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A girl with too many ideas in her head.

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My Policies

I will not include
foul language
or horrific images in my stories.
Romantic relationships will be kept between male and female characters.

In Progress

Lost Harmony (Series) -
An epic alternate universe where the rainboom never happened.

It’s All Twisted –
What if the Elements of Harmony were the Elements of Discord?

King of Fear (Novel) -
An alternate ending to the Crystal Empire episodes.

Heart of the Everfree (Novel) -
Timber Spruce requests the Mane Six's help in finding his missing sister.

The Bearers and the Null (Novel) -
There is a new family in town, but can the Mane Six really help them?

The Future of Equestria (Series) -
Placed after the 'Last Problem' episode, we get a look into the future of Twilight's reign and ages further.

Alternate Rulers of Equestria (Series) -
What if Celestia and Luna were not the rulers of Equestria? Each book would be about a different pony, and their family, holding the mantle of ruler of Equestria.

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may the god emperor blessedededed you

Thanks for enjoying my story! I appreciate it very much!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the fav.

Thanks for favoriting "The Dragon's Roar!":twilightsmile:

Thank you for the favorite on Rare Gems Embracing Shadows. I am glad you enjoyed it.

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