up DEF position monster," Spoon explained, "that monster is automatically destroyed before the damage step."

"Oh boy," Flash said.

"Now Archfiend Phantasm," Spoon said, "ATTACK!"

The demon flapped its cape and unleashed a load of shadow darts at the teen.

Flash knew he couldn't afford to take this attack, so he looked around and then noticed something on the ground. He dived towards it, as he was struck by the darts which caused an explosion.

"FLASH!" His friends called out seeing the explosion.

"How's that?" Spoon asked, only to see something fly out of the smoke. "What?"

Flash smiled as he flew out the smoke, before looking up to see Brass Wing Magna Hawk which was carrying him.

Flash: 2900
Spoon: 3700

"How?" Spoon asked.

"Just before your attack hit," Flash said as he jumped onto the top of the roof, "I got the Action Card, Sneak Attack. Since you attacked me directly, I was able to summon a Monster from my hand with less ATK then your monster while also protecting it from being destroyed this turn."

Spoon smirked. "Not bad, I end my turn."

Celestia: Some fast thinking saved Flash from major damage.

Luna: He bought himself an extra turn, but what will he do with it.

"It's my turn," Flash said as he placed his hand on his deck, "I draw!" He looked at the card and smiled. "I play Starburst Reload, so I'll be removing Arma from my grave and draw four cards." He looked at the cards and his eyes went wide, before a huge smirk appeared on his face.

"He's about to turn this around," Twilight said with a smirk. She knew that look.

"Go Flash!" Scootaloo called out to her brother.

"Now it's my turn to set the Pendulum Scale," Flash said as he took two cards out, "I'll use Scale three Alchemy Dracokid and Scale eight Magna Caster Estella, here we go!" He placed them on the Duel Disk, which lit up as the columns of light appeared besides him. The two Pendulum Monsters flew up until they were ten feet in the air. "Now it's my turn to cut through space time and carve the arc of victory," Flash said as the portal formed above his head. "I PENDULUM SUMMON!"

The portal opened and two lights shot out and struck the ground.

"Spark up, Volt Edge Dragon." (A1500/D1200/L4/P5)

"Shine your light of victory, Flash Heart Dragon!" (A2500/D2000/L7/P4)

"There it is," Spoon said in wonder at the sight of his hero's ace.

"Flash Heart's skill," Flash said, "Archfiend Slasher to the bottom of the deck!"

A wormhole opened below the demon, causing it to fall and disappear.

"Next," Flash said, "I'll play the Spell card Reverse Polarity. With this, my Volt Edge Dragon's ATK points will increase to match you Commander's while your monster loses the same amount of ATK points." The two monsters glowed, as their point totals changed. (A2500/D1200/L4/P5), (A1500/D1200/L6) "Now I'll attack your Commander with Flash Heart!"

Flash leaped onto his Dragon's back as its jets ignited, sending it flying forwards towards the demon.

Spoon ran along the roof, trying to find an Action card and when he noticed one on a higher roof he leaped up and grabbed it. "Perfect," he said as he looked at the card, "I activate the Action Spell Magical Cheat. With this I can activate one of my face down Spell cards, so I'll activate Archfiend's Curse. This Continuous Spell lets me pay four hundred life points, to negate any battle damage I take from a battle involving an Archfiend."

As Flash Heart punched the demon, Spoon's Spell glowed.

Flash: 2900
Spoon: 3300

"Next I attack your Archfiend Phantasm with Volt Edge, who's ATK Points increase by six hundred when he attacks a monster." (A3100/D1200/L4/P5) The dragon struck the demon, destroying it and causing Spoon's Spell to glow once again.

Flash: 2900
Spoon: 2900

"Now I'll attack you directly with Magna Hawk," Flash said as his bird shot at the teen.

"And I'll activate my Trap," he said as his face down flipped up, "Dark Revival. This card lets me summon a monster from my graveyard, but its ATK and DEF points are halved." Archfiend Commander appeared on the field in DEF mode. (A1250/D600/L6)

Magna Hawk struck the monster, destroying it and leaving Spoon's field empty.

"I end my turn with a face down," Flash said.

Celestia: And just like that, Flash manages to turn the table on Spoon.

Luna: The question now, is can the young teen do the same.

"You bet I can," Spoon said as he went to his deck, "I draw and play Archfiend Soul Draw. This card's a lot like your Starburst Reload, only I can only banish an Archfiend. So I'll banish Archfiend Commander and draw six cards.

Celestia: Six new cards, that's a completely new hand. What's he gonna do with it?"

"I'll tell you what I'm gonna do," Spoon told her, "I'm gonna Pendulum Summon!" The portal formed once again and opened, unleashing three streaks of light which struck the ground.

"Archfiend Phantasm." (A1600/D1400/L4/P7)

"And two Archfiend Soldiers." (A1900/D1500/L4)X2

"Oh no," Applebloom said, "Level four Monsters."

"Why's that bad?" Spike asked.

"You're about to see," Sweetie said.

"And now," Spoon said as his Phantasm and one of his Soldiers glowed, "I'm using these two monsters to build the Overlay Network!" The two monsters flew up and into the black hole as it opened. "Cloaked in shadows and relentless in its objective, I call upon the most dangerous of dragons." The black hole burst in an explosion of light, "I XYZ SUMMON!"

The light faded revealing the creature. A black and purple dragon with two purple Overlay Units flying around it. "DARK REBELLION XYZ DRAGON!" (A2500/D2000/R4)

Everyone was in awe at the first Xyz Monster.

"Now," Spoon said as he leaped onto his dragon's head, "I activate Rebellion Dragon's ability." Both its Overlay Units flew into the dragons chest as its wings opened up and unleashed a surge of electricity. "Now my dragon will steal half of your dragon's ATK Points, Treason Discharge!" The lightning flew out the dragon's wings and struck Flash Heart , reducing its ATK points. (A1250/D2000/L7/P4) Meanwhile Rebellion Dragon's ATK points rose by the same amount. (A3750/D2000/R4) "Now attack!" Spoon said as Rebellion Dragon's wings unleashed a blue glow and it took off, "Lightning Disobey!" The dragon flew towards Flash Heart.

Flash leaped off the dragon's back onto a nearby roof, just as Rebellion Dragon struck it and destroyed Flash Heart.

"I activate my Trap," Flash called out as his face down flipped up, "Defence Draw. This card negates the damage I would have taken and allows me to draw one card," he did so.

"Well I'm activating a Spell card," Spoon said, "Cowardice. This Spell can only be activated when I destroy a Monster by battle, so now I can cause a monster on your field with less ATK points then Flash Heart to be shuffled back into your deck.

Volt Edge Dragon suddenly began shaking, before it glowed and suddenly turned into an energy form which flew into Flash deck.

"And now," Spoon said, "I attack Magna Hawk with Archfiend Solider!" The archfiend flew at the robotic bird and slashed it with its claws, destroying it and sending Flash flying back and rolling over the edge of the roof

"FLASH!" Everyone yelled.

Flash: 2400
Spoon: 2900

"I end my turn with a face down," Spoon said.

Celestia: Once again this Duel takes another turn, with Spoon managing to push back against Flash.

Luna: Can the young Pendulum Duellist defeat the all powerful Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon? Or is he going home early?

"Come on Flash!" Rainbow yelled, "you can't throw in the towel now."

"I know things seem bad," Twilight called out, "but you can still win."

"Do it Flash!" Spike yelled.

Up in the main box, Chrysalis was not impressed.

"So where are these tricks you all promised me?" She asked.

"Don't give up on Sentry yet your majesty," Cold told her, "I've learned from personal experience that when things look at their worst is when he Duels at his best."

Chrysalis scoffed at this. "Well things probably can't get any worse, so he'd better pull out some miracle quickly or he's finished."

"He can do it," Thorax spoke for the first time since the Duel began.

"You have that much faith in him do you?" Chrysalis asked her son.

"Not faith," he replied, "I don't know why, but I've got this feeling that he's gonna win."

Sunset, Cadance and Shining smiled, knowing he was right. Chrysalis meanwhile just rolled her eyes.

Flash pulled himself up onto the roof, panting at the effort needed to do so. He then looked up and saw Spoon on his Dragon.

"I don't believe it," Spoon said, "I'm actually beating Flash. This is awesome!"

Flash just smiled as he stood to full height. "Well enjoy it while it lasts," he said, "because I've been through to much to lose in the first round."

Spoon just smiled. "Then bring it," he said, "I'm ready for whatever you throw at me."

"We'll see about that," Flash said.

The first round of the Celestic Cup was underway. Can Flash find a way to overcome Shining Spoon, or is his time at the tournament up?

Author's Note:

Once again, I'd like to thank YuGiOh Brony for lending me his OC. I hope you like what I've done with him.

So how will Flash deal with Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon?

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